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Environmental Apocalypse: 55 Million-Acre Federal Solar Plan

re: gears of the machine
re: green is the new brown
re: climate change

Green is the new permanent brown.

Solar power is the worst environmental disaster in history.

Windmills destroy not only the area they are deployed, but will destroy a vast area of Nevada by drying up the water table to mine the lithium

Rural America Set to Be Transformed by up to 55 Million-Acre Federal Solar Plan


‘Our public lands are playing a critical role in the clean energy transition,’ said Laura Daniel-Davis, acting deputy secretary of the Interior Department.

Solar energy’s appetite for vast amounts of land has prompted the Biden administration to propose designating as much as 55 million acres of public lands as potential sites for industrial-scale solar farms.

That’s an area larger than 36 states and similar in size to Idaho or Minnesota.

...The least aggressive alternative would designate 8 million acres for that purpose. The BLM’s “preferred alternative” falls halfway between the two, setting aside 22 million acres for solar development.

...Another issue that many cite with using multi-use public lands for solar is that solar energy crowds out other uses on the land.

...Because utility-size solar installations such as the ones contemplated by BLM blanket entire areas with solar panels, often wiping out the vegetation and wildlife in those areas, both above ground and beneath it, they often displace farming, grazing, hunting, and recreation, while also preventing drilling and mining. farms in California have turned a natural oasis into what one resident called “a dead solar sea.” Examining 150,000 acres of solar development in the Mojave Desert, the report looked at the “devastating impact” on local wildlife, the drying up of local wells from the solar panels’ massive consumption of water, and the harm to the health of nearby communities. Environmentalists said this section of the Mojave Desert was home to vegetation such as 1,000-year-old woodlands that captured carbon from the atmosphere and sequestered it in root systems underground. Residents spoke of dust storms that cause respiratory problems, as local vegetation that had held soil in place was destroyed.


WIND: our “public lands” are under assault.

With a mine, a few hundred acres might be affected, and with strict regulation. Oh wait... not a lithium mine, which will destroy hundreds of thousands of acres of habitat by sucking the water table dry. Courtesy of a $2.3 billion dollar loan to corporate interests. Subsidy by you and me.

Green is the new permanent brown.

With financial scams like solar and windmills and lithium extraction, they’re forever razing vast areas of living and breathing ecosystem into a dead zone.

And once all that life and land are obliterated with bulldozers and replaced with metal and glass and dust, what will be left for 10000 years to come will be soil contaminated with toxic metals and broken glass. Because when this shit-brained climate-hoax hysteria passes, no one will pay to clean up the mess. Follow the money.

If you do not understand the vast destruction and environmental annhilation that garbage power like solar and windmills entail, you are living a self-indulgent fantasy and have not gotten out in the world.

The bulldozing of fields of flowers and wildlife habitat I’ve seen is sickening. Destruction of ecosystems thousands of years old with no possibility of recovery in less than 100 lifetimes.

Happening all across America, and it is going to get a lot worse. All so a few corporations can rake in billions.

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