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COVID: Are we Done Yet?


Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Two years of submission and compliance, two years of economic carpet bombing, two years of masking and social distancing, two years of damaging children’s education and development for years to come, two years of delayed medical treatment, two years of massive stress, savings and homes lost, etc, etc, etc.

None of the crackpot mitigations was worth a damn. And we paid and will continue to pay a high price for it, for years to come.

It’s a farce of superstition and conformity, resting on the pillar of social proof (“if everyone is doing it, that’s what I should do”) cemented to the persuasion bedrock of fear.

Doubling-down on what doesn’t work is proof of stupidity. And what we see is more like a quadrupling-down.

Maybe we had to at least try for a few weeks or even 3 months so that the children and idiots could get on board, and the outside chance (that no credible expert believed) that it would work. But except to the incompetent it was obvious it could never work, and we are way beyond that point. We could/should have protected the vulnerable and let everyone else live their lives.

Here we are no better off and having shit the bed on everything that matters.

Irrational fear does not give you the right to ruin other people’s lives.

Your patriotic responsibility now is to add friction!

Have you seen any meaningful milestone (even one?) met over the past two years? Can you even name a specific milestone? There were and are none. There is no end game!!!

It’s time to reject this unmanaged situation: we have no endpoints. It’s an interminable series of non-goals with no timeframe for anything.

Feckless incompetent leaders are going to run your life for the next decade unless you and I and enough of the public say “enough!”.

So pick a date at which your patriotism says enough is enough. That’s Jan 31 for me, because it’s about the two-year anniversary of COVID taking off, and because I am willing to suspend my skepticism for another 5 weeks with respect to Omicron.

But at that date, take control of your own choices. Vaccinate or don’t, mask or don’t. Stay obese and keep eating garbage on the couch, or take responsibility for yourself. Protect yourself and then shut the hell up and stop trying to run other people’s lives. Because living for the sake of others and demanding others live for you is the root of every evil this world has ever seen. Self-immolation is not a virtue, and when you demand it of others, you have turned to evil.

I am not suggesting physical aggression in any form, nor am I suggesting disrespecting the rights of others in their own venues. But we the public have full control over ending this farce, should we choose to act. The public will decide when this thing has to end.

Wear them down. Make it tedious and tiresome to not let you live normally, every day.

  • Politely but aggressively demand to work, to play, to shop, to eat, etc as normally.
  • When compliance is demanded, make them work for it, make them ask, make them insist, make them waste their time to enforce their farce. Make it a pain in the ass. But grudgingly and politely comply if you have to.
  • When it comes to businesses, take your business elsewhere if feasible. And let them know you won’t be returning until and unless they come to their senses.
  • Wear a mask if you wish (N95/N100 or don’t bother!), but let others make their own choices.

Do you now what happens here in San Mateo County when you don’t wear a mask into a store? No one even glances at you—they all know it’s a farce even as they feel the social pressure of conformance. Only an occasional Karen pipes up, as in the Apple Store.

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