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COVID-19 : Heartbreaking Evictions Leading to Mass Suffering and Guaranteed Increased Deaths

Politicians thrive on repressing freedom and maximizing their own importance—that’s their business model.

The media thrives on scaring people—that's their business model. COVID-19 is the perfect money-maker for the media and the gullible who still believe the "news" even exists.

Current COVID policy is a grotesque perversion of reason and human rights.

Waves of mass suffering have already happened to many millions of people in this country alone, with evictions already the norm for privately-held housing. Businesses gone forever, life-savings erased, homes lost, child and spousal abuse, education severely damaged for the least privileged, ad nauseum. The cause? Not COVID, but witless tyrannical COVID policies. Many of those things are irreparable—there is no way to ever set things right—millions fucked by government policy. Classic “common good” which always means immolating millions of people for the benefit of The Chosen Ones.

Destroying tens of millions of lives (relatively young lives!) via lockdowns and restrictions to save a tiny percentage of the old and infirm (with very short expected lifespan)—that should shock the conscience as grotesque moral inversion. Yet that moral inversion is the core operating premise of today’s COVID policies.

In the real world, all actions have costs and benefits. These must be weighed together, yet this is not done. Politicians and the vast majority of medical “experts” are NOT qualified for risk assessment, yet society has given them the de facto right to maim and de facto kill people by policy for the flimsiest of rationalizations. This is not an exaggeration but refers to actuarial facts proven by economic history.

An estimated 120 million people worldwide are at risk of starvation by COVID policies.

The chickens are coming home to roost, and evictions are only a tiny part of it.

WSJ: U.S. Poised for Wave of Evictions in January as Federal Ban Expires

Between 2.4 million and 5 million American households are at risk in January alone

More American renters could be evicted from their homes in January than in any month ever, as protections put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic expire unless a last-minute deal is reached to extend them.

That month is when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s ban on evictions is set to expire. The moratorium protects tenants who have missed monthly rent paymentsfrom being thrown out of their homes if they declare financial hardship. The CDC ordered the halt on evictions under the Public Health Service Act, which allows the federal government to enact regulations that help stop the spread of infectious diseases.

Between 2.4 million and 5 million American households are at risk of eviction in January alone, and millions more will be vulnerable in the months after, according to estimates from the investment bank and financial-advisory firm Stout Risius Ross.

...Evicted renters are still liable for months of unpaid rent, and even those with jobs could struggle to pay. Americans’ back-rent debt could total $70 billion by year-end, according to an estimate from Moody’s Analytics.


“The courts still do not have adequate policies and procedures to accommodate these very real barriers,” said Lee Camp, a housing attorney in St. Louis.

People who cannot work cannot earn money for rent. People who cannot pay rent get evicted. Not very complicated. Where in hell do our “leaders” think people are going to go once evicted? To a metaphorical hell not that far removed from a real one, actually.

Being evicted from home is traumatic enough, but our tyrannical “leaders” with their obscenely fat salaries and benefits are untouched by the pandemic are the ones locking us down. These parasites have no skin in the game, no accountability whatsoever, so they can do whatever their latest brain-fart suggests to them.

How many will see child abuse, spousal abuse, alcholism, depression, lack of medical care, etc?

We now have the most destructive public policy, the most RACIST public policy that the United Stated has seen in its history (slavery and its aftermath aside).

Let everyone go back to work, now. This should have been done back in June, along with measures to reduce the risk to the weak and infirm. Instead, here we are in winter with influenza coming and COVID is spreading like wildfire with most people now packed together indoors. The sheer stupidity of heightening risk by deferring it to winter is beyond belief.

It turns my stomach to think about it, and worse, to see the well-off people in my area oblivious to the mass suffering that is ongoing—it’s surreal to see Googlers and millionaires hardly affected while they marinate in huge gains from a soaring stock market. Meanwhile, those who struggle for a living are continually abused by these policies, losing everything, including their dignity.

Government as tyrant is now the norm in the “free” United States. The Consititution does not allow for suspension of rights, let alone approve of the flimsy rationalizations used to do so, but our feckless supreme court sits around with its collective thumb up its ass. Fuck you, supreme court—as a body the Supreme Court is contemptible, worse than worthless.

And a huge fuck-you to every governor and county medical director who deprives people of the right to earn a living, for it is from that that all else follows. You are NOT serving the public good; you are literally KILLERS. You are incompetent fools if not outright sociopaths who have no right to destroy lives as you have done for most of the year now.

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