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Denied (Delayed) Medical Care Because I Was Exposed to COVID

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

I had dental surgery a week ago. Two days later my daughter got a positive COVID test. She had some congestion, but kept right on lifting weights throughout and she is fine and never had anything worse than the common cold.

So here a week later, the one-week followup for my surgery is off the table. I have no symptoms and never did. They offered that I could get a COVID test and be seen sooner. I declined, because I don’t want to waste hours of my day on a worthless test that would still not get results to me this week anyway. And why the fuck would a symptom-free person (after ten days of exposure!!!) get an unreliable test prone to false positives? The whole scheme is to feed mass hysteria.

My wife had COVID a month ago, it didn’t touch me. My daughter had COVID this past ten days, it didn’t touch me. In the same very small house. Apparently, my 19-month-old natural immunity is still going strong. You know, the immunity up to 27X better than the half-assed “vaccinations”, the immunity that probably half of the “unvaccinated” already have.

Meanwhile the anti-science morons in charge deny natural immunity and encourage the ongoing never-to-end pandemic of the vaccinated, who are still dying in droves among the elderly, after being double-vaxxed or even triple-vaxxed.

My case is minor, as things seem to have healed quickly and well. But what’s the point of a 7-day surgical followup 20 days later?

The likelihood is, over time, more people will die from delayed medical care than ever die from COVID; that is already a fait accompli from 2020 and part of 2021, one of the grossest human rights abuses in my lifetime. And it’s far worse than just mortality, with all sorts of suffering involved, mental and physical. Look it up, that’s not just my claim.

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