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2021-10-10 Federal Judge Rules Against Natural Immunity Claim Challenging COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

2021-10-10 COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations Plummet in Southern US, Rise in Northern States

2021-10-09 Iceland Stops Using Moderna Vaccine Over Heart Inflammation Risk

2021-10-09 When Will the Brown Stuff Hit the Fan, what with the Trump COVID Vaccines Waning Efficacy for Most of the Population Soon?

2021-10-07 Matt Taibbi: The Cult of the Vaccine Neurotic

2021-10-07 Vaccination of Children on the Altar of COVID Fanaticism is Legalized Child Abuse — California to Mandate Vaccinating Kindergarten Children Too! 

2021-10-07 Why Vaccinating COVID-Recovered Individuals Does more Harm than Good

2021-10-07 Physicians who speak out are being actively hunted via medical boards and the press

2021-10-06 The Healthy Skeptic: 'CDC Brings the Garbage' (on masks)

2021-10-06 Sebastian Rushworth MD: 'COVID: Everything on the table'

2021-10-06 Office Air Quality May Affect Employees’ Cognition, Productivity

2021-10-06 The Epoch Times: 'US State With Highest Vaccination Rate Hit by Virus Surge'

2021-10-05 What is your Oppressed Intersectional Identity?


2021-09-27 Science Daily: N95 respirators could offer robust protection from wildfire smoke

2021-09-27 Maybe a Lot More Sun Exposure is a GOOD thing?

2021-09-23 Scott Atlas on Vaccine Mandates for Children, Natural Immunity, and Florida’s COVID-19 Surge”

2021-09-23 Sebastian Rushworth MD: “A reflection on covid mania”

2021-09-15 COVID “vaccines” ===> Immune-Stimulating Prophylactic Therapeutics?

2021-09-15 What is a “Vaccine”? Redefining it for COVID Messaging

2021-09-15 Science.org: A grim warning from Israel: Vaccination blunts, but does not defeat Delta —  “Vaccines Work, but not well enough”

2021-09-15 Israel Sees Record-High Daily Infections, Hints Fourth Vaccine Dose

2021-09-14 Study Suggests that COVID Hospitalizations and Deaths are up to 50% Bogus

2021-09-14 Babylon Bee: New IPhone 13 Will Require Vaccination To Unlock Screen

2021-09-14 Peer Review of Medical/Scientific Papers has become a Farce Driven by Political and Financial Concerns

2021-09-14 Why Mass Vaccinations Prolong & Make Epidemics Deadlier: Vaccines Expert Calls Out Governments

2021-09-14 CDC Says COVID-19 Antibody Seroprevalance is 83%, 2.1 Infections per Case Estimated

2021-09-14 COVID Natural Immunity Gaining a Wee Bit of Traction?

2021-09-14 WSJ: Hearing too Much in a Noisy World

2021-09-14 Glenn Greenwald: The Masking of the Servant Class: Ugly COVID Images From the Met Gala Are Now Commonplace

2021-09-14 City Journal: Delta is Dying

2021-09-14 Stanford Medicine: Garbage Studies Masquerading as Science

2021-09-07 Glenn Greenwald: The ACLU, Prior to COVID, Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics

2021-09-07 Matt Taibbi: Moral Majority Media Strikes Again (Ivermectin Fake News)

2021-09-04 Example: Most Medical and Science Studies are Bullshit

2021-09-02 Life-Altering Risks Revealed for Antibiotic Exposure in Children

2021-09-02 COVID-19: Feckless Mask Studies, Censorship, Natural Immunity, Faithless Experts, Bulldoze the Injured

2021-09-02 COVID-19: “vaccine passports are both UNSCIENTIFIC and discriminatory”


2021-08-28 The Weaponization of Medicine

2021-08-27 COVID-19: Natural Immunity 13X Stronger Protection and Lasts Longer than Vaccination

2021-08-25 COVID-19, Glenn Greenwald: The Bizarre Refusal to Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to COVID Debates

2021-08-25 COVID-19: Pfizer and Moderna Control Groups Gone, Renders Studies of Vaccine Side Effects Difficult

2021-08-25 COVID-19: FDA Approves the Pfizer Jab, Does this Change Anything from a Medical Standpoint?

2021-08-25 100 Million Vaccine-Hesitant Americans Will Get the Shot Now That a Government Agency Said It’s OK

2021-08-24 Blood clotting may be the root cause of Long COVID syndrome, research shows

2021-08-22 Reader Comment: COVID-19 Vaccine Worsens Arthritis, Kill Career and Retirement Plans

2021-08-21 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Does exercise improve cognitive function?

2021-08-21 Cleveland Clinic Health System Study: Odds of Being Reinfected with COVID are Nil

2021-08-20 60% of Hospitalized Israeli COVID-19 Patients were Vaccinated —  pandemic of the vaccinated?

2021-08-20 Why aren’t we issuing 120 million “COVID immunity” certificates?

2021-08-20 Anyone testing positive for COVID antibodies should be issued a “COVID immunity certificate”

2021-08-20 COVID-19 Natural Immunity

2021-08-20 Injured by COVID-19 Vaccine? You’re SOL

2021-08-18 Ethics in Medicine are a Dead Letter: Silencing Doctors about your Personal Health Care

2021-08-17 Do Statins Increase COVID Deaths, Diabetes, Dementia?

2021-08-14 COVID-19: why are the CDC and FDA avoiding Randomized Controlled Trials of Ivermectin that would validate or repudiate it?

2021-08-13 COVID-19 and education: The lingering effects of unfinished learning

2021-08-13 COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates = Systemic Racism

2021-08-12 COVID-19: City Journal: Do Masks Work? A Review of the Evidence

2021-08-12 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Does a high fibre diet prevent disease?

2021-08-12 COVID-19 Survivors Have Broad, Longer-Term Immunity

2021-08-12 Coercing People to Get COVID-19 Vaccines Is Damaging Trust in Public Health: Harvard Professor

2021-08-12 WSJ: The Case Against Masks for Children

2021-08-11 Study Finds Most Highly Educated Americans Are Also the Most Vaccine Hesitant

2021-08-09 Is COVID now a Pandemic of the *Vaccinated*?

2021-08-06 The Insanity of Requiring 130 Million Americans Who’ve Had COVID (natural immunity) to Get Vaccinated

2021-08-06 Vaccination Rates Plummet As More Celebrities Say They Won't Hang Out With The Unvaccinated

2021-08-06 Ivermectin for Long-Haul COVID: Disastrous Results For Me

2021-08-03 COVID: Experts Warn Of New 'Cuomo' Variant That Is Dangerous To Young Women, Fatal To Elderly

2021-08-03 The Trump COVID Vaccines are Failing to Halt COVID, the Vaccinated are Spreaders, but could getting vaccinated be the best risk management decision?

2021-08-03 Reader Comment: COVID-19 Helped by NAC? (N-Acetyl Cisteine)?

2021-08-02 To Defeat COVID Delta Variant, Experts Recommend Doing All The Things That Didn't Work The First Time

2021-08-02 The Biden Administration Goes To War With The “Non-Vacs”: Is Coercion the Answer?

2021-08-02 Science and Data Win Again! Mask Mandate for San Francisco Bay Area

2021-08-02 Gravy Train for Pigs at the Trough: Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine Profiteering

2021-08-01 Ivermectin for COVID: Why Is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug?

2021-08-01 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Does omega-3 prevent heart disease?

2021-08-01 In 89% Vaccinated San Francisco Bay Area, Cyclists are Masking-Up

2021-08-01 Data Visualizer for COVID at OurWorldInData.org

2021-08-01 Despite ‘Delta’ Alarmism, US COVID Deaths Are at Lowest Level Since March 2020, Harvard and Stanford Professors Explain


2021-07-31 Do we have a COVID problem any more?

2021-07-31 What do Losing Viewpoint do When Proven Wrong or Ineffective?

2021-07-31 WSJ: Maybe With Delta the CDC Will Learn to Count

2021-07-29 Significance of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated People Getting Hospitalized — Scientifically Dubious Reporting

2021-07-29 COVID: Do Masks Work?

2021-07-28 COVID: Follow the Science?

2021-07-28 COVID Spreading Fast in Heavily Vaccinated California — WTF?

2021-07-28 COVID Vaccines and Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE): any evidence of issues here in 2021?

2021-07-27 Trying to Break Through Long-Haul COVID

2021-07-27 FLCCC Alliance: I-RECOVER Management Protocol for Long Haul COVID-19 Syndrome (LHCS)

2021-07-27 Matt Taibbi: The Vaccine Aristocrats

2021-07-27 How Artificial Sweeteners Destroy Your Gut Microbiome

2021-07-27 Face masks to be required inside all San Mateo County (California) facilities starting today

2021-07-27 Could COVID-Vaccinated People be Driving the Evolution of New and Deadlier COVID Variants?

2021-07-26 Covid, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century

2021-07-26 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Does COVID Cause Brain Damage?

2021-07-25 How Many People Really Had COVID? How Many Vaccinated People are Getting COVID and Spreading it?

2021-07-25 Did we Really Have the Pandemic it was claimed to be? Are we really seeing cases spike? CDC Now Disavows PCR tests so long used to diagnose infections

2021-07-23 The Flimsy Evidence Behind the CDC’s Push to Vaccinate Children

2021-07-23 Get your Travel Van While You Still Can? Mercedes Plans to Go All-Electric Soon

2021-07-23 Long Haul COVID Should Raise Alarm Bells for the Unvaccinated —  Major Risk of Enduring Health Problems

2021-07-22 COVID Misinformation, Context-Dropping and Bad Persuasion from Public Health Authorities

2021-07-20 COVID — The Panic Pandemic: Fearmongering from journalists, scientists, and politicians did more harm than the virus

2021-07-19 Prescription drugs are now the third leading cause of death in the western world

2021-07-19 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Do drug trials underestimate side effects?

2021-07-18 Ioannidis: Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

2021-07-17 RetractionWatch.com: 137 retracted COVID-related studies

2021-07-15 Natural infection vs vaccination: Which gives more protection?

2021-07-13 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Does it make sense to vaccinate those who have had COVID?

2021-07-13 Can Acupuncture Help With Long-Haul COVID?

2021-07-13 Investigation of Long COVID Prevalence and Its Relationship to Epstein-Barr Virus Reactivation

2021-07-13 Long COVID or Post-acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC): An Overview of Biological Factors That May Contribute to Persistent Symptoms

2021-07-13 Are Latent Viruses Causing Long Covid-19 Symptoms? Patient Groups Push for Testing

2021-07-11 BMJ: Time to Assume That Health Research Is Fraudulent Until Proven Otherwise?

2021-07-10 Excitotoxins Such as MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Are Neurotoxic, but Labeling is Dishonest, Hidden and the FDA is Complicit

2021-07-10 Dr. Satchin Panda on Circadian Insights into Exercise Timing, Melatonin Biology, and Peak Cognition

2021-07-10 Stress can turn hair gray -- and it's reversible, researchers find

2021-07-10 Study ties milder COVID-19 symptoms to prior run-ins with other coronaviruses

2021-07-09 COVID-19 symptoms linger for months in majority of hospitalized patients, Stanford study finds

2021-07-07 Modern Medical Practice: Overdiagnosis, Ignoring What Matters

2021-07-07 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Is COVID a danger to children? (risk analysis of infection vs vaccination)

2021-07-04 LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Who Questioned Risks of COVID-19 Shots

2021-07-01 Vaccinating Children and Young Adults is a Gross Abuse of Human Rights, and a Chilling Failure of Medical Ethics

2021-07-01 My Asthma of 35 Years is Cured, and I’ve Thrown Away all my Inhalers, Not needed for a Year Now

2021-07-01 Overdiagnosis is Damaging Health and Happiness America

2021-07-01 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Are regular health checks good for you?

2021-07-01 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Do anti-depressants work?


2021-06-30 COVID-19: Panic Porn about the apparently Less Bad Delta Variant

2021-06-28 Matt Taibi: “Ivermectin: Can a Drug Be "Right-Wing"?”

2021-06-28 Dr Malcom Kendrick: “Covid19 – the final nail in coffin of medical research”

2021-06-23 Sebastian Rushworth MD: How Well do Doctors Understand Probability?

