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COVID-19: Dr Jay Bhattacharya—The Deadly Consequences of Lockdowns

re: risk assessment
re: ethics in medicine
re: Great Barrington Declaration

Wikipedia: Jay Bhattacharya (born 1968 in Kolkata, India) is a professor of medicine at Stanford University and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He directs Stanford's Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging. Bhattacharya's research focuses on the health and well-being of populations, with a particular emphasis on the role of government programs, biomedical innovation, and economics.[1][2]

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The Epoch Times Exclusive: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya—The Deadly Consequences of Lockdowns

General points:

  • Focused protection is right choice—not “let it rip” and not lockdowns. Better for everyone and no harms from lockdowns.
  • Biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made.
  • Tradeoffs, how to weigh them, should be evidence-based.
  • Large-scale conflation of personal values with the evidence ==> bad policies.
  • Domestic and worldwide collateral damage from policies.
  • Harm from lockdowns 10X to 100X larger than benefits (“orders of magnitude”).
  • Every aspect of human health that can be hurt has been hurt by lockdowns.
  • 130 million people at risk of starvation from lockdowns—poor people harmed.
  • Late stage cancers that should have been caught.
  • Doctors afraid to speak out.
  • Aura of “you should not hear these ideas” for anything not following narrative.
  • Panic and fear inflicted on populace.
  • We’ve ended the conversations that would give us confidence in science.
  • We’ve stigmatized COVID (as with AIDS) eg “what did you do wrong?”.
  • Media stoke the panic, work to make the population scared, the scariest things imaginable, suppress good news. Huge negative public health consequences, propaganda role of the media picking sides instead of being news.
  • Professionals have a responsibility to set aside politics.
  • Should be a strategy of “focused protection of the old” and similar policies, vaccine is now a good solution.
  • Tens of thousands of doctors have signed onto Great Barrington Declaration. Suppression... scientists are afraid to speak up, ad-hominem attacks, some people have gotten people fired. This kind of behavior in science!
  • As per colleage Kulhdorf: the age of enlightenment is over. An end to free and open inquiry in science.
  • Central most pernicious result is the Communist-China-derived idea of lockdowns. Hasn’t stopped spread of the disease, just caused harms.
  • “I would not have believed possible as of February 2020... still stuns me how Western governments engaged in gross violations of human rights”.
  • Incredibly unequal outcomes that violate human rights: working class regular folks have suffered, lost jobs, no school, etc.
  • Mortality gradient in California is 3X between rich and poor, but it hardly differs in Florida.

Children and the young:

  • Elderly are 1000X more at risk than children.
  • Masks inflict great harm on young children, who need to be able to see faces to learn and socialize.
  • It is NOT MORAL to expose children to lockdowns.
  • 1 in 4 young adults have contemplated suicide vs 4-5% normally. Think about the anguish and pain that represents.
  • Tens of millions of children thrown into poverty.
  • Children are not efficient spreaders of COVID—much less likely than adults.
  • Influenza far deadlier than COVID for children!
  • Vaccinations have little benefit for children; use them for at-risk adults.

WIND: the cruelty of our politicians and their enablers in the public and press is grotesque.

If you’re still in the dark on this whole COVID fiasco: as a group, medical doctors are unqualified to decide COVID policies. That’s because they are not trained in fields like economics or risk assessment, as Dr Jay Bhattacharya is (as well as a Professor of Medicine).

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