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COVID: What Did They Get Right?

re: ethics in medicine
re: Brownstone Institute

The news is eerily silent when it comes to bringing the sociopaths in government to account.

See also: COVID: What Did They Get Right?

Brownstone Institute: Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts

2023-03-09. Emphasis added.

At first slowly but in recent weeks with seemingly gathering pace, two trends have emerged. On the one hand, many of the core claims behind lockdowns, masks, and vaccines are unravelling and the prevailing narrative has been in retreat on all three fronts. But there is still a long way to go, as indicated by the cussed refusal of the Biden administration to let Novak Djokovic play at Indian Wells.

...the explosive lockdown files in the UK have blown apart the official narrative. We the sceptics were right in our dark suspicions of the motives, scientific basis, and evidence behind government decisions, but even we did not fully grasp just how venal, evil, and utterly contemptuous of their citizens some of the bastards in charge of our health, lives, livelihoods, and children’s future were...

A mistake is when you spill coffee or take the wrong exit ramp off the highway. Lockdown was a policy pushed hard by politicians and health chiefs even against scientific dissent and substantial public opposition, using tools from every tyrants’ playbook of disinformation and lies whilst attacking and censoring truth... Genuine mistakes were few and are forgivable. Most were deliberate distortions of reality, outright falsehoods, and a systematic campaign to terrorize people into compliance with arbitrary diktats interspersed with efforts to vilify, silence, and cancel all critics by using the full powers of the state to co-opt, bribe, and bully...

What is Now Known and Generally but Not Universally Admitted

Covid is now endemic. It will circulate throughout the world and keep returning with mutating variants...

Meanwhile what is particularly striking is just how many suspicions voiced by sceptics from early 2020 onwards and mocked as conspiracy theories have turned into plausible claims and accepted facts:

  1. The virus may have originated in the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology;
  2. Covid modeling was dodgy and dressed up outliers as reasonable case scenarios;
  3. Lockdowns don’t work;
  4. Lockdowns kill through perverse consequences and inflict other damaging harms, including interruptions to critical life-saving children’s immunization campaigns in developing countries;
  5. School closures are particularly bad policy. They did not curb transmission but they did cause long-term harm to children’s education, development and emotional well-being;
  6. Masks are ineffective. They stop neither infection nor transmission;
  7. Infection confers natural immunity at least as effective as vaccination;
  8. Covid vaccines do not stop infection, hospitalization, or even death;
  9. Covid vaccines do not stop transmission;
  10. The safety of vaccines using new technology had not been definitively established, neither for the short term nor for the long term;
  11. Vaccine harms are real and substantial but safety signals have been summarily dismissed and ignored;
  12. mRNA vaccines are not confined to the arm but spread rapidly to other parts, including reproductive organs, with potentially adverse consequences for fertility and births;
  13. The harm-benefit equation of vaccines is, like the disease burden itself, steeply age-differentiated. Healthy young people did not need either initial or booster doses;
  14. Vaccination mandates don’t increase vaccine take-up;
  15. Vaccine mandates can fuel cross-vaccine hesitancy;
  16. Suppression of sceptical and dissenting voices will lessen trust in public health officials, experts and institutions, and possibly also in scientists more generally;
  17. Estimates of “Long Covid” were inflated (CDC estimate of 20 percent of Covid infections against UK study’s estimate of 3 percent) by using generalized, non-specific symptoms like mild fatigue and weakness;
  18. Health policy interventions involve policy trade-offs just like all other policy choices. Cost-benefit analysis is therefore an essential prerequisite, not an optional add-on.

The Lockdown Files

The last three years have seen lives lost in the millions with tens of millions more yet to be accounted for in the coming years, civilized lifestyles destroyed, previously inviolate freedoms shredded, civil liberties turned into privileges to be granted on the whim of bureaucrats, law enforcement officers corrupted into street thugs brutalizing the very people they are sworn to serve and protect, businesses destroyed, economies wrecked, bodily integrity violated.

The Lockdown Files, a treasure trove of over 100,000 WhatsApp messages in real time between all the principal policymakers on Covid in England while Matt Hancock was the Secretary of Health (2020–26 June 2021), offer an unparalleled and gripping window into the amoral and cynical arrogance circulating in the corridors of power....

WIND: a little more deadly and we’d all be asking for permission to eat, shit, and take a walk. Oh, wait—lots of people around the world did have to ask for permission to go for a walk.


Pfizer Knowingly Allowed Dangerous Components in its Vaccines (Part 1)

And the government is the #1 spreader of mis/disinformation:

CDC Spreads False Information About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring

And of course, natural immunity was and is far superior.

Natural Immunity Better Than COVID-19 Vaccination Against Omicron: CDC Study

Increased Risk of Adverse Events After COVID-19 Vaccination Among Naturally Immune: Study

Is every conspiracy theory going to come true? Most have.

Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies

Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, Energy Department Now Says

Jonathan Turley: Wray Confirms that FBI Accepted Lab Theory as Likely “For Quite Some Time Now”

Jonathan Turley: The Covid Lab Leak is a Scandal of Media and Government Censorship

The system works, sort of

Formerly respectable journals self-immolated by lying to the public via the spectacle of science denying science journals, for example: Three Years Late, the Lancet Recognizes Natural Immunity

The Lancet medical journal this month published a review of 65 studies that concluded prior infection with Covid—i.e., natural immunity—is at least as protective as two doses of mRNA vaccines. The most surprising news was that the study made the mainstream press.

“Immunity acquired from a Covid infection is as protective as vaccination against severe illness and death, study finds,” NBC reported on Feb. 16. The study found that prior infection offered 78.6% protection against reinfection from the original Wuhan, Alpha or Delta variants at 40 weeks, which slipped to 36.1% against Omicron. Protection against severe illness remained around 90% across all variants after 40 weeks. These results exceed what other studies have found for two and even three mRNA doses.

The Lancet study’s vindication of natural immunity fits a pandemic pattern: The public-health clerisy rejects an argument that ostensibly threatens its authority; eventually it’s forced to soften its position in the face of incontrovertible evidence; and yet not once does it acknowledge its opponents were right.


You might argue that the system (science) works—it is correcting some (a few) of its errors. But that’s off the mark: what we witnessed was politics and power, not science.

Self-correcting systems do not repair the harms they caused. Millions were irreversibly mutilated in various ways.

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