2021-06-18 Matt Taibbi: “Why Has "Ivermectin" Become a Dirty Word?”

2021-06-09 COVID Vaccines for Long Haul COVID?


2021-05-23 Direct from my doctor: People with Auto-Immune Issues have issues with COVID Vaccines

2021-05-11 Questioning the Safety of the COVID Vaccines is Now a Thought Crime

2021-05-11 Sebastian Rushworth MD: “62% reduction in the relative risk of dying among COVID patients treated with Ivermectin”

2021-05-10 Excitoxins in Food + COVID Breaking Down the Blood-Brain Barrier — a Vicious Combination with the FDA Asleep at the Wheel?

2021-05-03 Reader Comment: COVID-19 Reinfection


2021-04-28 Science News: COVID-19 can affect the brain (clots, degraded blood-brain barrier, inflammation)

2021-04-28 FDA and CDC OK resuming J&J COVID-19 shots paused over rare clot concerns

2021-04-28 The Lancet: “substantial neurological and psychiatric morbidity in the 6 months after COVID-19 infection” (Long Haul COVID)

2021-04-24 Sebastian Rushworth MD: COVID Prior Infection vs Vaccination

2021-04-23 Long Haul COVID: Consider Nutritional Deficiencies such as Thiamine, Vitamin C, Magnesium

2021-04-22 Long Haul COVID: “Nature: High-dimensional characterization of post-acute sequalae of COVID-19”

2021-04-21 COVID-19: Mask Mandates for Children Mostly Harmful: Professor of Medicine

2021-04-21 COVID-19: Dr Jay Bhattacharya—The Deadly Consequences of Lockdowns

2021-04-21 AEIR: The Lockdown Paradigm Is Collapsing

2021-04-21 CDC: Obesity, Race/Ethnicity, and COVID 19

2021-04-21 COVID-19: “How Government Subsidizes Obesity” ... and More COVID Deaths

2021-04-20 Challenge to the Narrative: “Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis”

2021-04-19 Long Haul COVID: a Very Long Haul, with Similarities to Brain Injuries in mTBI/Concussion

2021-04-18 Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: VAERS Reporting for COVID Vaccine Adverse Events vs COVID Deaths

2021-04-17 COVID-19 Dumpster Fire: Is the Astra-Zeneca vaccine killing people? Who Should Get Vaccinated?


2021-03-28 Excitotoxins Damage or Kill Brain and Nerve Cells: Strictly Avoid Aspartame and MSG and Its Analogs (hydrolized vegetable protein, “natural flavor”, etc)

2021-03-28 COVID-19: Hysterical Fearmongering by the Leader of the CDC

2021-03-28 COVID-19: CDC Skewed CCP Virus Fatalities Higher, Peer-Reviewed Study Claims

2021-03-28 COVID-19: Why Isn’t Everyone Dying in Texas?

2021-03-17 COVID-19: WHO Says COVID Has Been “Catastrophic” for Cancer Care and Much More

2021-03-15 Science Daily: Air pollution: The silent killer called PM 2.5

2021-03-14 COVID-19: “Across virtually every key measure of childhood, progress has gone backward”—UNICEF

2021-03-09 COVID-19: Consistent and Rapid Decline in COVID-19 Can Only be Explained by Herd Immunity

2021-03-09 COVID-19: Dr Scott Atlas: The Last Word

2021-03-09 COVID-19: Isn’t this Almost Entirely* a Disease of the Elderly and Obese?

2021-03-09 COVID-19: Time to Cancel the CDC for it’s “masks have about 1% effectiveness” Analysis?

2021-03-09 Bitcoin, Money, etc

2021-03-04 COVID 19, Sebastian Rushworth MD: “Amazon is Censoring my Book on COVID”

2021-03-01 COVID 19, Sebastian Rushworth MD: Lockdowns have killed millions — “Lockdowns are inherently racist and elitist, with unclear benefits but proven harms”


2021-02-05 COVID-19 Experimental Vaccines: Much Stronger Responses and Side Effects Given to Those Who Already Had COVID


2021-01-31 Is It a Human Rights Issue to Refuse the COVID-19 Vaccine Without Repercussions?

2021-01-30 No Plans to Develop Database for Post-COVID-19 Experimental Vaccination Deaths: FDA

2021-01-29 COVID-19:  Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine: “Masking lack of evidence with politics”

2021-01-29 COVID-19: Might the USA Be Entering the Early Stages of Herd Immunity?

2021-01-27 COVID-19: WHO Recommends Against Vaccinating Pregnant Women, Admits “no data” for some groups

2021-01-27 COVID-19, Sebastian Rushworth MD: “Sweden’s oddly controversial 'herd immunity' strategy worked”

2021-01-27 Infrared Therapy with LED Lights: Photobiomodulation for Cardiac and Brain and Much More

2021-01-27 The Dismal Anti-Science of Modern Medicine: “less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration”

2021-01-26 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Do vitamin D supplements protect against respiratory infections?

2021-01-26 Sebastian Rushworth MD: How to understand scientific studies (in health and medicine)

2021-01-26 COVID 19: Big Tech Censorship of COVID-19 Discussion (Glenn Greenwald)

2021-01-26 COVID 19, Sebastian Rushworth MD: Can Vitamin D cure Covid-19?

2021-01-26 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Is the cholesterol hypothesis dead?

2021-01-26 COVID 19: Sebastian Rushworth MD: Do Lockdowns Prevent COVID Deaths?

2021-01-26 COVID 19: Relative Mortality Across History, Across Countries, and Over the Past Year? Follow the data, follow the science... is NOT What Governments are Doing

2021-01-25 BMJ: Covid-19: Do many people have pre-existing immunity?

2021-01-25 COVID 19 Incompetence: Why Don't We Know How Many Vaccine Doses Are Being Thrown Away?

2021-01-25 COVID-19 is the Headline, but Has Influenza Largely Disappeared?

2021-01-25 COVID 19: Moderna finds its COVID-19 vaccine less effective against variant found in South Africa

2021-01-23 COVID 19 is Mutating, Becoming More Transmissible and Possibly More Deadly

2021-01-23 COVID 19: Ivermectin Appears to be a Life-Saving Drug that the Government is Intent on Discouraging

2021-01-23 COVID-19: WHO Changes Guidance to Address False Positives PCR Tests with Absurdly High Ct Cutoff Value, and no Baseline Rate Metric

2021-01-23 COVID-19 Policies: Do Restrictive Lockdowns Actually Work? Or might they actually kill more people than they claim to save?

2021-01-20 Could Sunscreen Ingredient Benzophenone-3 Promote Breast Cancer?

2021-01-19 COVID-19 USA Government Policies: “Staggering 0.89 and 1.37 million excess deaths over the next 15 and 20 years, respectively”

2021-01-19 Vaccine Safety: “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported”

2021-01-19 COVID-19: US Government Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

2021-01-19 COVID-19: Trust the Process of Science over Time, NOT Scientists and “Experts”

2021-01-18 COVID-19: Massive Vaccine Profits for Pfizer and Moderna

2021-01-16 Harvard Medical: The hidden long-term cognitive effects of COVID-19

2021-01-16 COVID-19 Vaccine: are Post-Immunization Deaths and Adverse Reactions a Coincidence, or Could the Vaccine Be Riskier than Claimed?



2020-12-30 Give the Gift of Life to Yourself and Others: Vitamin D + Vitamin K2 + Magnesium + Vitamin C + Zinc

2020-12-29 US Government Issues New Nutritional Guidelines Pandering to BigAg and BigFood — “Gimme the Sugar”

2020-12-29 Fast-Spreading More-Infectious COVID-19 Mutant Strain Lands in USA

2020-12-28 COVID-19: the Tyranny Has Just Begun, with the Totalitarian Police State now Flourishing in the USA

2020-12-28 COVID-19: Is the PCR test used by Germany and the USA a Medical Fraud?

2020-12-28 Some of my Favorite Stuff From OWC

2020-12-28 Some of my Favorite Stuff and Top Picks at B&H Photo

2020-12-28 COVID-19: Maybe Masks Don’t Work because they Leak Badly, and are Worn Improperly? A Recent Experience at McDonalds

2020-12-28 COVID-19: if Masks and Lockdowns Work, then Why Are Infection Rates Soaring?

2020-12-28 COVID-19: is the Cycle Cutoff Value (Ct value) for PCR Tests Way Too High? Thus False Positives Used to Justify Tyranny and Destroy Lives

2020-12-15 CDC: “Mental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

2020-12-15 COVID-19: Current Government Policies a Form of Mass Torture?

2020-12-14 Study finds “Human biology registers two seasons, not four, study suggests”

2020-12-13 Study finds over 80 percent of COVID-19 patients have vitamin D deficiency

2020-12-13 Science Daily: Researchers examine the decline in average body temperature among healthy adults over the past two decades

2020-12-13 COVID 19: Questioning the Propoganda in Many Way (Bill Sardi: “NOT COVID”)

2020-12-13 Long-Haul COVID 19: Cured Myself

2020-12-13 Long-Haul COVID 19: WSJ: “For Covid Long-Haulers, a Little-Known Diagnosis Offers Possible Treatments—and New Challenges”

2020-12-13 COVID 19: Is Ivermectin Effective?

2020-12-13 COVID 19: “Autoantibodies related to systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases in severely ill patients with COVID-19”

2020-12-13 COVID 19: European Medical Agency (EMA) Receives Urgent Petition to Stop Vaccine

2020-12-13 COVID 19: Family Kicked Off Airplane Flight Because 2-Year-Old Would Not Keep Mask On

2020-12-13 COVID 19: Will the Vaccine Now Being Shipped Have More Risks than Benefits?

2020-12-13 COVID-19 : Be Brave

2020-12-13 COVID-19 : Heartbreaking Evictions Leading to Mass Suffering and Guaranteed Increased Deaths

2020-12-07 Current COVID-19 policies are a grotesque perversion of reason and human rights

2020-12-04 Long Haul COVID-19: “New York Times: Exercise After COVID-19? Take It Slow”

2020-12-02 Recommended Book: “Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care”, by Dr Marty Makary MD

2020-12-02 Intravenous Vitamin C: “COVID patient with sepsis makes 'remarkable' recovery following megadose of vitamin C”

2020-12-02 Long Haul COVID-19: “JAMA: Coronavirus Disease 2019 and the Athletic Heart Emerging Perspectives on Pathology, Risks, and Return to Play”


2020-11-08 Long-Haul COVID aka Chronic Viral Sequelae— the Single Thing that Works Best for (slow) Recovery

2020-11-06 Long-Haul COVID: WSJ — the Single Thing that Works Best for (slow) Recovery

2020-11-04 Long-Haul COVID: WSJ — Doctors Begin to Crack Covid’s Mysterious Long-Term Effects


2020-10-23 COVID-19, NIH: “Citizen Scientists Take on the Challenge of Long-Haul COVID-19”

2020-10-21 Fatigue and Low Energy? Chronic Fatigue? Long-Haul COVID? Mitochondria Energy Production Might be the Core Issue — Boost Mitochondrial Function with CoQ10, Acetyl L-Carnite, Magnesium

2020-10-15 COVID-19, WSJ: “Covid-19 Outbreaks Led to Dangerous Delay in Cancer Diagnoses”

2020-10-14 COVID-19, Harvard Gazette: “Protection against reinfection: COVID patients may be protected for up to four months”

2020-10-14 Mail-In Ballots Raise Risk of Ballot Fraud by Exposing Name, Address, Signature

2020-10-11 Reader Comment on Magnesium: “hayfever subsided, asthma much better, cramps subsided”

2020-10-11 COVID-19: the WHO Says that Lockdowns are a Bad Idea, Hurting the Most Vulnerable Hardest — “lockdown policies producing DEVASTATING effects on short and long-term public health”

2020-10-10 Hypothesis: Could COVID-19 Provoke a Flare-Up of Epstein Barr Virus?

2020-10-10 COVID-19: The Pandemic that Killed Debate

2020-10-09 COVID-19; WSJ: What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Science

2020-10-09 Amazon Product Review: Finish Line Citrus Degreaser

2020-10-09 COVID-19: Is Part of the Story the Truth?

2020-10-08 COVID-19: Great Barrington Declaration by Medical Professionals and Epidemiologists

2020-10-08 Did China Create the CCP Virus (COVID-19)? Where it the Scientific Analysis of Specific Claims?

