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Exercise: Positive vs Negative Energy Balance? A Personal Challenge.

re: exercise

Maybe you know someone who might fit what I describe here, suffering post-COVID for years? It’s not about me, but about the experience and challenges. Tell them to take heart, and persist!


I’m on my 4th post-COVID year, prior to which I had done 55 double century rides, and competitively too, winning a smaller event here and there, and by soloing (no drafting). I state that to illuminate the extreme contrast between March 2020 and April 2024. I still don’t know if I’ll ever again be able to ride a century, let alone a double century.

Three “lost”years of my life*, and it still a struggle to get back some degree of fitness. At first it was a massive Epstein Barr onslaught (antibody tests escalating over 12 months) plus who knows what, then Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (miraculously subsided). Things seem to be settling down, but I am 30 pounds over my spring training weight and that isn’t helping.

Here 4 years later I have greatly improved, but am a fractional self of pre-COVID. But in the first major positive sign, last autumn I was able to climb Mt Conness. A short and relatively easy climb (10 miles round trip, 2500 vertical), for ~3 years I could not have contemplated even the first mile of the flat approach, let alone the steep stuff. A huge win after years. That’s not saying I could do it at will; it was the culmination of weeks of things going well.

* It’s not really fitness, as I can tell by occassional breakout days showing that my cardiovascular system is fully intact. We’re talking 25% to 40% swings in wattage. Some energy-sapping malaise sucks it out of me within a few days or at most weeks.

Positive vs Negative Energy Balance from Exercise

re: Live Longer and Better: Why Exercise Intensity Matters for Longevity but if you cannot get to the zero/neutral point, it’s damned hard to do high-intensity anything.

My challenge here in April 2024 is to get back into positive energy balance from exercise.

Positive Energy Balance — a virtuous cycle

For most of my life, exercise tired me while doing it (eventually), but the feel-good aspects both during and after exercise feeling and the resulting boost in overall energy and feelings of well being made it a positive energy balance. More please!

With healthy physiology, exercise is a virtuous loop whereby more exercise (in proper measure) means even more energy, up to and including double century rides for me (loved 'em!). I was a powerhouse for much of my life. I did not tire easily or until after a very very long time. If you’ve ever felt that, then you’ll know just how awesome that feels.

Then events take that away.

Negative Energy Balance —exercise consistently nets-out at less

What if the 'reward' for exercise is punishment by days or even weeks of low energy malaise? No matter what you do, exercise means a net drain of physical and mental energy.

And what if you can no longer gauge how much is enough or too much? What if feeling really good on that rare day is a good sign but also blindness to what’s coming? A feedback loop that doesn’t work, misleads, betrays? That’s where it still sits for me. It is the opposite of my carefully honed sense of self for the rest of my life—and very hard to adapt to.

For most of the past 3 years most of the time, exercise took sheer force of will, like using The Force to make the body go. It felt as if my brain were under extreme duress, a draining almost painful concentration. And lacking any endorphin reward as with normal physiology, more like anti-endorphin. The most unpleasant anything I’ve ever done including the most strenuous double century in its last miles in extreme heat. Like pain but much worse. Makes you never want to try again. Having done 55 double centuries in all manner of conditions, I am not exactly afraid of fatigue or discomfort. But this process was godawful.

Rewards slow to come and reversals frequent. Negative energy balance with negative feedback is a very deep hole to climb out of.

Oscillating about the zero point

With 3+ years of net drain energy from exercise, I now feel that I’m oscillating about the zero point—approaching a neutral status where I am at least not losing net energy. But it’s also not yet a gain, not a positive energy balance.

A 45 minute easy ride (nothing approaching a hard effort!) might cost me 4 hours of my day from energy drain. Or another day, a 90 minute ride (again, easy) might be fine until an hour after then... wham. Or it might be fine. The feedback loop is unpredictable.

