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Ibex Giro Full Zip Wool Cycling Jersey

Last updated 2013-01-22 - Send Feedback
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Ibex Giro Full Zip Wool Cycling Jersey

When winter arrives, the right clothing makes the difference for cold weather riding.

The Ibex Giro Full Zip (“FZ”) wool cycling jersey is a great piece by itself for temperatures in the 50°F - 70°F range. Wool has great insulating and breathability properties, and is useful across a wide temperature range.

The Ibex FZ wool cycling jersey is 100% merino wool— the non-scratchy kind so it feels good against the skin), and wool retains some insulating power even when wet. See also the Ibex Wool page for some useful information on the wool fabrics.

I’ve also found that in general Ibex Merino wool clothing (such as the Shak) offers excellent temperature regulation and superb breathability. The Shak fabric is particularly excellent, and the Giro FZ uses a similar construction with essentially the same properties.

Made from superfine 18.5 micron New Zealand Merino wool, our jersey fabric is as fine as it gets, with great temperature and moisture management, shape retention and comfort. Midweight. Used in our cycling and aerobic garments to perform well in quickly changing conditions. Soft, warm and machine washable.

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The Ibex Giro FZ wool cycling jersey is a well made jersey that is form-fit so that it doesn’t flap in the wind. Size large fits me snugly and comfortably, but not really snugly like a summer jersey— just right. The collar and wrist areas fit well to keep me warm.

In use, the Giro FZ remained very comfortable over a wide range of temperatures, the zipper allowing a lot of leeway for ventilation for warmer sunlit areas, and zipped up for shaded areas in winter.

I especially like the generously long cut; many cycling jerseys are cut two inches too short for my riding position, which exposes my lower back. NOT so with the Ibex Giro FZ— excellent choice especially when one wants to stay warm.

The one thing I would change is the pockets: they are a bit narrow for my moderately large hands, making it harder to stuff in a jacket or vest, or for general ingress of the hand to grab fuel or phone. I’d also like to see a small chest pocket suitable for a phone.

Usage in colder temperatures

Couple it with a lightweight windbreaking vest to extend comfort into the low 50’s (descents), or use it as a base layer under a warmer piece for colder temperatures, such as the Ibex Breakaway Jacket or add another wool layer like the Ibex Shak FZ Hoody or similar.

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Usage with wide temperature swings

I’m a big fan of full-zip jerseys for long rides or mountain rides with elevation changes where in either case temperatures can change by 20-30°F— unzip it partially or fully if the temperature warms up and you have a wide range covered.

Get the Ibex Giro Full Zip Wool Cycling Jersey at Amazon.

Ibex Giro Full Zip Wool Cycling Jersey


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