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How to Find Out How Much Your Car is Spying on You

It’s not just EVs anymore.

Vehicle Privacy Report... (uses a VIN)

How to Figure Out What Your Car Knows About You (and Opt Out of Sharing When You Can

...See How Your Car Handles (Data)
Start by seeing what your car is equipped to collect using Privacy4Cars’ Vehicle Privacy Report. Once you enter your car’s VIN, the site provides a rough idea of what sorts of data your car collects. It's also worth reading about your car manufacturer’s more general practices on Mozilla's Privacy Not Included site.

Check the Privacy Options In Your Car’s Apps and Infotainment System
If you use an app for your car, head into the app’s settings, and look for any sort of data sharing options. Look for settings like “Data Privacy” or “Data Usage.” When possible, opt out of sharing any data with third-parties, or for behavioral advertising. As annoying as it may be, it’s important to read carefully here so you don’t accidentally disable something you want, like a car’s SOS feature. Be mindful that, at least according to Mozilla’s report on Tesla, opting out of certain data sharing might someday make the car undriveable. Now’s also a good time to disable ad tracking on your phone.

File a Privacy Request with the Car Maker
Next, file a privacy request with the car manufacturer so you can see exactly what data the company has collected about you. Some car makers will provide this to anyone who asks. Others might only respond to requests from residents of states with a consumer data privacy law that requires their response. The International Association of Privacy Professionals has published this list of states with such laws.


WIND: see the list of privacy request pages in the article. The bastards make you provide last 4 digits of SSN and birth date and phone and address—invasive information collecting so you can find out what they are collecting.

Spying on you will remain legal since there is so much money involved—follow the money. The house of parasites, grifters and insider traders known as Congress will do nothing about it for that reason.

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