Or that infrequent and wondrous joyful day: a really good ride “like the old days” ride in which I feel stronger and stronger to the end. Not at full fitness, but at full operational status, the lungs and legs and heart all working beautifully like they ought. And yet within an hour the body collapses and an hourlong nap is needed just to feel functional. Then 10-12 hours of sleep. Maybe good sleep and maybe disrupted (another violation of the normal physiology of exercise supposedly helping sleep, more like requiring but not necessarily helping). And maybe the body physiology won’t work that well again for a month or three.

Pyschologists say that the unpredictablity of rewards is more reinforcing than predictable rewards, but I say that’s bullshit in this case.

What’s the alternative, giving up? Can’t do; the quality and duration of my life depends on it.

Exit the Sedentary?

I wonder if it feels this way for someone who has been sedentary for life? I’d guess that it might be like that for a month or so, then the reward system kicks in? No idea.

Live Longer and Better: Why Exercise Intensity Matters for Longevity

re: FoundMyFitness

Seems to match my life experience.

I’d have agreed 100% for most of my life, and still do, but you have to get to a point where it’s possible: it can be difficult to get over the huge “wall” between negative and positive energy balance.

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Data From Nonexistent Temperature Stations — 30% FABRICATED

re: gears of the machine
re: green is the new brown
re: climate change

It’s bad enough that temperature stations are the very embodiment of anti-science.

If all else fails, just make shit up.

The real number is almost certainly closer to 50%, but whatever...

Hidden Behind Climate Policies, Data From Nonexistent Temperature Stations


Hundreds of ‘ghost’ climate stations are no longer operational; instead they are assigned temperatures from surrounding stations.

...rely in part on temperature readings from the United States Historical Climatology Network (USHCN). The network was established to provide an “accurate, unbiased, up-to-date historical climate record for the United States,” NOAA states, and it has recorded more than 100 years of daily maximum and minimum temperatures from stations across the United States.

The problem, say experts, is that an increasing number of USHCN’s stations don’t exist anymore.

“They are physically gone—but still report data—like magic,” said Lt. Col. John Shewchuk, a certified consulting meteorologist.

NOAA fabricates temperature data for more than 30 percent of the 1,218 USHCN reporting stations that no longer exist.”

He calls them “ghost” stations.

Mr. Shewchuck said USHCN stations reached a maximum of 1,218 stations in 1957, but after 1990 the number of active stations began declining due to aging equipment and personnel retirements.

NOAA still records data from these ghost stations by taking the temperature readings from surrounding stations, and recording their average for the ghost station, followed by an “E,” for estimate.


WIND: there is no climate crisis. It’s a psyop that fools believe in, funneling trillions of dollars to the well-connected grifters, and increasing pain and suffering on the masses.

How to measure the temperature of the earth:

  1. First, go batshit crazy and pretend this is even possible, or ever will be.
  2. Take only the high temperature as somehow representative of what’s happening. Ignore daily variations; in other words don’t track anything meaningful eg an ambient energy methodology.
  3. Locate thermometers near concrete and jet exhaust eg airports.
  4. Have “experts” pound relentlessly on the burning planet.

If all else fails, just make shit up, “adjust” data, etc.

And they’re doing this right in front of you.

Got your science fair vehicle yet?

Health: Heavy Metals in Body, Blood Lead (Pb), Mercury, Arsenic

Do you have excess heavy metals in your body?

How would/could you know? Conventional medicine will NOT test you without some cause; in my experience it’s like pulling teeth.

Most insurance will not cover heavy metals testing without cause. You have to be seriously damaged aka “clinical symptoms”before a doctor will order the test—if you don’t believe me then ask for it as I speak from experience. After all, doctors learned in medical school that it is rare. So it stays rare.

In unrelated news, US Physicians Received Billions From Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry.

IMO, it is medical malpractice to not check for heavy metals; instead you get cholesterol testing for young people and similar idiocies.

Heavy metal testing given our slow-poison food supply (and outright poisoning) ought to be the #1 test for routine physicals at least every three years or so. But why? There is no money to be made—follow the money. The logical fallacy for idiots is that it is not a problem, along with its corollary of looking for something only where the lighting is good.

