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RV Electrical: Overview of Power Management

2017-07-06 • SEND FEEDBACK
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The things needed for a solid Sprinter van or RV electrical system include at the least:

  • Ample battery capacity.
  • A means to charge the batteries, such as a 2nd alternator, solar, generator, shore power, etc.
  • Wiring from the charging device to the batteries.
  • Shore power charging option (some power inverters have this option).
  • Heavy gauge wire for alternator to battery, along charging along with a charging regulator.
  • For cold conditions, some kind of temperature-sensing safety mechanism so as to not damage batteries by charging them when too cold. Should be internal to batteries ideally.
  • High-grade power inverter to convert DC to AC power (2000 watts or more, pure sine wave preferred).
  • Status monitoring panel to see depletion, charging, and current status.
  • Wiring from power inverter to DC and AC outlets with suitable fuses.
  • For solar, a solar regulator compatible with the battery type.
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