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‘Negative Efficacy’ Should Have Stopped COVID Vaccine Recommendations in Their Tracks

re: ethics in medicine
re: The Epoch Times

Fourth Jab yet?

The Epoch Times: ‘Negative Efficacy’ Should Have Stopped COVID Vaccine Recommendations in Their Tracks

2022-11-28, by Dr. Sean Lin and Mingjia Jacky Guan. Emphasis added.

Recently, various health agencies around the world have approved and are actively pushing for another COVID booster shot, meant to enhance the vaccine efficacy against a COVD-19 infection.

However, many studies have found that the boosters do not make a significant  difference in protection, especially in terms of protection against reinfection. In fact, the latest data shows vaccine efficacy against the coronavirus tends to even drop into the negatives after just a few months.

... When a vaccine’s efficacy drops into the negatives, it means that vaccination actually elevates the risks of hospitalization and severe diseases rather than reducing the risks. In simple terms, it does more harm than good when the efficacy is negative.

... COVID-19 vaccination campaigns should’ve been suspended as soon as the Omicron variant began to dominate over Delta...

...Another potential mechanism that leads to the significant decline of vaccine efficacy is that repeated vaccination also damages people’s immunity via immune imprinting, a phenomenon in which an initial exposure to a virus–such as the original strain of SARS-CoV-2, by infection or vaccination–limits a person’s future immune response against variants...


WIND: “vaccine” insanity continues, for a simple reason: follow the money.

Science is dead. And modern medicine is corrupt beyond belief in pushing (like a street thug) “vaccination” that would not be approved at 50% efficacy and goes below zero to negative efficacy. A double potential harm.

Only children and idiots could ever again trust the medical industrial complex, which includes those doctors you are supposed to consult and give your trust too. I am sorry for the occassional doctors that are trustworthy, because they are unfairly slimed by the same filth that oozes from their environment.

Not only that, the risk of vaccine side effects has yet to be properly addressed, so corrupt and disingenous is the system we call “health care”. The only thing healthy about most health care is the extraction of wealth from the populace for the benefit of the few.

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