I use for relatively cheap testing (out of pocket, insurance won’t pay), which sends it over to LabCorp, one of the top two labs nationwide.

Poisoned somehow...

Somehow, I was moderately lead-poisoned* in late 2022 or earlier, so I’ve been tracking lead (Pb), arsenic (As), and Mercury (Hg, the non-celestial kind).

* Clinical poisoning cutoff for treatment is 40 mcg/dL or so, thus 14 is well below that, but it damages every system in the body including the glycocalex layer of arteries.

Things have gone steady state now, at levels that are not particularly concerning, but maybe a little higher than ought to be.

For lead (Pb), the nominal (mean) blood lead level should be 0.9 mcg/dL and I am still around 2.2 — about 2.4X higher than the mean (average). Since I eat exceptionally 'clean' and do not have lead pipes and have water mostly from Yosemite, this leads me to believe that I am still ingesting too much lead somewhere—maybe the black tea I am drinking, sourced from China.

There is also the arsenic and mercury thing—should be lower. Everything is contaminated and the FDA is not on our side—it makes sure there is no easy way to know just how contaminated things are, along with its usual jobs of fostering misinformation for the benefit of Big Food and Big Pharma.

To test properly, I’d need to cut out the tea and retest in ~4 months. I don’t want to, but maybe I will come warmer weather. BTW, claims of a half life of 4-6 weeks for blood lead levels IMO are baloney—it is more likely 3 months based on my own tests.

Heavy metals blood levels history

Gurwinder: Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things

re: Gurwinder
re: systems versus goals
re: rationalization and cognitive commitment and cognitive blindness amd confirmation bias and virtue signaling and Dunning–Kruger effect and psyop and correlation is not causation


Though I don’t know how a researcher can determine the truthfulness of political bias in order to rank people’s correctness. Who fact-checks the fact checkers?

Scott Adams: Levels of Awareness in Politics / News

re: gears of the machine


Levels of Political Awareness

Levels of Awareness in politics

Level 1

They believe what their preferred news say and do not sample other sources. Not aware of counter arguments. Not aware their news is mostly narrative.

Level 2

Sample news from multiple sources but believe only their own sources are accurate. Think the other side is all narrative, but familiar with all sides of issues.

Level 3

Aware that ALL news is fake, at least in the sense of missing context and spin. Also known as Gell-Mann Amnesia. But still believe the experts in various fields are usually correct.

Level 4

Understand that NONE of our experts are reliable. Some might be right, not none can be trusted without verification. The distortion of money makes no expert credible.

Level 5

They see the gears of the machine, Mike Benz style. The Republic no longer looks like whatever the Founders intended. The control of powerful billionaires and intelligence professionals is now obvious.

Level 6

You are dead because you know too much. Also known as Epstein Level.

WIND: whichpredicates reality, as in the findings below.

See also: Allow me to put a stake through the heart of DEI for you.

Batshit crazy demographics

The Stupidity of Ecosystem Destruction by Solar Arrays is Exceeded by Building where Hailstorms Occur

re: electric vehicle
re: climate science

The gross stupidity of solar arrays in areas that have any chance of a hailstorm should be self evident. But someone makes big bucks installing this crap, while destroying and polluting the land essentially forever (eg toxic metals leaching off the panels, broken glass, razing of field of flowers, etc).

Video Shows Massive Hail Damage To Texas Solar Farm


A spokeswoman for GOP Rep. Troy Nehls, whose district encompasses the solar farm, told Fox News Digital that the incident raises serious questions about where solar farms are built, and undermines green zealots' belief that fossil fuels can be retired anytime soon: 

"As far as solar farms being damaged where hail and tornadoes are common, those companies knowingly run the risk of building solar panel farms in these areas. Events like this underscore the importance of having an all-of-the-above energy approach to meet our energy needs and showcase how our country cannot solely rely on or fully transition to renewable energy sources like this."

