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Wither Masks?

I was one of the first to recommend masking-up for COVID, way back in Jan 2020. At that time, it was only prudent, and no one knew—fog of war.

Ignore the “Tripledemic” Hype

2022-12-21. Emphasis added.

Despite warnings from public-health and media “experts,” the seasonal return of respiratory viruses doesn’t justify the reimposition of Covid-era controls.

A pre-Covid systemic review of interventions to combat the spread of respiratory viral diseases, conducted by the highly regarded Cochrane Library, found that medical and surgical mask-wearing made little to no difference to the outcome of influenza or influenza-like illnesses, compared with not wearing a mask. Subsequently, a review of the literature found just two randomized controlled clinical trials of the effectiveness of masking in Covid-19. The first reported a tiny, statistically insignificant benefit. The second found small, marginally statistically significant reductions in viral transmission for surgical masks but not for cloth masks. Thirteen of 14 randomized trials examining mask-wearing in non-Covid respiratory infections failed to find a statistically significant benefit. Nearly all the evidence in favor of masks comes from observational studies that suffer from methodological problems; evidence for the cloth masks that many people use is essentially nonexistent.


WIND: the RSV outbreak is probably the direct result of suppression that built up an immune debt. Will such costs ever be counted in the negative column vs the government brutality of lockdowns and forced genetic therapy (mRNA injections)/

Excepting the vulnerable (why not take precautions that might help?), I now deem masks as worn by most more of an indicator of psychiatric illness than a useful reaction to the world.

I find masks highly disturbing—annoying physically, and damaging/degrading of personal interactions. For that reason alone I wear one only when forced to.

And I have not been sick* at all since COVID in 2020, and I do not expect to be. In spite of close contact with 3 COVID-infected household family members.

Meanwhile, the more vaxxed you are, the more you get COVID, by all appearances. That dumpster fire of a CDC director is reaping the evil seeds she helped sow, getting COVID over and over again. Now that’s Justice.

* Not counting auto-immune issues, which are not an infectious issue, and possibly the reactivated EBV kicked off by that April 2020 bout of COVID.

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