2020-10-07 CDC Finally Figures Out that COVID-10 Can Spread Via Tiny Air Particles

2020-10-07 Science Daily: “Can the common cold help protect you from COVID-19?”

2020-10-07 Epidemiologist Professor Sunetra Gupta: “We may already have herd immunity”

2020-10-07 Letter from Professor Martin Kulldorff of Harvard re Stanford Doctors attack of Dr Scott Atlas


2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Efficacy of Vaccines, Particularly a New and Minimally Tested COVID-19 Vaccine

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: the Bigger the LIE, the More It is Believed—the Dishonesty and FAKE STATISTICS of the Death Toll Figures

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on Immense Damage Caused by Current Policies

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on Emergency Law vs Human Rights

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on the Role of the Media

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on the Hippocratic Oath

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on a Vaccine

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on a Second Coronavirus Wave

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on Consequences of social isolation on physical and mental health

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on Masks

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Belgian Medical Doctors on PCR Tests for COVID-19

2020-09-28 COVID 19 aka CCP Virus: Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media

2020-09-22 Forest Fire Smoke is Not Just Unpleasant, it Has Serious Health Impacts: “Stanford researchers discuss wildfires’ health impacts”

2020-09-19 Dealing with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Epstein Barr Virus (EBV): a Few Things that Have Helped

2020-09-16 Did China Create the CCP Virus (COVID-19)? Tucker Carlson Interview of Chinese Virologist

2020-09-15 CCP Virus: “The Doctor Is In: Scott Atlas And The Efficacy Of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, And Closings” (UPDATED with letter from Professor Martin Kulldorff and epidemiologist Professor Sunetra Gupta)

2020-09-13 Tigger Cat Goes Nuts over Duck Fat

2020-09-09 Lawsuit: FDA Is Hoarding Life-saving Drugs While Americans Die

2020-09-09 Hydroxychloroquine is Effective and Safe for the Treatment of COVID-19, and May be Universally Effective When Used Early Before Hospitalization: A Systematic Review

2020-09-07 COVID-19 aka CCP Virus RED PILL — Dr. Malcom Kendrick: Why Terminology Really, Really Matters “probably the biggest single mistake that has ever been made in the history of the world”

2020-09-07 RAY of HOPE: The First Clinical Trial to Support Vitamin D Therapy For Covid-19/CCP Virus finds a Vitamin D Metabolite Calcifediol Works Miracles (needs confirmation)

2020-09-07 RED PILL Yourself on Sun Exposure vs Skin Cancer Melanoma, Sunlight and Ultraviolet and Vitamin D

2020-09-06 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19 aka CCP Virus: Hysterical Anti-Scientific Policies for COVID-19 Remain a Massively Destructive Economic Earthquake Which Will kill MILLIONS Worldwide

2020-09-06 Low Vitamin D Strongly Associated with Risk of COVID-19 Death / More Severe Outcomes

2020-09-06 CCP Virus: Is COVID-19 killing people because of Vitamin D Deficiency? Is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin D off by a factor of 10X?

2020-09-04 My Personal Health: Cyclical Extreme Fatigue Explained: Diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)


2020-08-23 Forest Fires in California, plus Health Hazards of Smoke and HEPA Air Purifier to Manage It

2020-08-04 Statins might not slash the risk of dying from heart disease: study claims the cheap cholesterol-busting pills offer 'no consistent benefit'


2020-07-29 How Long-Term Endurance Exercise Impacts Your Genes: “Cell: Skeletal Muscle Transcriptomic Comparison between Long-Term Trained and Untrained Men and Women”

2020-07-28 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19 China Virus: Hysterical Policies for COVID-19 are a Massively Destructive Economic Earthquake in context of a blip in death rate

2020-07-10 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Low Vitamin D Puts You at Risk; get it Via Sunlight

2020-07-10 Recommended Books for Health and Wellness

2020-07-10 Bone Health with Vitamin K2: Delicious Grass-Fed Ghee

2020-07-09 UPDATE on Mercedes Sprinter Issues and Breakdowns: Sprinter Will Not Move, RPMs Drop Very Low

2020-07-06 COVID-19: Emergence of the Aggressive Social Conformity Agressors

2020-07-06 As of July 2020, Up to 300 Million People May Be Infected by COVID-19, Stanford Guru John Ioannidis Says + Feckless Leaders Killing People

2020-07-06 PubMed: Short-term Magnesium Deficiency Downregulates Telomerase, Upregulates Neutral Sphingomyelinase and Induces Oxidative DNA Damage in Cardiovascular Tissues: Relevance to Atherogenesis, Cardiovascular Diseases and Aging

2020-07-04 Response from my Doctor on COVID-19 Antibody Test

2020-07-04 Experts and the Media are Engaged in COVID-19 Propaganda Based on Error-Prone Tests (test sensitivity and test specificity)

2020-07-02 COVID-19: Public Policy Uses the Infection Rate, but ignores the Key Metric —  do Experts have Functioning Brains in Terms of Minimizing Damage?

2020-07-02 Science Daily: “Declining Eyesight Improved by Looking at Deep Red Light” — Retinal Mitochondrial Health


2020-06-20 Summitting White Mountain Peak on Mountain Bike — Minimal Snow, 20 June 2020

2020-06-20 Don’t Treat Asthma, CURE It! Magnesium Supplementation has Banished My Small Airway Pulmonary Issues; ZERO need for prescription inhaler for 18 weeks running

2020-06-20 Testing for Magnesium Deficiency: the Magnesium RBC Test

2020-06-12 WSJ: U.S. Blood Reserves Are Critically Low

2020-06-12 Physicians Weekly: “High-Dose IV Vitamin C on ARDS by COVID-19: A Possible Low-Cost Ally With a Wide Margin of Safety”

2020-06-10 Vitamin C: one of the Dietary Factors in preventing Macular Degeneration

2020-06-10 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Fraudulent Claims on UV LED Disinfecting Lights, Most from China

2020-06-07 Magnesium Supplementation Personal Findings: Brain, Lungs and Asthma, Sleep, Urinary Flow, Muscle Spasms

2020-06-07 Pseudo-KETO: Three Months on a Low Carbohydrate and Low Sugar Diet

2020-06-07 Just Say 'Yes' to Powerful Drugs: The Great Majority of Medical Doctors Wallow in Nutritional Ignorance

2020-06-06 Vitamin C: Best Most Bioavailable Form?

2020-06-06 Vitamin C: Detoxifies Acetaldehyde (breakdown product of alcohol)

2020-06-06 Vitamin C: a cure for lethal viral infections including Poliomyelitis, and could it cure COVID-19? The Groundbreaking Work of Doctor F.R. Klenner and How It was Ignored

2020-06-02 Fraud in the Study of Hydroxychloroquine: can you trust medical experts of any kind any more?

2020-06-02 Magnesium Deficiency — “BMJ: just 6–12 weeks of strenuous physical activity can lead to magnesium deficiency”

2020-06-02 BMJ: “Subclinical magnesium deficiency: a principal driver of cardiovascular disease and a public health crisis”

2020-06-01 SAR CoV2 aka COVID-19: CDC and WHO cognitive commitments in relying on 90-year-old science — Respiratory droplet size vs Masks

2020-06-01 SAR CoV2 aka COVID-19: Wrecking Ball Public Policy Continues

2020-06-01 Magnesium Supplementation: Brain, Lungs, Sleep, Urination — No Doubt It Works

2020-06-01 Computer Display, iPhone, iPad and Similar of Concern for Eye Health? Macular Degeneration Linked to Blue Light (sunlight and most forms of LED lights)


2020-05-30 WSJ: “A Low-Carb Strategy for Fighting the Pandemic’s Toll”

2020-05-30 Reader Comment: “I went off statins. Feel much better”

2020-05-28 Magnesium Intake Is Inversely Associated With Coronary Artery Calcification

2020-05-28 A Prescription for Harm: the Modus Operandi of Modern Medicine

2020-05-28 Ultra Endurance Exercise: Nutrient Deficiency in Magnesium, Iodine, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium? (Tailwind Endurance Fuel Boosts Me)

2020-05-27 Science Daily: “Vitamin B diminishes effects of air pollution-induced cardiovascular disease”

2020-05-27 Science Daily: “Vitamin D determines severity in COVID-19 so government advice needs to change”

2020-05-26 Health and Vitality Start with getting Key Nutrients: Best Sources for Magnesium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin C

2020-05-26 Risk Analysis and Critical Thinking: I am not a Medical Doctor (MD), but a broad skill stack and critical thinking skills are universally applicable

2020-05-26 Loserthink in Modern Medicine: Goal-Oriented instead of Systems-Oriented eg ‘One Symptom, One Diagnosis, One Drug'

2020-05-25 A Challenge to Medical Doctors (MDs): if you are not thoroughly investigating patient nutrition BEFORE Prescribing, and also constantly educating yourself on nutrition, you are failing your patients

2020-05-24 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Time to Steepen the Curve and Accelerate Infection of Low-Risk People

2020-05-24 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Violation of Public Trust: which is least BAD? The GIGO Experts: CDC, WHO, Surgeon General, Dr Brix, Dr Fauci et al

2020-05-20 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Masks (particulate respirators) might be Counterfeit, CDC Data Only Adds to the Confusion

2020-05-18 Back to Form Again, After Loss of Fitness from Probable COVID-19: Ascending Horseshoe Meadows Rd to Cottonwood Pass from Mt Whitney Portal Rd

2020-05-18 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: maybe Scientists and Doctors and Experts Speaking to the Public should be assumed to be INCOMPETENT if not DISHONEST?

2020-05-10 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: How One American Company is Dealing With Employee and Customer Safety

2020-05-10 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Disinfecting Masks with Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

2020-05-10 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Proof that Infantile Minds are Running California

2020-05-08 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: What Role Does Vitamin D Play?

2020-05-08 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Recommendations for Healthy Body and Immune System

2020-05-07 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: “Coronavirus Hijacks the Body From Head to Toe, Perplexing Doctors”

2020-05-07 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Criminal Prosecution for Governors and Mayors Who Violate Constitutional Rights

2020-05-06 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Public Employees Keep Getting Paid, While Private Sector Suffers Irreparable Harm

2020-05-06 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Health Care Heroes Juxtaposed against Morally Degenerate Police and Judiciary enforcing Economic Apartheid

2020-05-05 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Models are NOT Science, Models are for Persuasion

2020-05-04 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Statewide Lockdowns vs Bad Practices at Walmart in Ridgecrest, CA

2020-05-02 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: The Case for Reopening Parks

2020-05-02 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Perspectives on Data and Science, Suggested Reading


2020-04-30 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Trying to Make Sense of the Death Rates

2020-04-28 The Ongoing Disinformation Campaign by the Medical Establishment: Context-Dropping and Lying by Omission about Masks

2020-04-27 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Kicking the Can Down the Road?

2020-04-27 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Am I Infected? It’s all Guesswork and Other Things Could Explain?

2020-04-16 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Reader Sentiment about Me Covering It

2020-04-15 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Public Policy Based on Counting Only COVID-19 Risks is Irresponsible and Infantile

2020-04-15 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Notes from a Dr. David Brownstein Treating Patients

2020-04-13 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Reduced Pay for Health Care Workers WTF?

2020-04-13 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Are we Moving into New Acceptance of Inhumane and Cruel Rules for Those NOT Infected?

2020-04-11 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Medical Profession Getting Its 'Shit' Together

2020-04-11 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: GOOD News, is a Vaccine Coming?