Some residents worried that cadmium telluride, a toxic ingredient of some solar panels, would find its way into the local soil and well water. However, Copenhagen Investment Partners reassured Fox that "the silicon-based panels contain no cadmium telluride and we have identified no risk to the local community or the environment." 


WIND: look at the weasel language following the Cd telluride question. It is hardly the only concern and “we have identified no risk” is classic weaseling.

How to Find Out How Much Your Car is Spying on You

It’s not just EVs anymore.

Vehicle Privacy Report... (uses a VIN)

How to Figure Out What Your Car Knows About You (and Opt Out of Sharing When You Can

...See How Your Car Handles (Data)
Start by seeing what your car is equipped to collect using Privacy4Cars’ Vehicle Privacy Report. Once you enter your car’s VIN, the site provides a rough idea of what sorts of data your car collects. It's also worth reading about your car manufacturer’s more general practices on Mozilla's Privacy Not Included site.

Check the Privacy Options In Your Car’s Apps and Infotainment System
If you use an app for your car, head into the app’s settings, and look for any sort of data sharing options. Look for settings like “Data Privacy” or “Data Usage.” When possible, opt out of sharing any data with third-parties, or for behavioral advertising. As annoying as it may be, it’s important to read carefully here so you don’t accidentally disable something you want, like a car’s SOS feature. Be mindful that, at least according to Mozilla’s report on Tesla, opting out of certain data sharing might someday make the car undriveable. Now’s also a good time to disable ad tracking on your phone.

File a Privacy Request with the Car Maker
Next, file a privacy request with the car manufacturer so you can see exactly what data the company has collected about you. Some car makers will provide this to anyone who asks. Others might only respond to requests from residents of states with a consumer data privacy law that requires their response. The International Association of Privacy Professionals has published this list of states with such laws.


WIND: see the list of privacy request pages in the article. The bastards make you provide last 4 digits of SSN and birth date and phone and address—invasive information collecting so you can find out what they are collecting.

Spying on you will remain legal since there is so much money involved—follow the money. The house of parasites, grifters and insider traders known as Congress will do nothing about it for that reason.

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Stop Your Car From Spying on You

re: electric vehicle
re: climate science

It’s not just EVs anymore.

Stop Your Car From Spying on You


...Your Driving History May Be Transmitted and Stored

"Car companies are collecting information directly from internet-connected vehicles for use by the insurance industry," Kashmir Hill reported this month for The New York Times. "Sometimes this is happening with a driver's awareness and consent…. But in other instances, something much sneakier has happened."

Hill profiled Seattle resident Kenn Dahl, who checked his LexisNexis consumer disclosure report after his car insurance premium jumped by 21 percent. LexisNexis turned over documents containing "the dates of 640 trips, their start and end times, the distance driven and an accounting of any speeding, hard braking or sharp accelerations." The data came from General Motors based on his enrollment in OnStar Smart Driver. The records were interpreted as grounds for putting him in a higher insurance risk category.

... Your Car Is a Fourth-Amendment Nightmare

"Investigators have realized that automobiles—particularly newer models—can be treasure troves of digital evidence," CNBC reported in 2020. "Their onboard computers generate and store data that can be used to reconstruct where a vehicle has been and what its passengers were doing. They reveal everything from location, speed and acceleration to when doors were opened and closed, whether texts and calls were made while the cellphone was plugged into the infotainment system, as well as voice commands and web histories."

That record of our movements, communications, and activities is often available to government agencies just for the asking, Mozilla pointed out. "They can just ask for it (without a warrant) or hack into your car to get it. At least fourteen (56%) of the car brands' own privacy policies say they can voluntarily share your personal data with law enforcement or the government in response to a 'request.'"


WIND: my auto insurance rates jumped 30% since last fall. But not because of driving habits—it was a statewide increase stemming from the morons running the state regulating things out of economic viability. Insurers are abandoning California or dropping customers in droves due to risks that are no longer viable. My neighbor’s rates tripled on her home insurance. California is an economic disaster area for the non-rich.


