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Global Warming: Observations vs. Climate Models

re: follow the money and follow the self-interest
re: climate science

re: woke psychopathology

See also, climate change portion of Woke Religion Taxonomy.

Global Warming: Observations vs. Climate Models

2024-01-24. Emphasis added.

Warming of the global climate system over the past half-century has averaged 43 percent less than that produced by computerized climate models used to promote changes in energy policy. In the United States during summer, the observed warming is much weaker than that produced by all 36 climate models surveyed here.

While the cause of this relatively benign warming could theoretically be entirely due to humanity’s production of carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel burning, this claim cannot be demonstrated through science. At least some of the measured warming could be natural. Contrary to media reports and environmental organizations’ press releases, global warming offers no justification for carbon-based regulation.

WIND: Computer models are not science, never have been and never will be. All models are persuasion aka propaganda. And most of all... intellectual masturbation. Models integrate the biases/knowledge/ignorance of those creating them. What is included and not included (intenionally or out of ignorance) produces GIGO that has no predictive power. Unless the data is “corrected” to make the model work another year or so. Which sums up the entire field and it’s looney tunes predictions: junk data, junk science, junk ethics, junk appliances.

No climate science model has ever worked (unless you are dumb enough to think that hindcasting is a thing!), so every one of them is silently discarded sooner or later.

The whole thing is a pathetic anti-scientific load of bunk that parasitic grifters use to line their pockets, all in order to literally kill people by making energy expensive and keeping poor people in poverty—the most racist and discriminatory social policy out there ranking right up with DEI and CRT.

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Great News! The Climate Is Much Better Than Predicted. Now We Can Calm Down!

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