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Merino Wool Caps for Under the Helmet

2011-12-04 updated 2016-01-03 - Send Feedback
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For cold weather riding, perspiration becomes a major issue which can rapidly chill the body unless managed properly. In particular, when I climb 1300 vertical feet (repeatedly), I sweat a great deal, no matter how I’m dressed or how cold it is. Descending, all that sweat had better be off my skin, or I’m a chilled goose.

The hair on my head is present as a technicality only, so in cold weather a wet head is very unpleasant. Soaking that sweat up in cold weather is a huge plus, and it also keeps my glasses clean.

The IbexWear 'Zepher' merino wool beanie fits great under my Lazer Genesis helmet (not true of most other helmets designs I’ve tried). Ditto for the 'Coppi' cap, and it seems to work a bit better with the ear flaps. The combination allows me to ride in comfort in cold weather (for my head at least). Other helmets and a cap have always given me a headache (literally) due to the poor fit. The Lazer Genesis solves that.

The three caps shown below are similar, but one might fit better than another for your particular head, so try more than one. With more clearance in the forehead areas, the Woolies 2 Earflap Beanie (scroll down) might be preferred by some.

IbexWear 'Zepher' merino wool beanie cap
IbexWear 'Coppi' merino wool cycling cap
IbexWear 'Skimmer' merino wool beanie cap

The Ibex Woolies 2 Earflap Beanie is cut a little differently, with a more open forehead area while descending more over the ears. This cap works great under a helmet also. Like the other caps above, its uniform construction avoids tight spots under a helmet. Any of these caps also make a great first layer under the hood of of a hoody like the Ibex Woolies 3 Hoody, for extra warmth.

Ibex Woolies 2 Earflap Beanie
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