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See also: SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19 aka Coronavirus
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2022-09-18 Current COVID Vaccines May Not Provide High Level, Sustained Protection Against Infection or Transmission With Omicron, Even After Multiple Boosts...

2022-01-10 Pfizer Promises Omicron Vaccine Will Be Ready In Time For Their Q1 Earnings Report

2022-01-10 Is the Actual COVID Omicron Infection Rate Perhaps 5X to 10X Higher? Boston Wastewater COVID Levels

2022-01-09 COVID Omicron Variant Can Reinfect People even After Recent Delta Infection?

2022-01-01 Matt Taibbi: TK Mashup: "Omicron DEATH!"

2022-01-01 Do We Now Really Finally Have “Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve”... by Seeing Tens of Millions Infected Quickly by COVID Omicron?


2021-12-30 Inside the COVID Omicron fear factory (COVID terrorism in 6 easy steps)

2021-12-30 How Dangerous is the COVID Omicron Variant?

2021-12-30 Bloomberg: T Cells Come to the Rescue as Studies Show They Buck Omicron

2021-12-28 The Epoch Times: COVID-19 Will Become ‘Just Another Cause of Common Cold’: UK Professor

2021-12-28 COVID: All over the Country Hospital Staffing Shortages were BY DESIGN

2021-12-27 The COVID Omicron Wildfire Doesn’t Seem Much More than a Grass Fire that Will Burn Little

2021-12-25 The Epoch Times: COVID-19 Restrictions Questioned as Omicron-Related Hospitalizations Remain Low

2021-12-24 Media in UK and USA Already Fabricating Lies about COVID Omicron Deaths

2021-12-24 COVID Omicron Variant Looking to Be Holiday Gift, but Big Pharma Won’t Give Up a Trillion Dollars in Profit Without a Fight

2021-12-23 COVID Lies and Fearmongering with Dr Fauci: ZERO Mention of Natural Immunity, Risk Factors, etc

2021-12-21 COVID: Are we Done Yet?

2021-12-21 CDC Fake News Models Misleading the Public on COVID Omicron Prevalance

2021-12-20 WSJ: Omicron Variant Accounts for 73% of U.S. Covid-19 Cases, CDC Says (up from 11% in just one week!) — Looks Like FAKE NEWS

2021-12-20 The Race to Kill Off Possibly the Best COVID Vaccine for the World?

2021-12-18 COVID Fear-Mongering with the Omicron Variant

2021-12-16 Outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in Norway, November to December 2021

2021-12-10 Might the COVID Omicron Variant be a Gift to the World in Disguise?

2021-12-03 COVID Omicron Variant: First to be Infected are the Vaccinated?

2021-11-27 COVID 'Moronic' Variant (Omicron)

2021-11-26 COVID Terrorism Re-Run: the Moronic Variant | Terms of Use | PRIVACY POLICY
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