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DiNotte QuadRe LED Tail-Light

2011-10-26 updated 2018-02-01 • SEND FEEDBACK
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DiNotte QuadRed tail-light mounted on
seat stay of Moots Vamoots RSL

As of February 2018, I am now using the svelte but long-lasting DiNotte QuadRed. The 300R (more on that below) was excellent but a bit bulky, the 400R even better, but with a too-bulky battery for my relatively tight racing bike setup.

  • Brightness: 200 Lumens
  • Run Time (Steady): 2 hours at 100% , 4 hours at 50%, 16 hours at 25%
  • Run Time (Strobe): 16 hours Slow Pulse, 8 hours Rapid Pulse, 8 hours
  • Strobe Modes-Steady: 100%, 50%, 25%
  • Modes-Flash: Slow Pulse Rapid Pulse, Emergency Strobe
  • Charge Time: 4 hours (Internal Battery) internal: built-in battery
  • LEDs 4 RED
  • Body Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Waterproof: Yes (IP67)
  • Best/Recomended Uses Taillight: Our most popular and convenient
  • What's in the box: Quad Red Rear Light Engine with built-in battery, USB Charging Cable Mounting kit with quick-release
  • Works Great with: XML-3 Headlight, or 400L-PLUS Headlight, (Available Together in Package Sets)
  • Height 64mm, width 42mm, length/Depth 25mm
  • Weight 88 grams 3 oz

Enter the QuadRed. It checks off all the right boxes.

The 2018 Quad RED taillight is the latest DiNotte Lighting Taillight design breakthrough. The Quad RED is a compact taillight with an internal battery bright enough for traffic during the daytime or night.

The Quad RED replaces the DiNotte 300R and 400R. The entire package is substantially smaller and lighter and and has even better side visibility. The Quad RED It as bright as the 400R lights and significantly brighter than the older 300R, the older 140R lights and the Quad RED lights manufactured before 2017.

The new DiNotte Quad RED is a fully integrated taillight in a small package that houses both the taillight and the battery. it uses a quick release system allowing the taillight to quickly come on and off the bike.

The Quad RED is a taillight many road cyclists will embrace. People who never considered a taillight will finally say "Here's a taillight that is bright enough to be effective, and it's simple enough to use/install/remove. There is NO REASON for a road cyclist to go without a DiNotte taillight now!

The DiNotte Quad RED has has three steady and three flash modes. There are two different intensity levels for the steady background and burst pulse mode.

A taillight doe not work unless it is extremely bright. Until your taillight as as bright as an automotive taillight, it will not get the job done. Brightness always wins.

The Quad RED uses a micro USB Charging system (android phone and many other devices) making recharging the light simple and flexible for commuters.

The Quad RED charger is internal and the "USB Charger" is simply a power supply. Most customers already own USB Power supplies (or charges) from smart phones, mobile devices or simply use a computer. We recommend customers do not purchase a charger from us. (Note - we will not ship USB chargers outside of the USA)

How do you know if your taillight works? Unless cars slow down and go around you, the light isn't doing its job. The DiNotte light works because the taillight is seen by the cars in advance and the driver has time to decide how to go around the rider. A taillight must be visible long before the bicycle, which is why sensing/adjusting technology does not work with taillights. A DiNotte Light makes the experience between the driver and cyclist a much more friendly experience.

Cyclists owe it to themselves to be equipped with the most effective safety tools, but they also owe it to the motorists to provide them with adequate warning. The cyclist is typically in the least visible, but still dangerous spot of the road. Giving the drivers adequate advanced warning is essential for safe riding in traffic.

The Quad RED uses a military grade battery and we intentionally only use the middle range of the battery's capacity (ie never fully charging, and limiting discharge) As a result the batteries inside the Quad RED have tremendous reliability, longevity and when your battery does need replacement, the QUAD red can be sent in for battery replacement and the cost will be similar to one of our external batteries. This is not a "disposable light" once the battery dies, though we do everything we can to maximize battery life.

All orders within the USA ship using USPS Priority mail by default but can be upgraded to Express for a fee. International orders MUST go express mail. Express mail is available for all shipments for a small fee. Most orders ship the same or next day.

