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COVID Jabs: Vaccine or Gene Therapy?

re: follow the money

Certainly not a vaccine, since those Jabbed get infected and then transmit to others. We are currently in an epidemic of the vaccinated, with more vaccinated than unvaccinated dying.

Does COVID cause inflammation in every organ of the body? I presume so, so how does that compare to the Jab? What is the risk/benefit?

From the video:

“huge preponderance of neurological disease”

... the broader picture is that inflammation is happening in every organ and tissue in the body... vasculitis, lungs, gut, brains, heart, arthritis in joints...

When you break it down like that you can see the pattern...

We’re seeing a lot of auto-immune effects... body making antibodies to attack your own cells... latent infections like EBV and herpes and shingles because immune system suppressed..

Blood clots all over the body... the pathology is systemic...

Doesn’t seem to be a risk/benefit but rather a risk/risk...alert the public to not take any more Jabs and helping those people who have been long term data...

Dr. Tess Lawrie: COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Inflammation in ‘Every Organ and Tissue of the Body’


“There’s a loophole that they’ve slipped through in the regulatory process, because most drugs require pharmacokinetic studies … And that has not been done with the COVID-19 vaccines,” says Dr. Tess Lawrie, co-founder of the World Council for Health.

Pharmacokinetics is the study of how a drug behaves in a patient’s body, how it distributes, and how long it takes to be cleared from the body. “Because they’ve been called vaccines … all these manufacturers have been required to do is to show that the product they inject gives an immune reaction, gets an immune response. They have not been required to show how it distributes around the body,” says Lawrie.

She argues that the COVID-19 injections are not actually vaccines, but are instead gene therapies. And they must be halted immediately, she says.

Myocarditis is just the tip of the iceberg. Inflammation is actually occurring not just in the heart, but “in every organ and tissue of the body,” Lawrie says.

In this episode, she breaks down the alarming signals that independent researchers have found, and what people can do if they are worried about their own health or the health of their loved ones.

Dr. Lawrie is also the director of The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd. Her Substack is called “A Better Way to Health.”


WIND: my guess is that for 75% of those Jabbed, the risks exceeded the benefits. And that net/net the benefit was negative (harm). For the rest, I dunno.

Is Dr Lawrie correct? All signs point to that. At the least, the questions cannot be easily dismissed.

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