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Gluten-free Oats / Oatmeal for a Glucose Source

Last updated 2011-05-30 - Send Feedback
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Legal disclaimer: Since we are not doctors, never follow anything based on health-related topics on this or related sites without first consulting with your doctor or other trusted health professional.

Just back from a good workout?

A great glucose source is rolled oats: they’re whole grain, inexpensive and tasty. I like Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Whole Grain Rolled Oats. Don’t confuse these with cheap oats that taste like shredded cardboard. Even these “expensive” Bob’s brand oats work out to about $2.50 a pound. Which is what two energy gels cost, so don’t get hung up on saving a few nickels on a pound of oats.

After a workout away from home, I eat 1/4 cup of oats: that’s 95 calories, of which there are 3.5g protein and just under two grams of fat. I also consume about 9g of protein at the same time (via whey protein powder mixed in water).

At home, I tend to eat 65 grams of oatmeal after a ride (cooked, and it cooks fast). I find this works every bit as well as the much more expensive Hammer Nutrition Recoverite. The Recoverite is better for when one is dehydrated, the oatmeal is ideal in the winter time, when a hot bowl tastes darn good.

Gluten intolerance makes oats a good alternative

While well-made bread is a real treat, there is always the risk of gluten intolerance (or its more severe form, Celiac disease). Celiac disease is more common than once thought, but how common gluten intolerance is in the population at large is far from clear.

It’s unclear if gluten-free oats really are free of gluten in all cases, or whether oats in some cases contain gluten-like proteins, but those with a true sensitivity should approach all foods carefully.

My preferred brand of gluten-free oats: Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Whole Grain Rolled Oats

Nutrition and recovery

Observe that 190 calories of Bob’ Red Mill gluten-free oats has 7g (28 calories) of protein, which means a protein component of 28/190 = 14.7% — which is quite reasonable for post-workout recovery goals, though I still prefer Hammer Recoverite and Hammer Whey for those goals.

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Whole Grain Rolled Oats — Nutrition
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