2020-04-11 SARS CoV2 aka COVID-19: Our Leadership Has Chosen the Totalitarian 'Stick' Model While Destroying the Lives of Millions vs Targeted Closure and Things that Might Actually Wrork

2020-04-10 Evicted from Alabama Hills: Security Theater Brought to Bear on Health

2020-04-09 Cold Storm Hits the Alabama Hills Area

2020-04-09 SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19: a Note to Experts: this Video Shows Why Facial Coverings are Useless (not)

2020-04-07 SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19: Studies of Transmission via Coughing and Sneezing offer Compelling Evidence to Require Facial Coverings

2020-04-05 SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19: Humidity of 40% to 60% May be Ideal to Slow It, Low Humidity Might Enhance its Spread

2020-04-05 SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19 aka Coronavirus: How/Why It Was Named

2020-04-03 SARS-CoV2 aka COVID-19: Situation in France

2020-04-02 SARS-CoV2 aka COVID-19: “Just breathing or talking may be enough to spread COVID-19 after all”

2020-04-02 The Framingham Risk Score for Hard Coronary Heart Disease

2020-04-01 Statin Do NOT Save Lives in Women


2020-03-31 SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19: Access to Alabama Hills, Eastern Sierra Status

2020-03-31 COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2): the Tide is Turning for Facial Covering / Mask Official Recommendations

2020-03-31 COVID-19: Nebraska Medicine: “Study documents widespread contamination of the environment near patients with COVID-19”

2020-03-31 COVID-19: Facial Covering (Mask) Policy: Will Public Officials Take Full Responsibility for Bad Advice? (if so-proven)

2020-03-30 Your Doctor is NOT Responsible for Your Health—YOU Are! Recommended Reading to Open Your Mind and Ask the Right Questions, Because Your Life Depends On It

2020-03-29 COVID-19: Public Policy MUST be Changed: Facial Coverings should ALWAYS be Worn To Protect Others

2020-03-29 COVID-19: the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) and Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)

2020-03-28 COVID-19: Revising my Optimism Somewhat

2020-03-27 COVID-19: those Frightening Graphs on Infection Rates and Mortality are not Exactly What They Seem To Be (Updated with reader comments)

2020-03-27 COVID-19: Stanford Clinical Virology Laboratory has deployed an in-house diagnostic test for COVID-19 for Rapid Identification of Infected People

2020-03-26 COVID-19: If You Are Lucky Enough to have an N95 or N100/P100 Particulate Respirator Mask, It Must SEAL to be Effective

2020-03-26 COVID-19: Should Doctors and Their Families Get Priority Access to the “Trump Pills”?

2020-03-25 COVID-19: there is WAY too much Negativity in the Press; Stop Watching Talk Shows for your Mental Health and Get OFF Social Media!

2020-03-25 Persuading your doctor who wants to follow guidelines when you have distinct COVID-19 Symptoms and WANT TO *STAY ALIVE*

2020-03-25 COVID-19 Symptoms: Will Your Government Try to Kill You by Insisting on a $1000 5-day test instead of $20 “Trump Pills”?

2020-03-23 With N95 and N100/P100 Particulate Respirator Masks in Short Supply, What Might Work to Disinfect / re-Use?

2020-03-19 Lloyd’s Whacky Morning Travel Tea:

2020-03-19 Smart Move with COVID-19: Boost Your Immune System with Sleep, Outdoors, Lowering Stress, Eating Well

2020-03-17 A Tale of Two Stores: Coronavirus Infection Vectors

2020-03-16 Shelter in Place

2020-03-16 How to Wash Your Hands Properly

2020-03-16 Coronavirus aka COVID-19 Symptoms, Duration of Onset, Hydration, Discouraging the Virus

2020-03-15 The 'Kill Zone' for Wuhan China Coronavirus

2020-03-15 COVID-19 Coronavirus: Once Again, US Government Policy Screws the Self-Employed and Small Businesses

2020-03-13 Wuhan China Coronavirus aka COVID-19: Simple Things that Everyone Can Do to Help Yourself and to Slow Transmission

2020-03-13 Wuhan China Coronavirus aka COVID-19: a Few Things That Should be Happening, But Aren’t Yet AFAIK

2020-03-12 Wuhan China Coronavirus aka COVID-19 and N100/P100/N95 Particulate Respirator Masks

2020-03-04 Southern Inyo Double Double Century

2020-03-03 The Awful Side Effects of Statins

2020-03-02 Mayo Clinic: Extreme Physical Activity May Increase Coronary Calcification, But Fitness Still Prevails (“Hearts of Stone”)

2020-03-02 Reader Comment: Heart Health and Diet

2020-03-02 Heart Health and Diet: Medical Malpractice Going Straight to a Statin vs a Mediterranean Diet Proven to be Just as Effective with No Risks

2020-03-01 Statins: Systemic Poison that Damages Virtually Every System in the Body


2020-02-28 The Dynamic Influence of a High Fat Diet on Cholesterol Variability: Dave Feldman’s Nerd Research on Diet vs Cholesterol

2020-02-23 How important is Dietary Management in Hypercholesterolemia?

2020-02-19 Relationship Between Lifelong Exercise Volume and Coronary Atherosclerosis in Athletes

2020-02-15 Can an Extreme Endurance Athlete Have an Early Heart Attack? CT Coronary Calcium Scan, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Statins, Atherosclerosis, etc (UPDATE with a cardiologist viewpoint)


2020-01-29 P100 / N100 Particulate Respirator the Smart Move for Coronavirus — not the Useless Leaky Masks That People are Seen Wearing in the News



2019-11-11 2017 Mercedes Sprinter: Is it Going to KILL ME by Failing to Move at a Crucial Time?

2019-11-11 Biodiesel is the Kiss of Death for Mercedes Sprinter


2019-09-29 2017 Mercedes Sprinter: Is it Going to Strand Me in a Remote Place?


2019-07-04 My Strongest Ride Yet in 2019

2019-07-03 Gut Bacteria May Play a Role in Autism

2019-07-01 Three Top Notch Professionals to Help Your Body Health and Cycling Performance


2019-06-30 Science News: Gut microbes might help elite athletes boost their physical performance

2019-06-20 Every Year is a Challenge, the Key is Having Faith in Recovery: Antibiotics Are Dangerous

2019-06-20 Can Modern Technology Ever Make a Better Shoelace?


2019-04-17 The Fungus that Can Kill You—Candida Auris Spreading and Very Hard to Decontaminate


2019-03-26 Comments on Bicycling.com: 'Pro Cyclists Open Up About Depression'

2019-03-18 Commentary on Sodium Supplementation during Prolonged Exercise

2019-03-18 Sodium and Electrolyte Losses During Prolonged Exertion — an Experiment

2019-03-14 Sodium and Electrolyte Losses During Prolonged Exertion

2019-03-12 Experience Report: 2019 Joshua Tree Double Century

2019-03-12 Experience Report: 2019 Southern Inyo Double Century

2019-03-11 Stanford graduate student and Olympic cyclist Kelly Catlin Commits Suicide Following Concussion


2019-02-28 Southern Inyo Double Double Century

2019-02-28 Science News: With its burning grip, shingles can do lasting damage (varicella zoster)

2019-02-21 What a Cracked Bike Crash Helmet Looks Like

2019-02-12 Resting Heart Rate — Bradycardia

2019-02-12 Nutritional Science Studies Start to Look very Non-Sciency

2019-02-12 What’s Wrong with American Health Care System (everything, but here’s one thing)

2019-02-11 How to Deal with Biodiesel with the Mercedes Sprinter

2019-02-02 Various Interesting Health Findings in Science Daily: Exercise and Hidden Fat, Extreme Exercise and Heart Disease, Fasting, Brain and Fasting, Peripheral Neuropathy

2019-02-01 Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)


2019-01-24 Choose a Good Oil for Mercedes Sprinter

2019-01-21 Followup Early Season 3+ Hour Workout

2019-01-19 Promising Early Season ~3 Hour Workout

2019-01-11 CBD (Cannabidiol): Oil vs Tincture

2019-01-11 CBD (Cannabidiol): Lab Testing for Quality and Freedom from Contamination.

2019-01-11 CBD (Cannabidiol): How to Use/Apply



2018-12-31 Happy New Year! Almost—Bike Crash and Damaged Face and Teeth

2018-12-26 Off Topic, Health: CBD (Cannabidiol)—Eliminated My Small Airway Impairment (Asthma)

2018-12-12 Critical Mercedes Sprinter Breaking-In and Maintenance Information


2018-11-06 Grass-Fed Cow Milk


2018-09-20 For Sale: My 2012 Moots Vamoots RSL Frame/Fork DuraAce Di2

2018-09-16 ‘Replication crisis’ spurs reforms in how science studies are done

2018-09-07 Battling Fatigue Off the Bike


2018-07-25 The Best Performance Enhancer for Cycling: Drafting

2018-07-21 2018 Death Ride report updated with an analysis of the effort: power in watts, heart rate, elevation, time, temperature

2018-07-17 How Does 16.9 Fluid Ounces of GU Energy Gel Fit Into Two 5.1 ounce Flasks?

2018-07-16 P100 / N100 Particulate Respirator Works for Smoke

2018-07-13 The 2018 Death Ride 5-Pass (129 miles, 15000' of climbing) — a popular shorter/easier version of Alta Alpina

2018-07-10 Attention Allergy/Asthma Sufferers: Extreme Pollen Levels in Eastern Sierra Nevada / Yosemite at 8500 Ft on up to 10,600' and Higher

2018-07-06 Counting Up My Double Centuries and Double Centuries in 2018

2018-07-06 Reader Comment: Using Carogna Effetto Mariposa tubular tape for Tubular Tires

2018-07-05 RAAM Team Bemer Sets Two World Records using Bemer Vascular Therapy

2018-07-05 Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

2018-07-05 Exercise may be best medicine to treat Post-Concussion Syndrome

2018-07-04 Recovering in 40 Hours After Finishing Alta Alpina = Unprecedented — Using Bemer® Vascular Therapy Intensively

2018-07-02 Attention Allergy/Asthma Sufferers: Horrible Pollen Levels in Eastern Sierra Nevada


2018-06-30 Finished: Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge

2018-06-29 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge

2018-06-27 Reader Comment: Tubular Tires

2018-06-20 2018 Terrible Two Double Century: Good and Terrible

2018-06-18 Off Topic: Keep Your Lungs Healthy: Particulate Face Mask

2018-06-14 Intractable or Problematic Physical Issue? Medical Massage with Dee Sickles in Flagstaff, AZ

2018-06-14 Recovering from Extreme Efforts

2018-06-02 2018 Eastern Sierra Double: a Win


2018-05-31 Pot / Marijuana / Weed Smoking Drivers and Me on a Bike

2018-05-31 Self Driving Cars: a Threat to Cyclists Likely to be Fixed Only with Enough Dead Cyclists Pile Up?

2018-05-21 2018 Davis Double: Strong Headwinds, Moderate Heat, Force of Will Gets it Done with a Little Help from a Pool and Ice

2018-05-13 Concussion Guidelines: Pure Rest is a Bad Idea

2018-05-12 Central Coast Double Century: Won Highland Route, Exactly 8 Weeks After My Crash/Concussion

2018-05-07 First Look: the Lightweight Mielenstein Schwarz Edition 24mm-wide-rim Tubular Wheelset with Veloflex Vlaanderen 27C Tires

2018-05-07 Extreme Exercise May Induce Low-Level Atherosclerosis

2018-05-06 Death Valley Road, near Big Pine, CA


2018-04-25 Vascular Therapy for Faster Recovery After Workouts, Faster Healing, etc

2018-04-20 Concussion aka Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI): Experience Report and Advice, Ongoing

2018-04-20 Emerging Research Shows that Health and Wellness Starts with Diet and Exercise and Sleep

2018-04-11 The Interstitium, the Largest Organ We Never Knew We Had

2018-04-11 Hacking the Brain and Nervous System

2018-04-10 Concussion aka Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI): Experience Report and Advice, Ongoing

2018-04-03 Rewired with 4/0 Cable and Symmetry: 10 Kilowatt Battery System in Mercedes Sprinter with dual Lithionics 400-amp batteries, dual Xantrex Freedom XC Inverter/Charger


2018-03-24 Concussion

2018-03-20 Mercedes Sprinter: Ordered the 180 Liter / 47.5 Gallon Fuel Tank for the 144-Inch Sprinter

2018-03-15 Sprinter Van: Bed and Breakfast (and lunch and dinner) and Just Pull Out the Bike and Go and Sleeping in Comfort Just Like Home

2018-03-14 Hamstring Tendon Injury: How to Treat When a Season of 8 More Double Centuries Looms?

