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Trust vs the Medical Profession

re: ethics in medicine

Not so many years ago, it was mainstream wisdom to “first do no harm” and to weigh risks vs benefits. At least a doctor had the option of doing so. Now, a frightening trend is underway to make doctors into mindless paint-by-numbers practicioners by force of law*.

The fall from grace of nearly all of the medical profession has been laid bare by COVID for any conscious person to see (sadly, a small percentage of the population). The medical industry cares not for health but for profit and compliance. But that’s not new; it has been several decades in the making. It is what has been and will be done “to” you, not “for” you.

I will never trust the medical profession in my lifetime again. Will you?

A doctor has to earn my trust. A lifetime of experience shows me that clearly in retrospect, the good and the bad. Only a fool can walk into a doctor’s office today and assume that judgment will be (1) independent, (2) well-reasoned, (3) individualized, and (4) the best approach for total health. Rarely is that going to be the case. But like car repairs, you have to know something about how the thing works, and that makes it awfully hard to even ask questions.

What has changed is that even the most ethical and well-meaning doctors are now subject to harasssment up to loss of medical license, just for using their judgment*. Along with ObamaCare crushing small practices and thereby rolling-up independent doctors into huge corporations. Very few private practice doctors remain and they need courage of steel to remain viable. Yet doctors are human beings just like the rest of us, so only a rare few can take the heat. And that is why one must be wary.

With most of the population intellectually unconscious about their health, and the medical profession’s incestuous amplification echo chamber, caveat emptor. You are a resource to be exploited by the medical industry.

The trend: you will take the jab/medicine/treatment you are told to take by force of law (mandates). Doctors who disagree with the policies will be stripped of their medical licenses for deviating. Social media will suppress all counter information. It would not take much to get us to that grisly scenario.

* Which California is now trying to codify by making it a professional offense to question official government positions.

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