How to Figure Out What Your Car Knows About You (and Opt Out of Sharing When You Can

Vehicle Privacy Report (uses a VIN)

Upgrade Your Mac Memory
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Lloyd recommends 64GB for iMac or Mac Pro for photography/videography.

Infrasound From Wind Turbines Could Be ‘A Huge Threat to the Entire Biodiversity’... and Human Health

re: electric vehicle
re: climate science

A huge threat to human health IMO.

Prediction: large sums will be spent to discourage funding and/or to beat down any research that suggests any kind of negatives of infrasound; follow the money. By those that benefit.

Between infrasound, 5G, microplastics, a slow-poison food supply, the raging epidemic of poor health surely stems from some or all of these.

See also: Biggest Corporate Welfare Scam of All Time.

Infrasound From Wind Turbines Could Be ‘A Huge Threat to the Entire Biodiversity’: Doctor


A German doctor raises the alarm over the impact of infrasound from wind turbines.

...When wind turbines rotate, however, they generate not only electricity but also infrasound. Infrasound is defined as a sound wave with a frequency of less than 20 hertz (Hz). The lower the frequency of the sound, the greater its wavelength and the harder it is to shield from it. Infrasound can penetrate walls, people, and animals.

“With ever larger wind turbines, the frequencies are getting lower and lower. This makes infrasound more problematic and dangerous,” Dr. Bellut-Staeck told The Epoch Times. Today’s wind turbines reach frequencies as low as 0.25 Hz. The wavelength of this frequency is just under 0.86 miles.

...Reported adverse effects of industrial wind turbines include weakness, dizziness, headaches, concentration and memory issues, ear pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, and sleep disorders, according to research cited in Canadian Family Physician.


WIND: sound over background levels degrades cognitition and causes stress in children and adults; it is a major health hazard. And sub-hearing sound is surely no different.

Most of the population seems to be oblivious to lawn mowers, leaf blowers, pool pumps, air conditioners, shredders, freeway noise traveling 10 miles, etc. These go on 24 X 7 all around in my neighborhood with very little care taken to dampen any of it. Everyone poisoning the auditory well for everyone else—that’s the norm.

Sounds are a huge stressor for me, having been a “high sensitivity” person all my life (wired especially strongly for sensor input and processing). Add a concussion in 2018 where many sounds (even a refrigerator) were a mild form of torture. The brain has to work very hard to filter out the din, which you’ll realize if you ever have the unfortunate experience of brain damage, as I did.

The browning of the American landscape with Don Quixote quick-profits-for-a-few scams is horrible to behold in my travels. There is a lot still intact, but also major areas forever impacted by this 'green' lunacy can be see 80 miles away. You can’t even pen your eyes now in some wilderness areas without seeing the unholy death star 80 miles away.

Destroying ecosystems for solar panels is the worst assault on health and society in history. Windmills are even more insidious. This insanity may run its course, but not before vast damage is done. And it is all a corporate welfare scam.

Meanwhile, the gross stupidity of solar arrays in areas that have any chance of a hailstorm should be self evident.

The Norwegian Illusion: EVs Are Not More Energy Efficient

re: electric vehicle
re: climate science

re: Even Massive Government Handouts Cannot Fix the Reality of “Science Fair Project” Vehicles
re: Electric Vehicles: a Multi-Pronged Menace with Few if any Benefits?
re: WSJ: The Electric-Vehicle Cheating Scandal
re: Green is the new Brown: ‘The War Below’ Review: Digging for Minerals
re: ChatGPT: Calculating EV Charging Power Requirements
re: Mercedes eSprinter, GM EV Trucks: Science Fair Projects Requiring Fantasy Infrastructure Buildout
re: The Hertz Meltdown Reveals the Scale of the EV Debacle

It looks just like I suspected: the whole EV thing efficiency estimations are just one more scam, omitting critical considerations.

