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AI Has Reached a Human Level of Intelligence and Credibility

re: AI
re: Matt Taibbi

Meaning the race to the bottom has succeeded.

Lies, inuendos, false accusations of all kinds, total hallucination. YES, AI has now mimicked humans very successfully!

AI has no intelligence—none. It is a mimickry machine. And now the most powerful internet company in the world has designed its AI to be not a garbage dump, but a garbage factory. Well, at least that’s consistent with all Google’s other “be evil” behaviors.

"I Wrote What!?" - Matt Taibbi Unloads On Google's 'AI-Powered Libel Machine'


...Chuckling to start, by the end of the night I wasn’t laughing, unprepared as I was for certain horrifying if lesser-publicized quirks of “the Gemini era.”

..None of this happened! Though it sounds vaguely like a headline for an article I might have written, there was never a Rolling Stone piece called “The Great California Water Heist,” and I’d never heard of the “Compton Pledge.”

More questions produced more fake tales of error-ridden articles. One entry claimed I got in trouble for a piece called “Glenn Beck’s War on Comedy,” after suggesting “a connection between a conservative donor, Foster Friess, and a left-wing activist group, the Ruckus Society.”

With each successive answer, Gemini didn’t “learn,” but instead began mixing up the fictional factoids from previous results and upping the ante, adding accusations of racism or bigotry


WIND: this is how they’ll take you out. What humans could do before (and are doing) in rotting publications like The Atlantic and “the news” is now automated.

AI does and will tremendous uses in specific instances.

But when it comes to information you can trust, that is logically impossible. It will be trained on garbage (opinions, etc) and its mind warped by its creators. Tere is no law of physics dictating “the truth”, so it becomes logically impossible to ever have an AI that would be truthful and objective. If humans have never agreed, an AI certainly cannot. And if it could be done, we’d pull the plug before society collapses from it.

See also:

If AI Thinks George Washington is a Black Woman, Why Are We Letting it Pick Bomb Targets?


After yesterday’s Racket story about misadventures with Google’s creepy new AI product, Gemini, I got a note about a Bloomberg story from earlier this week. From US Used AI to Help Find Middle East Targets for Airstrikes:

The US used artificial intelligence to identify targets hit by air strikes in the Middle East this month, a defense official said, revealinggrowing military use of the technology for combat… Machine learning algorithms that can teach themselves to identify objects helped to narrow down targets for more than 85 US air strikes on Feb. 2

The U.S. formally admitting to using AI to target human beings was a first of sorts, but Google’s decision to release a moronic image generator that mass-produces black Popes and Chinese founding fathers was the story that garnered the ink and outrage. The irony is the military tale is equally frightening, and related in unsettling ways:


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