2018-03-12 Counting Up My Double Centuries

2018-03-12 2018 Double Century #2: Joshua Tree Double Century in Twenty Nine Palms, CA

2018-03-12 Loss of Muscle Mass in Older Age Correlates Strongly with Loss of Nerves

2018-03-12 Benefit of Cycling as Aging Progresses: Stronger Immune System, Muscle Tissue 30 Years Young

2018-03-09 Poor Customer Service Not Good for Any Business — Double Centuries Included

2018-03-06 Just Arrived: Lightweight Autobahn VR Front Wheel with Ceramic Speed Bearings, Schwarz Edition


2018-02-28 Thoughts on Recent Training, What I’ve Learned and What Remains to Learn

2018-02-25 10 Kilowatt Battery System in Mercedes Sprinter Delivers 263 amps @ 12.7/12.8V (dual Lithionics 400-amp batteries, dual Xantrex Freedom XC Inverter/Charger)

2018-02-25 Mercedes Sprinter: the 180 Liter / 47.5 Gallon Fuel Tank for the 144-Inch Sprinter is Here, to be Installed Feb 28

2018-02-24 2018 Double Century #1: Camino Real Double Century in Irvine, CA

2018-02-13 Switched to Svelte and Versatile DiNotte QuadRed Tail Light For Daytime and Nighttime Safety

2018-02-12 Last Hard and Long Workout Before Camino Real Double Coming Saturday

2018-02-11 54 Mile Recovery Ride following 49-mile Recovery Ride following 82 Mile Hard Workout

2018-02-09 Glycogen Storage in the Human Body: 1g Glycogen Requires 3g Water

2018-02-09 Progress on Shedding Body Fat, Thoughts on Winning

2018-02-09 49 Mile Recovery Ride Following 82 Mile Hard Workout

2018-02-08 My Most Incredible Ride In Years

2018-02-08 Brain fires nerves fire muscles: my Peripheral Neuropathy Damage Finally Healed After 3 Years?

2018-02-06 Mercedes Sprinter: Ordered the 180 Liter / 47.5 Gallon Fuel Tank for the 144-Inch Sprinter

2018-02-05 Stanford Medicine: Weight flux alters molecular profile

2018-02-04 Double Century Schedule for 2018

2018-02-04 Mercedes Sprinter: Upgra-inch wheelbase) or Double It to 56.4 Gallons (170-inch wheelbase)

2018-02-02 Is it Possible to Lose 4 Pounds of Body Fat in 7 Days?


2018-01-27 A Recovery Ride After a Hard Workout or 'How to Burn Off a Pound of Fat in One Day'

2018-01-26 Awesome Workout, So Early in the Season

2018-01-25 How is Drafting in a Paceline Different from an Electric Motor?

2018-01-22 Vitamin D: Many Health Benefits Accrue from it, Acts as Much as a Hormone as a Vitamin

2018-01-20 Body says “GO”, so Aggressively Pushing up Fitness and Body Fat Down for 2018

2018-01-01 Double Century Schedule for 2018



2017-11-01 Warm in Van, Trout Grilled, Killer Weather, Best Fishing Ever, Red Wine... Makes up for the Tough Days


2017-10-12 Mercedes Sprinter Alternator is a Champ: Real Data on What it Can Actually Output for Amperage at Low Idle


2017-09-30 Carbon Monoxide is a Serious Risk, How to Detect and Prevent so as to Not Wake up Dead

2017-09-17 My Mercedes Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Wiring and Power Now in Place

2017-09-14 Mercedes Sprinter Stock Alternator Rocks: Up to 1400 watts At Idle, Can Nearly run a 1500 watt Space heater

2017-09-08 Mercedes Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Light Bars Have Implications for the Turbo Intercooler


2017-08-27 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Tradeoffs in Installing Window

2017-08-26 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Installing 17-Inch Moto Metal Wheels with BF Goodrich 265/70R17 K02 All-Terrain Tires

2017-08-24 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Maiden Voyage Photos with Test-Run Setup

2017-08-02 Sprinter Photography Adventure Van: Delivers Aug 5, then proving it out in the field


2017-07-16 NEW: Sprinter photography adventure van


2017-06-03 Completed: 2017 Eastern Sierra Double Century


2017-05-21 Completed: Davis Double 2017

2017-05-16 Completed: Central Coast Double

2017-05-15 California Oath for Volunteers


2017-04-30 Completed: Devil Mountain Double, but with weird symptoms again

2017-04-01 Completed: Southern Inyo Double Century, and Using a Face Mask for Dust


2017-02-24 Completed: Camino Real Double Century

2017-02-24 Self Driving Cars: a Threat to Cyclists?


2017-01-20 California DFG Heritage Trout Challenge

2017-01-05 Wearables for Cycling: Something Good Will Surely Evolve, but as for Now...



2016-12-23 Preparing for Cycling 2017 — Squats and Lat Pulldowns


2016-11-07 Winter Weight


2016-09-24 Heart Damage from Excessive Endurance Training?


2016-08-11 Maybe Your Water Filter is not Actually Filtering Out (all) Bacteria? Use a Water Purifier.

2016-08-10 Pot Smoking Drivers and Me on a Bike

2016-08-09 Experience Report: Revo Guide S Sunglasses, Particularly for Cycling


2016-07-25 How is Drafting in a Paceline Different from an Electric Motor?

2016-07-19 Exercise Helps You Get in Shape for Old Age

2016-07-19 No Single Healthy Diet Exists for Different Individuals, at Least in Mice

2016-07-02 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge: Severe Muscle Cramps Immobilize and Debilitate—Finished 7 of 8 Passes


2016-06-18 Next Up, the Toughest Double Century of all: Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge

2016-06-17 Science News: Healthiest weight just might be ‘overweight’

2016-06-17 Iodine Deficiency from Exercise

2016-06-17 Dropping Body Fat After Fall/Winter Gains: Success!

2016-06-17 2016 Eastern Sierra Double Century: a Win in Spite of Extreme Conditions and No Aid at the Worst Section

2016-06-17 Properly timed exercise aids memory


2016-05-28 How is Drafting in a Paceline Different from an Electric Motor?

2016-05-25 Shimano DuraAce Di2 Supports the Ultegra 11-32 Cog Cassette After All!

2016-05-22 Davis Double (Finished!)

2016-05-19 Shimano Ultegra 11-32 Cog Cassette

2016-05-15 Central Coast Double (Finished!)

2016-05-05 2012 In Perspective: My Strongest Year, Will I Ever Get 'There' Again?


2016-04-29 2016 Devil Mountain Double (Finished!)

2016-04-29 Off Topic: High Sierra Fishing + Recommended Spinning Reel and Rod

2016-04-16 Are Grains the Culprit in Health and Weight? Is 'Wheat Belly' a Crackpot Diet? (UPDATED through 29 April)

2016-04-06 2016 Solvang Spring Double Century


2016-03-14 2016 Southern Inyo Double Century and Joshua Tree Double Century


2016-01-26 Dropping Body Fat After Fall/Winter Gains

2016-01-24 FOR SALE: LOOK 595 Ultra frameset with crank and bar, wired for Di2, $850

2016-01-03 Ibex Woolies 2 Earflap Beanie: Keep Ears Warm and Perspiration Contained in the Cold, Including Under a Cycling Helmet

2016-01-01 Ibex Woolies 3 Hoody: Outstanding for Cold Weather Cycling



2015-12-19 Science News: “Upending daily rhythm triggers fat cell growth”

2015-12-17 Keeping the Pounds Off + Fat Loss, Muscle Mass, Bone Density, Training, BMI, DEXA

2015-12-14 Extreme Long term: Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C

2015-12-06 Off Topic: California Water (followup)


2015-11-22 Science News: “A good diet for you may be bad for me”

2015-11-08 Sleep Affects Many Aspects of Physiology

2015-11-08 Blood exerts a powerful influence on the brain

2015-11-08 Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics Can Cause Peripheral Neuropathy, Ruptured Tendons, Cardiovascular Disease (and Flagyl/Metronidazole)

2015-11-08 Why Every GPS Overestimates Distance Traveled


2015-09-21 Long term: Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C

2015-09-20 Coffee: New Research Shows Huge Promise for Health Benefits for Liver, Diabetes


2015-08-09 Lupine Rotlicht 2-Watt Tail-Light

2015-08-03 Everest Challenge 2015: Not Happening as far as I can tell


2015-07-19 Off Topic: California Water

2015-07-18 Alta Alpina Aborted — Stomach Issues

2015-07-18 Veloflex Vlaanderen 700 X 27C Tubular: Fantastic for the Alta Alpina Challenge.

2015-07-17 Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C: Putting to the test for Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge


2015-06-26 Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C: Ride Quality on the Moots Vamoots RSL

2015-06-06 Typical American Diet Can Damage Immune System, Microbiome


2015-05-26 Arrived: Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C

2015-05-25 Lactate Threshold Training: 10X Repeats on upper Pave Alpine Rd

2015-05-20 Shimano Di2 DuraAce and Ultegra — Weights and Why and Which to Use

2015-05-12 2015 Central Coast Double

2015-05-12 2015 Devil Mountain Double: Fuel Right or Be Slow and Cold

2015-05-03 Severe Safety Hazard at the Hwy 92 Bike Overpass


2015-04-11 Training Overload and Impaired Power Output

2015-04-10 Training: Repeats with Consistent Power, Heart Rate, Time

2015-04-05 Small Details: a First Class Bike Fit Pays Dividends in Comfort and Power and Reduced Chances for Injury

2015-04-05 Another Peripheral Neuropathy Victim from Flagyl (Metronidazole)

2015-04-05 4+ Years of Road Cycling

2015-04-04 Anaerobic Climbing Training: 3 Ascents of Old La Honda (negative intervals), a Week Later

2015-04-03 External Iliac Artery Endofibrosis and Leg Pain in Cyclists


2015-03-31 FOR SALE: LOOK 595 Ultra frameset with crank and bar, wired for Di2, $850

2015-03-29 Analyzing Power Meter Accuracy: Time vs Weight and Watts

2015-03-29 Starting the Anaerobic Climbing Training: 3 Ascents of Old La Honda (negative intervals)

2015-03-29 Calibrating for Distance and Speed Accuracy (Tire Circumference), 700 X 22C vs 700 X 25C

2015-03-22 Three Double Centuries, a Week Apart

2015-03-01 The High Quality Camera for Cycling

2015-03-01 FOR SALE: ZIPP 404 tubular rear wheel


2015-02-25 Fresh Food is Best: Additives to Keep Food Fresh May Disrupt the Gut Microbiome

2015-02-25 Anti-Oxidants Might be Counterproductive for Athletes

2015-02-22 Aggressive Start to 2015: Two March Double Centuries Planned, Maybe 3

2015-02-21 Fitness Pre-test for a Double Century

2015-02-21 How to lose ~1 Pound of Body Fat in a Single Day

2015-02-19 Extensive Endurance Workouts: Three Examples

2015-02-18 Custom Orthotic Foot bed for Cyclists at 3DBikeFit: Fixing the Power Transfer Kinetic Chain

2015-02-18 Training and Fitness: Why and How to Track Morning Resting Heart Rate (MRHR)

2015-02-10 To Clot or Not to Clot: Aging Athletes and Blood Clot Prevention vs Injury/Crash

2015-02-10 Science News: “Signs of sleep debt found in the blood”

2015-02-10 Recovering from Donating Blood? Mitigating, and perhaps a Really Bad Idea for Competing Athletes


2015-01-28 BMI (Body Mass Index): Junk Science

2015-01-26 Damage Your Gut Microbiome with Artificial Sweeteners? (make yourself more prone to diabetes)

2015-01-20 NYT: “A Prescription for Youth”

2015-01-18 The Joy of 50 Years: Neuropathy, Gut Ache, Gallbladder Polyps



2014-12-29 Metronidazole / Flagyl antibiotic: Beware Neurological Damage (autonomic neuropathy)

2014-12-07 Awesome MTB Video: Danny McAskill: 'The Ridge'

2014-12-04 Dientamoeba Redux


2014-11-25 On Flagyl (Metronidazole), Dientamoeba Killed (not)

2014-11-22 A Chance Meeting While Riding Leads to Major Improvement on Bike Fit for One Rider

2014-11-21 Winter Tires: for Tubulars, One Great Choice, the Veloflex Roubaix

2014-11-13 Exercise Has More Than Physical Benefits

2014-11-06 Winter Means Clothing that Works

2014-11-05 Bloating/Fatigue Issue from Last Spring: Apparently Infection After All (Dientamoeba)

2014-11-04 Winter Almost Here, and Winter is the Ideal Time for a Bike Fit


2014-10-19 Riding Strong

2014-10-03 Everest Challenge 2014: Ugly Weather, Minor Illness Leads to DNF


2014-09-17 Off to Everest Challenge 2014: September 26/27

2014-09-13 A Lunatic Narrowly Misses a Large Group of Cyclists on Old La Honda (Unprompted Road Rage)

2014-09-13 Nine Ascents of Old La Honda

2014-09-06 Eight Ascents of Old La Honda (again, a week later)


2014-08-30 Eight Ascents of Old La Honda

2014-08-21 First Look: Stages Cycling Power Meter Crank on Mountain Bike

2014-08-21 Stages Replaces Damaged Crank Overnight

2014-08-18 Stages Cycling Power Meter: Mechanical Damage on 2nd Ride from Rock Slam (bummer)

2014-08-03 Glycogen Releases Water, Delaying Dehydration

2014-08-03 Analysis of Six Ascents of Old La Honda


2014-07-25 Truck Runs Me Off the Road on Old La Honda, Autobahn VR Damage

2014-07-25 Strong Again

2014-07-12 Back Training Again, Recovered From Illness — well, not so fast: Contaminated Turkish Apricots?