DiNotte QuadRed tail-light mounted on seat stay of Moots Vamoots RSL
f1.8 @ 1/85 sec, ISO 20; 2018-02-13 14:04:24
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus back dual camera 3.99mm f/1.8 @ 28mm equiv (4mm)

[low-res image for bot]

Below, with Lupine Betty R II headlight on low.

f1.8 @ 1/60 sec, ISO 25; 2018-06-11 20:11:40
iPhone 7 Plus + iPhone 7 Plus 4.0 mm f/1.8 @ 4mm

[low-res image for bot]

DiNotte 300R

I started using the 300R in 2012 or so.

My Lupine lights let me see and be seen from ahead, but it’s a tail light that makes drivers pay attention from behind. Through fall and winter, as daylight grows shorter and dimmer, my riding time is being forced more and more into darker hours, so a tail light becomes even more important for safety.

And indeed, I was very impressed with the respect accorded me by drivers when running the DiNotte 300R LED taillightmore drivers have been giving me more room than ever before, moving politely around my bicycle. That this increases the margin of safety is indisputable, and very welcome on my daily rides.

DiNotte 300R tail-light kit

The DiNotte 300R is waterproof. Here it had bounced off my bike due to a work clip (can happen with extended use). It just kept right on blinking while underwater.

DiNotte 300R tail-light kit under water

Risky riders

The number of riders I see wearing dark clothes in some dangerous conditions or areas is astonishing; these riders are clueless as to how much at risk they are of not being seen (in time). They should at least have the brains to wear bright-colored clothes, not dark blue or black tops and helmets.

The best solution is a daytime running light and an ultra-bright tail light, like the DiNotte 300R.

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When to use a tail light

The Dinotte 300R is very bright: it is highly visible even in sunlight.

I recommend running it at all times where there is significant traffic, and I consider it mandatory at dusk and night and in mixed sun/shade on curvy hilly roads, where drives might not be able to see into darker shadow areas (e.g. Old La Honda Road in my local area). Visibility can be an issue even in the middle of the day— older drivers have eyes that cannot adjust between sun and shade quickly.

Also, a bright tail-light is essential when riding roads when dense fog is present as on Skyline Blvd here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is extremely dangerous on Skyline in heavy fog without a tail light like the 300R— I had forgotten the 300R one day, and one kindly driver on Skyline actually stopped to warn me that he had trouble seeing me as he had approached. Yikes.

DiNotte 300R in use

Based on my personal usage on both road and mountain bikes.


The 300R is very solidly built, it feels dense and robust. The on/off switch is a rubberized waterproof affair.

USB port

The one weakness is the USB port (which charges the unit); the little rubber plug is recalcitrant, and it never wants to stay put in the port. Fortunately the USB port is on the side, where is it somewhat less likely to pick up spray from the tires than does the rear of the 300R. But I see it as a weak point.


At 300 grams, the 300R is not lightweight. Add another 15-20 grams for the mount, depending on which mount is used.

Battery life

When run on high in fast blink mode (which I always use), the 300R is good for about 4 hours. Since my rides are usually 2-3 hours, I need to recharge the 300R every ride. This is more acceptable than a heavier unit (larger battery), and some riders might choose a blink cycle that doubles or triples the battery life.

Brightness:	150 Lumens
Run Time (Steady):
4 hours at 100% Power
8 hours at 50% Power
16 hours at 25% Power
Run Time (Strobe):
36 hours Slow Pulse 
12 hours Rapid Pulse 
12 hours Strobe
100% Power 
50% Power
25% Power
Modes-Flash:	Slow Pulse 
Rapid Pulse 
Emergency Strobe

Dirt and crud

The design of the 300R has two recessed light-wells. Mud and crud accumulates in these areas, and because the recessed surface is not smooth, it cannot just be wiped off. This perhaps is the worst aspect of the design; I do not like maintenance, and dirt and crud steal some of the light. Some kind of clear plastic cover would make sense here.


Excellent support, experienced in two ways.


I was unable to find any way to order more than one mount (as I have multiple bikes); I’d like to be able to snap the light into place on any of my bikes.

The new DiNotte 300R uses a quick release system allowing the taillight to quickly come on and off the bike. It can also bolt on permanently.

DiNotte responded quickly to my request for more mounts, and shipped them to me for free. I could not ask for better service in that regard.

Switch issue

Somehow I jammed the waterproof rubberized switch so that the 300R would not operate. DiNotte send me a replacement quickly, but I did find that by tugging on the switch I could get it back to normal— perhaps I had somehow pushed it in too forcefully.

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