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Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Reveals Stanford University's Attempts To Derail COVID Studies

re: Dr Jay Bhattacharya
re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

I disavow and repudiate my Stanford affiliation. I don’t want my good name associated with this vile institution. I obtained my degree when Stanford was still respectable; now it is a woke dumpster fire of propaganda, disinformation, and a hotbed of the anti-liberty dregs of humanity, and virulent antagonism towards objective scientific and medical research.

To be clear, there are good people at Stanford, but few have the courage to speak out. I do not believe that Stanford can be salvaged at this point. I have watched it degenerate into a moral sewer over the past two decades, a mongrel collectivist anthill following money and gaslighting the public, be it COVID or climate change or any social issue.

Dr Jay Bhattacharya (bio) is one of the few exceptions, a hero willing to speak out, a type of person sorely in short supply today.

See also: The Man Who Talked Back: Jay Bhattacharya On the Fight against COVID Lockdowns and The Government Censored Me and Other Scientists. We Fought Back—and Won.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Reveals Stanford University's Attempts To Derail COVID Studies

2023-09-06. Emphasis added.

...What remained hidden until now is that Stanford University administrative leadership intervened and interfered with the study in ways that violated accepted standards of academic freedom and harmed our ability to convey and defend our research findings. I believe their actions were partly motivated by a financial incentive to develop and sell antibody tests and partly to protect the Stanford University brand against media criticism. Violating academic freedom harmed public health policy, reverberating throughout the pandemic and continuing to this day.

...Our field effort drew positive attention from the local papers, but the Stanford researchers developing their own commercial antibody tests were less happy with this attention... In effect, the real concern of Montine and Boyd was that our epidemiological study posed a branding problem for Boyd's ELISA covid test that he was developing....

...It is difficult to convey the extent of my shock at what happened next.

A bedrock idea of academia is that professors should be free to pursue their research without interference from school administrators or other faculty members. Rather than dismiss Boyd and Montine's concerns as untoward interference in our research, the Stanford administrative hierarchy abetted that interference.

...Choosing Stanford's brand over Stanford's research mission damaged the university far more than our research, which is now published in peer-reviewed journals.

In the end, Stanford's leadership undermined public and scientific confidence in the results of the Santa Clara study. Given this history, members of the public could be forgiven if they wonder whether any Stanford research can be trusted. Is work published by Stanford faculty actually what the researchers think, or was there unreported and inappropriate interference by Stanford's academic bureaucrats in service of interests other than the truth?

...Open-minded acceptance of our study results might have helped the world avoid harm from both covid and covid mitigation policies. What damage might have been avoided had scientific bureaucrats actually followed the science in April of 2020?

WIND: follow the money will never fail you, but that is only one of fungal infections at Stanford, and virtually all similar institutions today.

The vast majority of “science” today is complete bullshit. Yet many children and idiots (eg doctors and other professionals) think scientific papers actually mean something.

The process of science works eventually—meaning over several lifetimes. The farce we see today should not be confused with that process.

Are you starting to see how the gears of the machine work?

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