2014-05-26 FOR SALE: Moots Frosti FAT Bike (snow, sand, beach)

2014-05-20 The Fatigue Clears, At Least for a Day

2014-05-18 Power Meter Shows Weakness Clearly

2014-05-17 Wear a Helmet or Not?

2014-05-16 Right Maxillary Sinusitus the Cause of Fatigue?

2014-05-03 Bloating/Fatigue: Diet or Infection?

2014-05-02 Beware Ebay Scams


2014-04-19 Lupine Betty R 4500-lumen Cycling Light (or Headlamp)

2014-04-19 Rancilio Coffee Grinder Repaired

2014-04-17 Younger Skin Through Exercise?

2014-04-13 Training with a Power Meter

2014-04-13 Spring Training: 4X Ascents over Distance

2014-04-06 Analyzing 2014 Training Weight Loss Efforts: Calories, Weight, Body Fat

2014-04-05 Spring Training the Lactate Threshold (repeats on Old La Honda Road)

2014-04-01 Panda Licorice Powers Me Through the Solvang Double Century


2014-03-30 Lightweight Autobahn VR Riding 1000 Miles Later: My All-Time Favorite Wheel

2014-03-24 Solvang Spring Double Century — Results

2014-03-20 Death Ride or Everest Challenge Not Hard Enough? Try the ’Four Horsemen of the Solstice’

2014-03-18 Solvang Spring Double Century

2014-03-16 To Draft or Not to Draft: What Does it Accomplish?

2014-03-10 SRM DuraAce 9000 Power Meter (11 speed)

2014-03-09 Accepted into ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ Double++ Century

2014-03-09 First Long/Hard Ride in Preparation for Double Century

2014-03-09 Saddle Position and Tilt for Power and Comfort

2014-03-06 Apple’s CarPlay: iOS in the Car = Deadly New Distractions?

2014-03-06 Lightweight Autobahn VR Riding Impressions: Is it Faster?

2014-03-04 Power Meters and Battery Life

2014-03-03 Pioneer Electronics SGY-PM910H Power Meter (DuraAce or Ultegra)


2014-02-26 Lightweight Wheels: Converting to 11-Speed DuraAce from 10-Speed

2014-02-26 SRM DuraAce 9000 and 9050 Compact: Interchangeable Crank Arm Length

2014-02-25 FOR SALE: SRM Power Meter Cannondale Hollowgram SL Crankset (Road) (50 X 34 rings)

2014-02-23 How Fat Loss Actually Goes in Practice

2014-02-21 The 'Breakout Day'

2014-02-20 Lightweight Autobahn VR on Moots Vamoots RSL

2014-02-19 Discipline of Getting the Fat Down for Optimal Power-to-Weight

2014-02-14 FOR SALE: ZIPP 404 with DuraAce Cassette

2014-02-14 Lightweight Autobahn VR 8-Spoke Carbon Fiber Front Wheel

2014-02-08 Rides in 2014 to Prepare for the 2014 Everest Challenge


2014-01-25 Summer Day in January

2014-01-21 Recovery and Sleep Patterns

2014-01-19 Three Strong Days on Little Sleep and Champagne Fueling

2014-01-17 Winter Drought Makes for July Riding in January

2014-01-07 Eating Nuts May Extend Lifespan

2014-01-01 Winter Is the Ideal Time for a Bike Fit

2014-01-01 Base Training and Getting the Fat Down



2013-12-30 Everest Challenge 2014: September 26/27

2013-12-27 Winter Training

2013-12-27 Death Valley National Park: “No Sporting Events” Moratorium

2013-12-16 Gift Ideas for the Cyclist


2013-11-24 Base Training Time, Updates To This Site


2013-10-14 FOR SALE: SRM Power Meter Cannondale Hollowgram SL Crankset (Road) (50 X 34 rings)

2013-10-11 Pedal Symmetry is Not a 'Given'

2013-10-08 Need to Lose Weight? Maybe all You Need is a Fecal Transplant!


2013-09-21 FOR SALE: ZIPP 404 Rear Wheel with 11-27 Shimano DuraAce 10-speed Cassette

2013-09-21 BBC: Health Kick Reverses Aging

2013-09-09 LOOK 595 Ultra with DuraAce Di2 For Sale


2013-08-26 Everest Challenge Results

2013-08-17 Acclimatizing for the Everest Challenge

2013-08-10 8 Ascents of Old La Honda Road: Can I Handle the Everest Challenge?

2013-08-08 Enjoying the Ride: Amortizing the Cost of the Bike or Wheelset

2013-08-07 Eat More, Lose More Weight?

2013-08-07 Training Back to Normal

2013-08-04 Minor training Setbacks


2013-07-30 It’s Dark Night, Where is My Car? Miles Away Across Rugged Terrain!

2013-07-30 Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light to go to a whopping 4500 Lumens

2013-07-28 Hitting the Hunger Wall (Physiological “Starvation Mode”?)

2013-07-27 Cooling Vest for Dealing With Hot Riding Conditions?

2013-07-26 More Fat in Diet?

2013-07-26 New Personal Best on Tunitas Creek — How Can That Be?!

2013-07-25 Coming for Review: Lightweight Autobahn 8-Spoke Time Trial Wheel

2013-07-23 Observations on High Altitude Adaptation (Fluid Loss / Gain and Hematocrit vs Hypoxia)

2013-07-23 When Weight Plateaus in Spite of Caloric Deficit

2013-07-21 SRM Crank Repair and Great Service Turnaround

2013-07-21 Training Progress

2013-07-15 Tracking the Caloric Deficit — First Week

2013-07-12 Tracking the Caloric Deficit

2013-07-11 2013 Everest Challenge Stage Race

2013-07-11 Assessing Performance Ascending At a Higher Body Weight

2013-07-11 The Body Fat Game

2013-07-08 Back in The Game


2013-06-30 Ascent of White Mountain Peak (MTB)

2013-06-13 Bike Fit update — Cautiously Optimistic

2013-06-07 Bike Fit update

2013-06-04 The Left Knee Remains a “Project”: Little Progress, but some Insights and Advice


2013-05-12 Popliteus Muscle and Knee Pain

2013-05-11 The Left Knee Persists in Griping

2013-05-09 A Brief Update: Shoulder, Training, etc


2013-04-30 Sony DSC-RX100: Perfect Cycling Camera?

2013-04-13 Alpine Road (Dirt) is Blocked 2/3 Up


2013-03-31 Sometimes Good Surprises Happen

2013-03-28 Training Restarts as the Virus Retreats

2013-03-18 Back on the Bike — And Back Off

2013-03-14 Elliptical Trainer for Cross Trainer?

2013-03-13 Make Sure Pedals are Symmetric!

2013-03-13 Everest Challenge 2013 is a Month Earlier — Late August

2013-03-13 Back on the Bike


2013-02-28 Shoulder Healing, Left Knee Happy or So I Hope

2013-02-22 I Am a Cyclist (video)

2013-02-20 Snow Has To Wait for the FrosTi and Me

2013-02-19 Speed vs Power

2013-02-17 Off the Bike For a Week — Shoulder Surgery

2013-02-17 Omega 3 in a Tablet

2013-02-09 Stages Left Crank Power / Watt Meter

2013-02-08 Knee Ache — Followup

2013-02-07 Shimano DuraAce 9000 and Di2 9070

2013-02-07 Are Your Risking Intestinal Damage by Using Ibuprofen During Exercise?

2013-02-03 Moots FrosTi Image Galleries

2013-02-03 Merlin Extralight (1995)

2013-02-03 Knee Problem — The Psychology


2013-01-28 Ibex 'Aire' Insulated Wool Sweater / Jacket

2013-01-28 Moots FrosTi Fat Bike Image Gallery

2013-01-22 Kona Coffee Special Brew, and 10% Discount for Site Readers

2013-01-22 Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Barrier Cycling Tight (Built-in Chamois)

2013-01-22 IbexWear Wool Jersey, Climawool Jacket, Wool Gloves

2013-01-21 The Fun and Unfun of Winter Riding

2013-01-21 Does a Carbon Fiber Fork Need an End-Cap in Place or can the Stem be Clamped at the Very End?

2013-01-21 Do Washers (Spacers) for Pedal Offset Create a Risk for Crank Arm Fatigue?

2013-01-21 My Plans for Training (Cycling) in 2013

2013-01-21 Update: 3DBikeFit.com

2013-01-02 Cold Weather Riding

2013-01-01 Bikes Of The Year



2012-12-28 Moots FrosTi

2012-12-16 Thoughts on Higher Power / Wattage and Physiological Demands

2012-12-10 Photos of Moots FrosTi Wheelset: Surly 'Marge Lite' Rims + Surly Endomorph Tires

2012-12-09 Moots Psychlo X RSL Shod with Paris Roubaix Pro

2012-12-03 Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light


2012-11-24 Power Output up by ~10% After 3DBikeFit

2012-11-22 OWC Black Friday Deals for Mac or PC

2012-11-21 Road Riding on 700 X 27C

2012-11-21 Mountain Lion and Deer

2012-11-20 Getting a Precise and Optimal Bike Fit — 3DBikeFit.com in San Francisco

2012-11-18 Wet Riding: FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C 'Paris Roubaix Pro' on Moots Vamoots RSL

2012-11-18 Tunitas Creek — New Personal Best

2012-11-17 Surly Marge Lite Rims + Paul Components Hubs — Wheelset for Moots FrosTi Snow Bike

2012-11-17 Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light

2012-11-17 More Notes on the FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C 'Paris Roubaix Pro'

2012-11-15 FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C 'Paris Roubaix Pro' on Lightweight Standard Wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL — RIDE NOTES

2012-11-14 Kona Coffee Special Brew, and 10% Discount for Site Readers (and Peaberry Medium Roast)

2012-11-14 Cameras For Cyclists

2012-11-11 Long term: Moots Psychlo X RSL Titanium Cyclocross Bike

2012-11-11 FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C 'Paris Roubaix Pro' on Lightweight Standard Wheel on Moots Vamoots RSL

2012-11-09 Lupine Betty R 3600-lumen Cycling Light

2012-11-04 In Praise of the SRM Power Meter

2012-11-04 In Praise of the Moots Vamoots RSL Titanium Road Racing Bike

2012-11-04 In Praise of Lightweight (brand) Wheels

2012-11-04 Stay Warm — Ibex ”Aire” Wool

2012-11-04 Paul Components Engineering Hubs for FAT / Snow Bike

2012-11-04 Shimano DuraAce BR-9000 Brakes

2012-11-01 LED Flashlights for Emergencies


2012-10-23 Weight Up, Power Up, New Personal Best

2012-10-22 Everest Challenge 2012 Ride Notes

2012-10-11 Descending at Dusk from White Mountain Research Station, dual Lupine Betty II for 4000 Lumens (video)

2012-10-11 Cooling for Higher Athletic Performance

2012-10-10 White Mountain Peak Cycling Videos

2012-10-09 Panda Licorice

2012-10-05 Moots FrosTi (Snow Bike, FAT Bike, etc)

2012-10-04 Everest Challenge 2012 Power Data

2012-10-04 2012 Everest Challenge Results


2012-09-21 9500' Is Not Sea Level, So Say My Lungs and Heart at Tioga Pass, Aerobic Energy at High Elevation

2012-09-10 All My Personal Bests Broken, But One

2012-09-08 My Race Prep for the 2012 Everest Challenge Coming on Sept 28-30

2012-09-08 The Everest Challenge Sept 28-30 Could Use Some Aid Station Volunteers

2012-09-03 Acclimatizing to Altitude


2012-08-24 Wasp Stings — A Cycling hazard

2012-08-20 Summitting 14,232' White Mountain Peak, on the Moots Mooto X YBB 29er

2012-08-08 Trek to the Summit of White Mountain Peak, 2012 Version with Moots Mooto X YBB 29er

2012-08-07 In Praise of the Moots Vamoots RSL


2012-07-22 Fitness Gains — Fat Down, Power Up, Personal Best Times Beaten

2012-07-18 Kona Coffee 10% Discount for Site Readers (and Peaberry Medium Roast)

2012-07-15 Tracking Body Weight for Training Insights

2012-07-13 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Summary and Thoughts

2012-07-09 Leaning Out on Hold While Recovery Takes its Time.

