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Direct from my doctor: People with Auto-Immune Issues have issues with COVID Vaccines

re: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: VAERS Reporting for COVID Vaccine Adverse Events vs COVID Deaths
re: The Dismal Anti-Science of Modern Medicine: “less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration”
re: Trust the Process of Science over Time, NOT Scientists and “Experts”
re: Vaccine Safety: “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported”
re: Sebastian Rushworth MD: COVID Prior Infection vs Vaccination

See my previous post, Questioning the Safety of the COVID Vaccines is Now a Thought Crime.

I visisted my personal physician a few days ago because of ongoing fatigue problems from Long Haul COVID.

I asked my doctor (internal medicine) whether he felt I was justified in avoiding the COVID vaccines, given my auto-immune issues*. This doctor is very conventional medicine, very skeptical of anything outside the norm, etc.

Without embellishment of any kind, his response was direct and unequivocal.

Of his patients that took the vaccine, the only ones with issues were those that have auto immune issues. They were hit hard by the vaccines and got WORSE. He said he sent one to the hospital. Some were taking up to a month to slowly recover.

He also said that the vaccine demanded a lot of the immune system, and for those aready having immune issues, it could be a long recovery, even a month or longer.

Does that sound “safe” to you? It’s not like such an 'insult' to the body can be assumed to be free of lingering and perhaps permanent damage.

A friend of mine, healthy and in his 30's, was still suffering badly a week after the Astra Zeneca vaccine. The one that some countries are now banning.

These vaccine reactions are NOT normal. If the truth every comes out, my wager is that the COVID vaccines will be shown to have 100X the risks of all other vaccines combined. Maybe Tucker Carlson was on to something, at least in part.

See also: Vaccines: truth, lies, and controversy

The new Brown Shirts

Venal and vicious people out there are condemning those of us reluctant to take an experimental vaccine, because we want real data and real science. These human scum believe only in brute force, and are unable to comprehend that for at least some of us, the risks outweigh any benefit, and there are substantive scientific and medical reasons to avoid it.

That the vaccine is safe and that its benefits outweigh its risk is obviously total bullshit when it comes to the Real World for millions of us.

Yet the feckless propaganda train wreck of government and the medical establishment have shoved medical ethics into the toilet, shit all over it, and flushed it. Scum of the earth running a huge guinea pig experiment. The social coercion and demands for punishment for those who refuse the vaccine are escalating. And that’s on top of shredding the Constitution all this time.

* I did not mention that the feckless CDC has no data on how people with auto-immune issues might respond—a group consisting of millions of Americans.

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