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COVID Excess Deaths: Real? If so, Causes?


The claim out there for some time now is that there are ongoing excess deaths even among younger people in their 30's and 40's. Many wish to blame this on the COVID jabs. That might be so, but it is wild speculation at this point, with numerous other potential explanations.


I take “excess deaths” to mean deaths over and above the baseline per-capita death rate for any given cohort eg 40-49 year old men and/or women. There are many such cohorts. Strangely, I find graphs that never state “per capita”, as if it is implicit. Maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t. I don’t actually know and thus I start mistrusting any data I might see.

How are “excess deaths” accounted for in the context of ongoing weak-sauce COVID? Presumably at this point COVID deaths are very low in the younger cohorts. So maybe that is not a significant variable.

Are there actually excess deaths? In which cohorts and by what data? Do the data agree across all life insurers and similar actuarial authorities? It it government statistics only? Across states and countries? Are all the data in agreement, and if not, why not? These questions and their answers seem curiously absent from discussions.


I am no fan of the COVID jabs, but as a free personal choice (albeit one denied to millions) I support anyone’s personal and uncoerced decision to jab or not jab themselves (though I consider COVID jabs for children a form of child abuse). But of course coercion was a major factor and still is, along with highly competent propaganda.

Statistical claims about safety have never been credible at any stage of the game, and Big Pharma destroyed the control groups, so we can never know the inconvenient truth, whatever it is. So most rolled those dice as they were forced to, just as with many things in life.

Where COVID jabs fall on the risk spectrum is still unknown. Jabs might be far more dangerous than thought, but might also be relatively safe. No one really knows, and The Science is so fraught with manipulation and politics, we probably will never get honesty, too many oxen would have to be gored for that.

There were so many harms from COVID lockdowns and related totalitarian-flavor policies, that it is untenable on a logical or scientific basis to assume the COVID jabs should take the blame. It makes a lot more sense to me, especially at this late stage, that excess deaths are coming home to roost now from irrational and anti-scientific government lockdown policies:

  • Delayed health care especially for cancer, diabetes, and similar killers.
  • Increase in obesity, decrease in fitness.
  • Increase in alcoholism, spousal and child abuse, etc.
  • Many psychological traumas of lockdowns. including loss of income/savings/home (HUGE stressors!)
  • Stilted social interactions with friends and family. etc.
  • The additive effects of all of the above and many more harms.

Let’s do this right and figure out what is actually killing more people, if that is really happening.

Meanwhile, you get $10K for bad choices here in the USA, with those whose lives were destroyed by government policies getting nothing. No one said life was fair.

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