2012-07-02 Recovery from a Double Century (normally not bad, a virus is no fun)

2012-07-01 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 1st Finisher, 2nd Place


2012-06-23 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 20,300' Ascent on June 30

2012-06-22 Kona Coffee 10% Discount for Site Readers

2012-06-17 The Best Ride (Wheels and Tires)

2012-06-16 Are 25C Tires More Efficient and/or More Comfortable?

2012-06-16 Moots Vamoots RSL Road Bike After a Few Thousand Miles

2012-06-16 Everest Challenge 2012

2012-06-15 Aggressive Fat Loss: Getting Down to Race Weight — PROGRESS REPORT

2012-06-15 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 20,300' Ascent on June 30

2012-06-13 Kona Coffee and Ibex Wool

2012-06-10 El Monte Personal Best (Cyclocross, MTB)

2012-06-05 Coffee-Up Before a Ride?

2012-06-05 Tunitas Creek Personal Best

2012-06-05 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 20,300' Ascent

2012-06-04 Sequoia Century 200K


2012-05-30 Spending Big Bucks for a Light Bike? Don’t Forget SHOES

2012-05-29 Study of New Personal Best — Alpine Road

2012-05-24 Younger Days in Austria

2012-05-22 Reader Comment: Olympic Bar Squats

2012-05-15 Aggressive Fat Loss: Getting Down to Race Weight — PROGRESS REPORT

2012-05-07 Lupine Piko TL Mini — Powerful Flashlight, Can Be Used on Bike Too!

2012-05-07 HDL Cholesterol and Body Fat

2012-05-07 Aggressive Weight (fat) Loss: Getting Down to Race Weight

2012-05-07 Double Centuries and Killer Rides for 2012


2012-04-29 Devil Mountain Double Century: 206 miles and 18,870+ Vertical Feet

2012-04-24 Analysis of a Near-Maximal Ascent on Old La Honda Road

2012-04-24 Devil Mountain Double Century: 206 miles and 18,000+ Vertical Feet

2012-04-24 Nanopollutants Harm Vessel Health

2012-04-20 Moots MootoX MX Divide Full Suspension Titanium Mountain Bike

2012-04-15 Minor Injuries Feel Like Major Setbacks

2012-04-02 Is Sugar Toxic

2012-04-02 1.3 Million Vertical Feet in a Year

2012-04-01 Rain, Rain Go Away Until December


2012-03-31 A Lightweight Standard Rear Wheel

2012-03-29 Lightweight Obermayer Rear Wheel Damage

2012-03-28 Moots Vamoots RSL = AWESOME

2012-03-28 Solvang Spring Double Century Performance Analysis

2012-03-28 Solvang Spring Double Century Experience Report

2012-03-22 Solvang Spring Double Century

2012-03-21 SRM Updates the SRM Mac Software for SRM Power Meters to v1.0.1

2012-03-20 Endura Helium Wind and Waterproof Jacket

2012-03-20 2012 SRAM Red XG 1090 'Powerdome X' Road Bike Cassette

2012-03-19 New SRM Cannondale Hollowgram Power Meter (Resolved)

2012-03-14 Are Wider Road Bike Tires Faster?

2012-03-14 Power Output During the Death Valley Double Century — Possible Explanations

2012-03-09 Analyzing Power Output During the Death Valley Double Century

2012-03-06 Death Valley Double Century As a Self-Supported Ride — DONE!


2012-02-23 Death Valley Double Century As a Self-Supported Ride

2012-02-23 Nutrition for a Double Century

2012-02-22 Moots Psychlo X RSL — Image Gallery and Build Notes

2012-02-22 Comfy Tires for a Double Century

2012-02-21 Moots Psychlo X RSL BUILT

2012-02-20 Lactate Threshold Workout with Power and Heart Rate Analysis

2012-02-19 Moots Psychlo X RSL Imminent

2012-02-18 Cool Weather Cycling: Shak Two Layer Glove

2012-02-17 Endurance Energy Source with Protein

2012-02-17 Double Centuries and Killer Rides for 2012

2012-02-15 Moots Vamoots RSL Image Gallery

2012-02-15 Being Fit and Having High VO2 Max Keeps You Younger

2012-02-14 Training Based on Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Using a Power Meter

2012-02-14 Moots Vamoots RSL Road Racing Frame and Fork

2012-02-13 Caffeine for Cyclists: Coffee

2012-02-13 Signed up for Double Centuries: Devil Mountain Double and Alta Alpina

2012-02-13 Watts and Weight: Case Study of Personal Best Potential on Old La Honda Road, Setting Season Goals

2012-02-10 Stan’s NoTubes Sealant for Repair of Road or Cyclocross Tubular Tires

2012-02-10 Moots Vamoots RSL ~ Feb 15

2012-02-08 Training for 2012 Everest Challenge — Double Centuries

2012-02-06 WindInMyFace.com = 1 Year Old

2012-02-05 An Active Recovery Workout + Endurance Workout

2012-02-04 Moots Psychlo X RSL ~10 days Off

2012-02-03 An Endurance Workout with Power Analysis

2012-02-02 Recently Reviewed Products

2012-02-01 Why I Switched to the LOOK 595 Ultra from Trek Madone 6.9 SSL

2012-02-01 Indoor Trainers, Ride Around Mt Ranier In One Day (RAMROD)


2012-01-31 Recovery and Training Nutrition Products I Use Every Day

2012-01-31 After Such Big Gains, How to Train in 2012?

2012-01-30 Reviewed: LOOK ' 595 Ultra' Road Bike

2012-01-29 Reader Inquiry: Enve Rims vs Lightweights

2012-01-27 Moots Vamoots RSL Next Week

2012-01-24 Lightweight VR8 Aero Front Wheel Makes a Great Ride Every Day

2012-01-22 How to Use the WindInMyFace Mailing List

2012-01-21 LOOK 2010 595 Ultra Road Cycling Frame

2012-01-20 Dry Trails No Longer

2012-01-06 Cross-Training for Road Cyclists

2012-01-06 Moots Vamoots RSL Makes a Darn Comfortable Cyclocross Bike

2012-01-06 Bone-dry Trails in Northern California

2012-01-01 Mountain Bike Of The Year



2011-12-31 Riding Statistics for 2011: 1.04 Million Vertical Feet and 10,434 Miles

2011-12-26 Selle Italia Saddle Saddle Saves 68g Over My Bontager Affinity RXL

2011-12-26 What Does a Bike Weigh For Real -World Riding?

2011-12-26 SRAM Red vs Shimano DuraAce Di2

2011-12-26 Moots Vamoots RSL Riding Notes

2011-12-22 Moots Vamoots RSL Riding Notes + Build

2011-12-22 Moots Vamoots RSL Image Gallery

2011-12-21 Testing the Moots Vamoots RSL Road Bike

2011-12-18 2011: Over a Million Vertical Feet

2011-12-16 Need a Camera for Stills or Video for Cycling, or a Big-Screen TV for After the Ride?

2011-12-13 Views From a Bike

2011-12-12 FFF: Fox Fork Failure uck

2011-12-10 Shimano DuraAce DI2 vs DuraAce vs SRAM Red

2011-12-10 Hard Pack Dry Trails Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cross Training

2011-12-10 Ceramic Bearings

2011-12-09 Closing in on 1 Million Vertical For 2011

2011-12-09 Views from a Bike — Yosemite

2011-12-09 Lupine Betty II LED Lighting System for Cycling or Night-time Photography

2011-12-07 Shimano Vibe Pro Carbon Handlebar on The Trek Madone 6.9 SSL

2011-12-04 Base Layer, Under-Helmet Wool Cap, and Tights for Cold Weather Riding

2011-12-04 Moots MootoX YBB: the Perfect All-Around Ride

2011-12-03 Look 695 SR with the Lightweight VR8 8-Spoke Time Trial Wheel

2011-12-02 Look 695 SR — Riding Notes With the SRM Power Meter

2011-12-01 Look 695 SR with SRM Power Meter


2011-11-28 Look 695 SR Special Edition, Japanese Paint

2011-11-28 Cycling Tips: How I Train (in brief)

2011-11-27 Bicycle Animation

2011-11-26 Less Than 100,000 feet to Climb

2011-11-26 Testing and Maybe Building Up a Moots Vamoots RSL Road Bike

2011-11-26 Mini V Brakes Solve the Cyclocross Braking Issue — Way Better than Cantilever Brakes

2011-11-25 Black Friday Specials at OWC (Computer)

2011-11-25 WindInMyFace.com — Now a Top-Level Domain

2011-11-24 The iPhone 4s as a Camera for Cycling

2011-11-24 My 2011 Cycling Accomplishments

2011-11-22 Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Shifting Performance

2011-11-22 Thoughts on a Second Road Bike

2011-11-22 Thoughts on More Than One Mountain Bike (and Cyclocross)

2011-11-20 Views From a Bike

2011-11-20 Old La Honda Rd

2011-11-18 Look 695 SR Image Gallery

2011-11-18 Lightweight VR8 Carbon Fiber Tubular Racing Wheel

2011-11-17 Alternatives to Polar Software — Reader Comments

2011-11-17 Efficiency On a Bike

2011-11-17 On Track for 1 Million Vertical Feet

2011-11-17 Reviewed: Look 695 SR Carbon Fiber Road Bike

2011-11-16 Look 695 SR Carbon Fiber Road Bike

2011-11-13 Suicidal Squirrel

2011-11-11 Cold Weather Riding

2011-11-05 Views from a Bike

2011-11-03 Moots Pyschlo X RSL Titanium Cyclocross Bike — Full Report

2011-11-02 Moots Pyschlo X RSL Titanium Cyclocross Bike


2011-10-30 Weight Up, Power Up Still = New Personal Best on Old La Honda Road

2011-10-29 My Moots YBB 26" is For Sale

2011-10-28 Views from a Bike

2011-10-27 DiNotte 300R LED Tail Light Reviewed

2011-10-27 Reader Inquires About Easton EC90 XC Wheelset

2011-10-26 Moots 2012 MootoX YBB 29er Notes

2011-10-26 Reader Comments on Blog, White Mountains Epic Ride, Etc

2011-10-24 Moots 2012 MootoX YBB 29er Image Gallery

2011-10-23 Moots 2012 MootoX YBB 29er

2011-10-11 Moots 2012 MootoX YBB 29er with Fox 2012 “34 Float 29” Suspension Fork

2011-10-07 DiNotte 300R Tail Light First Impressions

2011-10-07 Recovery and Late Season Strength

2011-10-07 How I Recover from a Workout

2011-10-06 Easton EC90 XC Bearings and Hubs

2011-10-06 Consistent Power

2011-10-06 DiNotte 300R Tail Light

2011-10-05 Reviewed: Easton EC90 Bar Ends, Blackburn Pumps, Genuine Innovations Air Chuck, Moots Titanium Handlebar, HydraPak SoftFlask, Lupine Betty II

2011-10-05 Moots MootoX RSL Hard-tail in the Mountains — Ride and Handling (Plus White Mountain Photos)

2011-10-04 What I Carry for Mountain Biking

2011-10-04 Lupine Betty II 7-LED Lamphead on a Dark and Wet Night

2011-10-03 Lupine Betty II 7-LED Lamphead with 2050/2300/2600 Real Lumens

2011-10-03 Eat at Dick’s in Big Pine, CA any Day, or after the Everest Challenge

2011-10-03 Everest Challenge — The Experience


2011-09-26 Everest Challenge — Success!