The Norwegian Illusion: EVs Are Not More Energy Efficient


...If our models are correct, EVs will fail on two fronts: they are less energy efficient than the ICEs they are trying to replace and their adoption will do little to mitigate carbon emissions.

... Most articles list EVs as anywhere between two and three times more energy efficient than the ICEs they replace.  

The basis for this claim is that internal combustion engines are only 40% efficient and that nearly 60% of the energy contained in gasoline or diesel fuel is “wasted,” –mainly in the form of heat and friction. On the other hand, an electric motor transfers nearly 90% of its electrical energy directly to the wheels. The difference leads many to erroneously conclude that an EV is almost three times as “efficient” as an ICE.

This common argument is fundamentally flawed for three reasons. 

First, it fails to capture the energy needed to make the battery; 
second, it fails to distinguish between thermal and electric energy;
and third, it fails to account for the poor energy efficiency of renewable energy.

An EV uses 32 kWh of electricity per 100 miles traveled. The vehicle’s battery, meanwhile, consumes an incredible 24 MWh in its manufacturing. Assuming a useful life of 120,000 miles, the battery pack consumes 20 kWh per 100 miles traveled, two-thirds as much as the direct electricity itself. Most analysts we have read fail to include this onerous energy burden when touting the EV’s superior efficiency.


WIND: and this article doesn’t even count the wonderful waste heat of an ICE as a feature—a major feature—when used in winter in cold climates.

Fluoroquinolone Alert: The Common Medication That Could Lead to Irreversible Health Conditions

re: antibiotic
re: Metronidazole /Flagyl

re: Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics Can Cause Peripheral Neuropathy, Ruptured Tendons, Cardiovascular Disease (and Flagyl/Metronidazole)

I had severe peripheral neuropathy from an antibiotic, Metronidazole. It took ~5 years to recover, and not fuly to this day about 8 years later.

I had a bad reaction to a fluoroquinolone years ago, and would only use them for life saving issues now.

I have had other problems with other antibiotic 5 years ago eg severe fatigue that knocked me out for weeks.

Antibiotics are dangerous products that have their purposes, and if it’s your bad luck with the wrong one, it maybe a decision that will cost you quality of life and maybe forever.

Fluoroquinolone Alert: The Common Medication That Could Lead to Irreversible Health Conditions


Popular due to their effectiveness in fighting various bacterial infections, fluoroquinolone antibiotics carry risks that can be worse than the illness.

...The aftermath left her with severe tendon injuries, culminating in a premature transition to permanent disability at the age of 54.

Several doctors and experts dismissed her symptoms, Ms. Yates told The Epoch Times. Her story highlights the critical but underreported adverse effects associated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics—and the medical problems that arise in the absence of clear warnings of their risks.


WIND: avoid antibiotics unless there is no other way.

The FDA harmed tens of thousands of people by taking well over a decade to recognize the dangers. They are not there for you; they are there to serve their masters, Big Pharma.

California’s Nationwide EV Coercion

re: electric vehicle
re: climate science

re: Even Massive Government Handouts Cannot Fix the Reality of “Science Fair Project” Vehicles
re: Electric Vehicles: a Multi-Pronged Menace with Few if any Benefits?
re: WSJ: The Electric-Vehicle Cheating Scandal
re: Green is the new Brown: ‘The War Below’ Review: Digging for Minerals
re: ChatGPT: Calculating EV Charging Power Requirements
re: Mercedes eSprinter, GM EV Trucks: Science Fair Projects Requiring Fantasy Infrastructure Buildout
re: The Hertz Meltdown Reveals the Scale of the EV Debacle

Do EV buyers understand any of this?

WSJ: California’s Nationwide EV Coercion


You may not live there, but you’ll soon be living under its auto rules. Why Stellantis buckled to Sacramento.

