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2023-04-10 Vitamin D Reduced Dementia Risk by 40 Percent

2023-03-14 Logical Fallacies in Medical Reporting eg 'Correlation is not Causation': “Sleeping Pills Increase Risk of Dementia”


2022-11-16 Scientists Say Alzheimer’s Is an Autoimmune Disease, Not Result of Amyloid Plaques

2022-11-16 Latest Findings: Use of Medical Contrast Media on Patients Significantly Increases Risk of Dementia

2022-10-22 This Is More Important Than Walking 10,000 Steps

2022-10-06 Recommended Reading: COVID, Long COVID, Nutrition


2021-08-17 Do Statins Increase COVID Deaths, Diabetes, Dementia?


2020-09-07 RED PILL Yourself on Sun Exposure vs Skin Cancer Melanoma, Sunlight and Ultraviolet and Vitamin D


2018-09-16 ‘Replication crisis’ spurs reforms in how science studies are done | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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