2011-09-21 Wheel Valve and Pump Failure at 13000' Far From My Car

2011-09-19 Views From a Bike

2011-09-17 Power Up, Weight Down = New Personal Best on Old La Honda Road

2011-09-17 My Racing Bike for the Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race Sept 24/25

2011-09-16 Everest Challenge Stage 1 Course REVERSED in 2011

2011-09-14 DEXA Scan: Body Fat at 7.9%

2011-09-14 Illness Before a Race — Back Off

2011-09-12 Backing Off Training Can Bump Up Performance by Allowing Recovery

2011-09-11 Dehydration and Fluid Intake for Endurance Efforts

2011-09-06 Lovin’ the Moots MootoX RSL

2011-09-05 Cross-training For Improved Strength and Fitness, and to Avoid Boredom: Road and MTB

2011-09-05 Views From a Bike

2011-09-04 Reviewed: Schwalbe 29er Tires, RockShox SID 29 XX Fork, Stan’s NoTubes Sealant, More

2011-09-03 San Francisco Bay Area MTB rides @ BayAreaRides.com

2011-09-02 Views From a Bike

2011-09-02 Ruminations on Weight (Fat) Loss, Muscle Gain, Fitness, Recovery


2011-08-31 Moots MootoX RSL 29er Tire Choice

2011-08-28 Moots MootoX RSL 29er Riding Notes, Compared to Moots YBB 26

2011-08-28 Riding Statistics

2011-08-28 Reader Suggests Cross Training for Breaking Through Weight Loss Resistance

2011-08-28 Moots MootoX RSL Titanium Hardtail 29er Image Gallery

2011-08-26 Moots MootoX RSL Titanium Hardtail 29er Race-Oriented MTB Built-Up And Ridden

2011-08-22 Power, Heart Rate, Fueling, Recovery For a 5-Hour Training Ride

2011-08-21 Local Advice — Don’t Ride Old La Honda Road Saturday Morning

2011-08-21 How to Ride Faster — Consistent Power

2011-08-21 Moots YBB 26 Performance Commentary

2011-08-17 A Whisker Away from a Personal All-Time Best on Old La Honda Road

2011-08-16 Moots MootoX RSL Titanium Hardtail 29er Race-Oriented MTB

2011-08-14 Lezyne 'Alloy Drive CFH' Bike Pump and CO2 Inflater

2011-08-09 Some Things Are Worth the Weight — Lupine Lights For Cycling

2011-08-07 Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL and Trek 'Gary Fisher' SuperFly 100 Elite 29er Reviews Now Online

2011-08-07 Easton EC90 XC 26" Ballistic Carbon Fiber Wheelset Review Now Online

2011-08-07 Moots YBB 26" Titanium Mountain Bike Review Now Online

2011-08-07 Trek to the Summit of White Mountain Peak — Trip Report Now Up!

2011-08-04 Moots YBB 26" Titanium Mountain Bike

2011-08-01 Trek to the Summit of White Mountain Peak — Mission Accomplished


2011-07-24 Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL First Ride

2011-07-22 Trek to the Summit of White Mountain Peak — On Schedule for ~ July 29

2011-07-20 Side-cut Tubular Tire Flat

2011-07-18 Trek Gary Fisher 'SuperFly 100 Elite' 29er Mountain Bike

2011-07-15 Everest Challenge— Weight Down, Fitness is There, Two Months to Go

2011-07-04 Staying Hydrated During Long Rides on Hot Days Is a Major Challenge

2011-07-02 Using a Foam Roller for Muscle Therapy — Update

2011-07-01 Trek to the Summit of White Mountain Peak — Late July


2011-06-29 Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race With 29,000 Feet of Climbing, Sept 24/25, 2011

2011-06-27 Training Using Repeated Climbs In One Workout Session

2011-06-25 Blackburn AirStik SL Ultra Light Pump For Road Cycling

2011-06-19 Caloric Deficit, DEXA scan for Body Fat

2011-06-19 Pearl Izumi 'Octane SL II' Road Cycling Shoes

2011-06-19 Stats This Year

2011-06-12 Moots YBB 26er On Order: XTR, Easton EC 90 XC Carbon Fiber Wheels, Titanium Seat Post and Bar

2011-06-12 Using a Foam Roller for Muscle Therapy

2011-06-10 Parts for Sale: Carbon Fibre Wheels, Power Meter, Complete Race Bike

2011-06-08 My 53 X 39 SRM Power Meter Cranks For Sale

2011-06-05 A Fascinating Analysis of Multi-Month Caloric Deficit With Respect to Body Fat

2011-06-04 The Body Weight “Set Point”

2011-06-04 New Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Wheels Easton EC90 XC at only 1285g/set

2011-06-04 Tufo Colibri Tubular Tires for MTB

2011-06-01 The White Mountain Peak MTB Challenge™ (from Bishop to Summit)


2011-05-30 Gluten-free Oats for a Glucose Source Before or After A Workout

2011-05-29 Thoughts on Fueling— Maltodextrin Products Such as Gu Energy Gel

2011-05-29 Just About Over an Unpleasant Respiratory Infection— Thoughts on Training

2011-05-28 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL Matte Silver

2011-05-28 Compact Double 50 X 34 Chainrings — Friendly to Legs and Knees On Climbs

2011-05-21 Maximize Climbing Speed by Lowering Body Fat — Body Weight Set Point Breakthrough

2011-05-17 A Gram-Accurate Scale for Food or Small Gear Items

2011-05-17 An Accurate and Consistent and Durable Scale for Serious Cyclists

2011-05-17 Consistency of SRM Power Meter

2011-05-13 Training Weight Loss Tips

2011-05-12 How Much Fat/Muscle Change Can Occur in 42 Days of Intensive Training?

2011-05-11 The Body Weight “Set Point”

2011-05-07 Accuracy of SRM Power Meter Wattage

2011-05-05 The Bike Hut on Tunitas Creek Road

2011-05-04 Reviewed: Lupine Wilma TL 1100-lumen Flashlight — Doubles as Bike Light

2011-05-01 Mt Hamilton Challenge — Followup


2011-04-29 Gas at $4.65, or Ride Your Bike

2011-04-29 Mt Hamilton Challenge — Personal Test of 4 Months of Training

2011-04-26 ClifBar Declines to State Carbohydrate Proportions in ClifShot Energy Gel

2011-04-26 Thoughts on Power to Weight, and Cycling Comfort, Perceived Effort

2011-04-24 Gretna Bikes Now Shipping the Lupine Wilma TL 1100 1100-lumen Flashlight — Doubles as Bike Light

2011-04-23 First Event of 2011 — Mt Hamilton Challenge

2011-04-23 Moots YBB 29er and 26" Mountain Bikes

2011-04-23 Stats This Year

2011-04-22 Lightweight Obermayer — Best Ride I’ve Had Yet

2011-04-21 Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Carbon Fiber On the Trek Madone 6.9 SSL

2011-04-20 Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Carbon Fiber Wheelset First Ride Impressions

2011-04-20 Tire Sealant for Tubular (Sew-up) Tires

2011-04-18 Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Carbon Fiber Wheelset Has Arrived, Image Gallery Posted

2011-04-16 Daytime Running Lights On a Bike For Safety — Be SEEN

2011-04-16 Body Weight and Climbing Speed

2011-04-16 Bugs in SRM Hardware and Software

2011-04-16 Shimano DI2 Battery Life

2011-04-14 How I’m Shedding the Body Fat: 202 => 185 Pounds in 103 days

2011-04-13 Moots YBB Test Ride

2011-04-13 A Trek Madone 6.9 SSL with Compact Double

2011-04-13 SRM 7950 Compact Double Power Meter Crankset With 50 X 34 Chainrings

2011-04-13 1000 Miles on Trek Madone 6.9 SSL With Lightweight Ventoux 240 Wheels, Shimano DI2

2011-04-09 Choosing a Wheelset for a Road Bike

2011-04-08 Renovo Hardwood Bicycles

2011-04-07 Tubular Tire Flats and Service Life

2011-04-07 Why I Ride Exclusively on Tubular Sew-up Tires For Road Cycling

2011-04-05 Guest Professor — Dr. Clyde Wilson

2011-04-03 iPhone App for Your Cycling — Strava

2011-04-03 Trek Mountain Bike Came Unglued, So Looking For Durable and Elegant Titanium, e.g. Moots Mooto X YBB 29"

2011-04-01 Lupine Introduces the Wilma TL 1100 1100-lumen Flashlight

2011-04-01 Training Progress For Everest Challenge 2-Day Stage Race

2011-04-01 Using a DEXA Scan To Form Realistic Training Goals


2011-03-31 Trek Project One Top Fuel Mountain Bike Comes Apart At The Seams

2011-03-30 Giro Prolight SLX Ultra-light Road Cycling Shoes

2011-03-29 Update on Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Wheelset

2011-03-28 Who Will Invent a Rear View Display For Cyclists?

2011-03-28 Some Things Are Worth the Weight — Lupine Lights For Cycling

2011-03-26 Reducing Total Climbing Weight For Faster Ascents

2011-03-26 Total Climbing Weight: Reduction in Ascent Time For Steep Climbs

2011-03-25 Gauging Training Levels Years Later from Prior Year Training Records

2011-03-20 Biking In Wet Weather

2011-03-18 Oakley Sunglasses For Biking

2011-03-16 Standard or Compact Double Chainrings?

2011-03-14 Training In Hot Conditions, Heart Rate Monitors and Max Heart Rate

2011-03-14 Pedal Stroke, Power, Fatigue

2011-03-09 Special Request — Please Help Spread the Word on Wind In My Face

2011-03-09 Choosing Shimano DuraAce Cassette Gearing

2011-03-08 Daytime Bike Lights for Road Cyclist Safety

2011-03-07 Lightweight Obermayer Tubular Wheelset

2011-03-07 New Articles on Stretching, Hard Workouts

2011-03-07 New Personal Yearly Best — How Odd?

2011-03-05 Garmin Edge 500 Cycling Computer Review Posted

2011-03-02 Hydrophobic Sunglasses

2011-03-02 Garmin Edge 500


2011-02-27 Training and Recovery and Illness

2011-02-26 Computing Calories with SRM Power Meter

2011-02-26 Road Biking in Death Valley National Park

2011-02-18 Ride the Real Tour de France Just Like the Pros!

2011-02-17 Veloflex High Performance Tubular and Clincher Tires for Road Bicycles

2011-02-17 Following Updates to This Site

2011-02-14 SRM Power Meter Software for Mac OS

2011-02-13 Shimano DuraAce DI2 review

2011-02-13 Lightweight Ventoux 240 carbon fiber wheelset reviewed

2011-02-12 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL review started

2011-02-11 Lupine LED Lights for Biking, Hiking, Search & Rescue, etc.

2011-02-11 Trek Madone 6.9 SSL arrived!

2011-02-10 Training progress for the Everest Challenge

2011-02-10 Recommended: “Kiss of Death” Bike Tour in High Sierra with Undiscovered Country Tours Offers in Late June

2011-02-10 New Trek Madone 6.9 SSL Arrives Feb 11

2011-02-09 Everest Challenge road bike stage race: 29,000 feet of climbing

2011-02-09 Trek Madone 6.9 with Shimano DI2



2010-03-13 Vitamin D, but what about Vitamin C and heart disease?



2007-05-05 Ergomo Pro power meter



2006-12-28 Zipp Z3 wheels in strong winds

2006-12-26 The most comfortable winter jersey ever

2006-12-20 More on wheelsets

2006-12-19 Zipp Z3 wheelset and Veloflex Servizio Corse tires—impressions

2006-12-19 On cycling


2006-10-11 Norway’s Appealing climbs

2006-10-08 Encounters with vehicles


2006-08-09 More on the PowerFlare LED tail light

2006-08-04 Light and Motion ARC HID LiIon bike light

2006-08-02 Ergomo Pro power meter


2006-07-31 Zipp Z3 tubular wheels with ceramic bearings

2006-07-28 Beware of high-Sierra snowplows

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