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FDA Commissioner Promotes Products Off Label, an Illegal Pharma Marketing Scheme

re: The Disinformation Chronicle

re: gears of the machine and follow the money

Nothing to see here.

Disinformation Chronicle: FDA Commissioner Promotes Products Off Label, an Illegal Pharma Marketing Scheme Long Criticized by Democrats


With both the FDA Commissioner and CDC Director now promoting COVID vaccines off label, have companies been greenlighted to violate the law?

During his first stint as FDA Commissioner during the Obama administration, Dr. Robert Califf proposed allowing companies to advertise their products off-label... We expect this agreement to increase integrity in the marketing of pharmaceuticals," the Justice Department claimed in the settlement’s announcement.

...But with his critics now in the rearview mirror, Dr. Califf is speeding forward with his “dangerous” proposal. And this time, the Commissioner himself is promoting products off label. A week before the Christmas break, Commissioner Califf posted a message on X, promoting COVID vaccines off label to allegedly protect children against long COVID.

<IMAGE:“Good new about vaccinated children for Covid-19. Children who are vaccinated have a substantially lower rate of Long Covid compared with unvaccinated children“>

Nature’s news story discusses a small, observational study that had been presented at a conference some months prior and has not been peer reviewed. Even more disturbing, Nature’s reporter supported this slim study with positive quotes sprinkled throughout the article from Dr. Jessica Snowden, a pediatric infectious-disease specialist at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. However, Nature failed to provide readers with one rather important detail: Pfizer has disclosed paying Dr. Snowden to provide marketing talks for their COVID vaccine and she serves on the company’s advisory board

Science news or pharma advertising?

... Last week, I sent several questions to Monastersky asking why Nature had not included Dr. Snowden’s ties to Pfizer and whether Nature reporters are required to look into an experts’ financial ties before quoting them in news pieces. Monastersky emailed back that he would pass my query off to another editor and then ceased responding to emails....


Nature’s news piece promoting the CDC’s findings somehow caught the attention of CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen, who then posted it on X... <IMAGE> I then sent an email last week to the CDC asking why Director Cohen was promoting the COVID vaccines for off label use, and whether any CDC Director has done so in the past... The CDC has not responded to repeated requests for comment.

...Pfizer Payments

Pfizer’s payments to Dr. Jessica Snowden can be found in the federal government’s Open Payments database, which notes the company paid Dr. Snowden to give 4 marketing talks promoting their Comirnaty COVID vaccine...


WIND: are you starting to see how the gears of the machine work?

Financial conflicts of interest are very poorly disclosed—tiny footnotes, if they are noted at all. And there are six ways to Sunday to get a payoff that no one is likely to notice.

Nature, once a respected publication, was shown to be the garbage it is during COVID and now has no credibility left. Ditto for JAMA, BMJ, etc—all totally corrupted by follow the money, all non-credible, all now major sources of disinformation and racist ideology*. But that is not a recent development except perhaps devolving into explicitly racist civilization-destroying tropes.

“Trust your doctor”? Overwhelmingly, the doctors who recommend and set standards of care have a corrupting financial interest, not trustworthy enough to walk your dog.

Corruption and illegal activity and willful disinformation extend to the highest levels in every area of government. Which makes it totally awesome that elections in all 50 states are so impressively free and fair. Thank God for small miracles.

* A top article in JAMA today as I write this is about “equity” in hospital readmission, another on social risk, a whole column of opinion articles, etc. OMG. A top article in BMJ is about “decolonizing public heath”, another on intersectionality in health equity.

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