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Scientists Expose Major Problems With Climate Change Data

re: electric vehicles and cognitive dissonance

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

The climate change thermometer scandal is a mind boggling exercise in scientific malfeasance. Except that it’s not—it’s obviously a simple case of follow the money. If you pay me to find ghosts, I’ll find plenty.

The idea that we can measure the temperature of the earth with thermometers... and look back 1000 years... Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy.

Scientists Expose Major Problems With Climate Change Data

2024-03-03. Emphasis added.

‘Climate activism has become the new religion of the 21st century—heretics are not welcome and not allowed to ask questions,’ said astrophysicist Willie Soon.

Temperature records used by climate scientists and governments to build models that then forecast dangerous manmade global warming repercussions have serious problems and even corruption in the data, multiple scientists who have published recent studies on the issue told The Epoch Times.

Problems with temperature data include a lack of geographically and historically representative data, contamination of the records by heat from urban areas, and corruption of the data introduced by a process known as “homogenization.”

The flaws are so significant that they make the temperature data—and the models based on it—essentially useless or worse,...

...While it is “definitely warmer” now than in the 19th century, Mr. Soon said that temperature proxy data show the 19th century “was exceptionally cold.” “It was the end of a period that’s known as the Little Ice Age,” he said...

...“If we exclude the urban temperature data that only represents 3 percent of the planet, then we get a very different picture of the climate.”...

...“They use the same homogenization computer program and re-run it roughly every 24 hours,” Mr. Connolly said. “But each day, the homogenization adjustments that they calculate for each temperature record are different.”...

...“NOAA is addressing the issues raised in both these papers in a future release of the GHCNm temperature dataset and its accompanying documentation.”...


WIND: are we done here? Yep.

I don’t just smell bullshit but the nauseating maggot-infested bloated carcass of science.

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