Where are the antitrust cops when you need them? Stellantis and California this week struck a deal to protect the state’s electric-vehicle mandate from future political and legal challenges. Here’s another illustration of collusion between big government and big business that hurts Americans.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has banned the sale of new gas-powered cars in the state by 2035. Unlike Biden Administration officials, progressives in Sacramento are honest about their plan to phase-out gas-powered cars. EV sales will have to ramp up fast over the next decade, making up 51% of sales by 2028 and 100% by 2035.

A Clean Air Act waiver from the Biden Environmental Protection Agency lets California impose its own greenhouse-gas emissions standards and other states to follow them...


WIND: nobody wants an EV science fair project except my rich virtue-signaling neighbors living second-hand lives*in a separate MSNBC reality. See the links at top.

My guess is that this the massive anti-ROI lost capital opportunity cost will be set aside—after trillions are wasted.

* A life that consists primarily of valuing oneself based on the approbation of others.

The Hertz Meltdown Reveals the Scale of the EV Debacle

re: electric vehicle
re: climate science

re: Even Massive Government Handouts Cannot Fix the Reality of “Science Fair Project” Vehicles
re: Electric Vehicles: a Multi-Pronged Menace with Few if any Benefits?
re: WSJ: The Electric-Vehicle Cheating Scandal
re: Green is the new Brown: ‘The War Below’ Review: Digging for Minerals
re: ChatGPT: Calculating EV Charging Power Requirements
re: Mercedes eSprinter, GM EV Trucks: Science Fair Projects Requiring Fantasy Infrastructure Buildout

Do EV buyers understand any of this?

The Hertz Meltdown Reveals the Scale of the EV Debacle

2024-03-21, by Jeffrey E Tucker

The Biden administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed its ambition: to phase out gas-powered cars in favor of electric vehicles (EVs). Incredibly, this announcement comes as we are flooded with overwhelming evidence that EVs are a market loser.

Indeed, the artificial boom and then meltdown of the EV market is a modern industrial calamity. It was created by government, social media, wild disease frenzy, far-flung thinking, and the irrational chasing of utopia, followed by a rude awakening by facts and reality.

...The key issues with EVs are as follows.

  • The cost upfront is much higher.
  • Financing charges are higher.
  • They depreciate at a higher rate than internal combustion cars.
  • The insurance is more expensive, by at least 25 percent [WIND: and jacks-up rates for non-EV drivers too!]
  • Repairs are much more expensive, if you can get them done at all, and take longer.
  • Tires are more expensive and don’t last as long because the car is so heavy.
  • Refueling is not easy and missteps here can have nightmarish consequences.
  • They are more likely to catch fire.
  • Any motor vehicle accident that impacts the battery can lead to repairs higher than the value of the car, that is totaled with so much as a scratch.

To top it all over, there is no longer any financial advantage to the driver. It now costs slightly more to charge under many conditions than to refuel with gasoline.

... fine for urban commutes with home chargers and not much else.

...truly terrible rentals...spending part of your vacation figuring out where to find a charger.... Not all are superchargers, and if it is a regular charger, you are looking at an overnight wait...

...Did Hertz think of any of this before they spent $250M on a fleet? Nope. They were just doing the fashionable thing.

...wear and tear on roads is much worse due to the sheer weight of the cars, which is 25 percent higher than gas cars on average. Many parking garages would have to be rebuilt with new reinforcements...

...there is the strain on the grid. There is no way the industry could handle the demand. Brownouts and travel restrictions would be essential.

...There is another problem: surveillance. The car can be tracked anywhere and shut off at a moment’s notice. This is obviously a great thing if the government desires a social-credit system of citizens control.


WIND: EVs are science fair projecst whose opportunity cost and environmental damage is cataclysmic versus putting that money into energy security including nuclear power and geothermal for a future that will not harm people and will instead greatly increase prosperity and quality of leaf: cheap and abundant energy. We have perhaps 50 years to get that done, using “fossil fuels” to get there.

Delta Rescue — “The Pope’s Messenger”

Largest no-kill animal sanctuary — Delta Rescue. A good place to donate to for estates, etc.

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