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Elon Musk Reveals ‘Major Side Effects’ After 2nd COVID Booster

re: ethics in medicine

I never got the gene therapy mRNA Jab, having had COVID once and only once in April 2020. Presumably the Delta variant (or was it Alpha at that time, I forget).

I figured way back then that I’d be an idiot for getting Jabbed, already having natural immunity, which children and idiots (aka doctors and experts) rejected for years as no substitute for a proper profit-making Big Pharma Jab. My close contact with immediate family members with COVID* on 3 separate occassions had no effect on me.

* The Wife got the Jab, her own choice, but two daughters were coerced into getting it by the evil bastards running the school system, those people ought to be rotting in jail.

The Epoch Times: Elon Musk Reveals ‘Major Side Effects’ After 2nd COVID Booster


Elon Musk said he felt like he “was dying” after his second COVID-19 booster shot.

“I had major side effects from my second booster shot,” the new Twitter boss wrote in a social media post. “Felt like I was dying for several days. Hopefully, no permanent damage, but I don’t know.”

Musk didn’t provide medical records to back his claim. Neither did he say which company’s COVID booster he took.

The Epoch Times can’t verify his claim independently.


WIND: only people as stupid as me could think that the gene therapy Jab might possibly have side effects, including fatal and horrific. I know that well, judging by the hate mail I’ve gotten telling me about all the “misinformation” I’ve been spreading here. Apparently, even Elon Musk is stupid enough to fall for such concerns, when obviously The Science™ knows all. Before even testing or researching things. The Science can literally know what is or is not going to happen!

Here’s a huge “WTF???!!!!”: “didn’t provide medical records to back his claim...”. Seriously? Only a fool would go to a doctor for side effects (barring some immediate life threatening thing), which would be dismissed out of hand as temporary or psychosomatic or coincidence. Doctors were operating with kindergarten-grade reasoning, and still are. The idea that a patient has to justify suffering by some kind of half-assed medical evaluation incapable of more than vaguely understanding the issues... shows a gross ignorance of how the industry operates.

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