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A Few Doctors So Cocksure about COVID Jab that Medical Battery on Children is Rationalized

re: ethics in medicine
re: medical battery and child abuse.

re: What is Medical Battery?

The most evil collectivist societies quickly get around to stripping parental rights, which we now see in abundance every day, including and especially government schools.

Here we have a case where a doctor, sworn to “first do no harm” apparently has problematic ethical boundaries to the point of criminality. Substituting personal beliefs for those of the parent while using her considerable power differential over minor children to satisfy her personal cognitive commitments.

This case should shock anyone of good moral character. But the profession is now pocketed with physical and chemical mutilation of children for profit, so it should come as no surprise.

UPDATE, 2023-08-05: Heart Scarring Observed in Children Months After COVID-19 Vaccination: Study — was it worth it given that children have zero benefit from “vaccination” excepting rare individual situations? Such a stomach-churning form of child abuse and doctors do it to heir own too, showing just how far gone they are ethically and intellectually.

See also: Did the FDA rush to license Pfizer's covid vaccine to enable vaccine mandates?

Mother Sues Doctor Who Allegedly Administered COVID-19 Vaccines to Children Without Consent


A doctor violated the law by administering COVID-19 vaccines to children without consent, according to a new lawsuit.

Dr. Janine Rethy, chief of community pediatrics at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, is being accused of holding two children in a room until she convinced them to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

The minors are both children of NaTonya McNeil, a Washington resident who brought the suit in D.C. Superior Court.

“Ms. McNeil’s two minor children were held in a room by Defendant until she overcame their will and forcibly vaccinated them while physically preventing them from consulting with their mother, who was right outside the room,” the 9-page suit states.


WIND: the above is part of a civil case, but it really is/was a criminal act.

This doctor should not only lose her medical license, she should be criminally prosecuted for medical battery—intent seem clear—and that should mean jail time. Why? If the facts are as claimed, then this doctor acted unethically and with coercion in multiple ways.

It is the role a doctor to aid the patient in making healtchare decision. It is not the doctor’s role to coerce the patient. Particularly with the disparity of authority and age adding tremendous weight to the interaction.

The claim is that the parent was excluded intentionally, which increases the ugliness of the situation, showing intent to deceive/mislead. Intent is a key variable in criminal cases; while no one can read minds, intentional acts (if proven) are persuasive as to intent.

Informed consent is a core tenet of medicine. This rests on two parts (1) objective information, and (2) consent once the information is understood. Without both, there can be no informed consent. Clearly no objective risk/benefit analysis was presented (eg NTT vs side effects + the doctor’s own absurd assertions as quoted), seemingly only propaganda (government talking points) and personal cognitive comittments having no basis in science, as we now now. Thus part (1) was not satisfied, making informed consent an impossibility. Moreover, even if objective informatoin had been presented, it is highly unlikely that children (let alone adults) could evaluate it. They cannot possibly be “informed”, being incapable of understanding it. Moreover, children are presumptively and legally not considered capable of giving consent, thus part (2) also fails. Thus was no “informed” part and there was no “consent” part. An egregious violation of medical ethics that requires strict discipline/sanctions/retraining.

Coercion was employed, including false claims. In other words, fraud. An act committed with intent to deceive is a criminal act.

Battery (unwanted physical contact) was employed (eg the jabs). This is a seriously criminal act, even ignoring the other points. The lack of any possibility of consent (given the facts) immediately establishes it as medical battery. It should be an open/shut criminal case.

Finally, risk was increased by administering another vaccination at the same time. As every doctor knows (or ought to know), vaccines are not tested in combination. The jeopardy/risk can only be increased. This shows willful negligence, especially in the case of a vaccine with a proven history of severe side effects.

Do I want this particular doctor to go to jail? Yes and no—I do not really wish to see a life ruined, one that in theory is benefitting people (patients). OTOH, this particular doctor has allegedly committed criminal acts against those very patients, and that must not go unpunished, somehow. That punishment should not be left to the medical boards, because the acts are not procedural/competence issues, but criminal acts.One wonders whether the district attorney is asleep at the switch.

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