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Why Vaccinating COVID-Recovered Individuals Does more Harm than Good

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Why is there nil debate or discusssion in any public venue about the natural immunity enjoyed by large portions of the world population, along with the harms being caused by vaccinating those with natural immunity?

Aaron Kheriaty MD: On Vaccinating Covid Recovered Individuals

...The largest population-based study comparing natural immunity and vaccine immunity (a study I will summarize in more detail in my next Research Overview post) actually analyzed this situation: giving a one-dose Pfizer vaccine booster to those previously infected and comparing these individuals to unvaccinated previously infected individuals. The previously infected went from 99.74% immunity before vaccination to 99.86% after vaccination for the duration of the study. 

The differences here before and after vaccination are clearly negligible and have no clinical relevance whatsoever. This minuscule, barely perceptible bump in immunity actually included asymptomatic reinfections. The same analysis for symptomaticreinfections found no statistically significant differences at all. When the efficacy of natural immunity is already extremely high, vaccination—or other interventions for that matter—cannot improve it much.

On the other hand, vaccination always involves some risk of adverse events, however small. Such risks are warranted only where there are potentially meaningful clinical benefits. In fact, as I will summarize in a future Research Overview post, several studies now suggest that individuals with prior Covid infections are at higher risk of vaccine adverse effects compared to those without a history of Covid infection. 

To make this very concrete, consider the number needed to treat (NNT) to prevent one asymptomatic reinfection in those with natural immunity vs. the number needed to harm (NNH) by causing a vaccine adverse event. We would need to vaccinate 833 Covid-recovered people to prevent 1 asymptomatic reinfection (NNT=833). We cannot even calculate the number of necessary vaccinations to prevent 1 symptomatic infection because the data shows no differences before and after vaccination for symptomatic infections, hospitalizations, or deaths.

...In short: to prevent one case of asymptomatic reinfection, we would cause over 75 cases of clinically significant adverse events (NNT/NNH = 833/11). The number of people harmed to prevent one case of symptomatic reinfection would be even higher—too high to calculate with our current data...


WIND: with rare exceptions, to insist on vaccination for those with natural immunity is a gross violation of medical ethics, and as anti-science as it gets.

Nearly all medical experts must now be viewed as among the persons least worthy of trust in our society. Medicine has long been guesswork and opinion in so many areas, but at least we could hope it was i

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