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Parents Need to Know: Are Your Children Over-Vaccinated?

re: ethics in medicine
re: vaccination

re: Despite HPV Vaccine, Cervical Cancer Rates Keep Rising

I support many vaccinations. Certain ones it is foolish to skip (polio, MMR, and some others). Others vaccines I have serious reservations about (the flu vaccine scam in particular, and a few others, based on risk/benefit dubiousness).

Is this fear-mongering, or a legitimate concern?

See also: Did the FDA rush to license Pfizer's covid vaccine to enable vaccine mandates?

The Epoch Times: Parents Need to Know: Are Your Children Over-Vaccinated?

2023-03-16. Emphasis added.

Scientists link rise in type 1 juvenile diabetes to over vaccination

...According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), childhood vaccinations prevent at least four million deaths worldwide every year. This is why the CDC recommends such a large number of vaccines for American children, starting with a vaccine against hepatitis B, a sexually transmitted disease, that is recommended for all newborns during the first hours of life.

...Currently, the following fourteen vaccinations are recommended for children from birth through 18 years of age:

Hepatitis B: 3 doses
Rotavirus: 3-4 doses (depending on the brand)
DTaP (diphtheria, pertussis, & tetanus): 5 doses; then another dose of Tdap at age 11
Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b): 3-4 doses (depending on the brand)
PCV (pneumococcal disease): 4 doses
Polio: 4 doses
COVID-19: number of doses depends on the child’s age and type of vaccine given
Flu: 1-2 doses every year
MMR (measles, mumps, & rubella): 2 doses
Chickenpox: 2 doses
Hepatitis A: 2 doses
HPV (human papillomavirus): 2-3 doses
MenACWY (meningococcal disease): 1-2 doses
MenB (meningococcal disease): 2-3 doses

Although school administrators tell parents that vaccines are “mandatory” for school inclusion, different states require different vaccines for children to attend school and every state in the United States allows for medical exemptions.

...The number of vaccinations currently recommended has more than quadrupled since the 1970s... At the same time, children’s health in the United States has seen a marked decline. While these trends may or may not be related, many parents have started to question whether their children really need this many vaccinations this early in their lives in order to stay safe and healthy.

Many parents have started to wonder: Could over-vaccination be contributing to some of the health problems they are seeing in their children?

....experts are also questioning whether certain vaccine ingredients (pdf)—including aluminum and polysorbate 80—are safe.

... Over-vaccination may be a primary cause of autoimmune problems, including diabetes in both children and adults... Such data suggests a dose-response relationship, which in turn suggests causation.

Scientists who prove that popular and profitable pharmaceutical products can cause harm risk losing their livelihood as well as their standing in the scientific community...

WIND: I’m not taking a position on the claims here as being true or untrue, but I do think that legitimate concerns are being raised. “Too much of a good thing” is a solid organizing principle in many aspects of life. That might apply here, particularly jabbing a tiny body with multiple vaccines within minutes, for no demonstrated need of immediate necessity.

Is “first do no harm” still a thing today? And doesn’t it require a robust level of scientific certainty? And how can there be certainty when vaccines are never tested in combination?

Moreover, there are toxins in vaccines, and some people react to toxins. Dying from a peanut crumb is a real thing for some, and reactions to toxins is surely a real thing for some.

Bottom line: the hypothesis of vaccine harm is not crazy, but entirely justified. And it applies not only to each and every vaccine separately, especially when given together, but never tested together.

The right operating principle is to take all such concerns very seriously. Otherwise, parents may very reasonably say “you cannot be trusted” and not vaccinate at all. And that’s not good for anyone. Trust is the only consideration for a decision, and trust has to be earned, with a single violation wiping out dozens of 'earns'.

BTW, might refusing some vaccinations be a powerful tool to obtain a homeschooling dispensation from education Kommisars so as to avoid government schools aka school-prison de factor founts of systemic racism? There is an implied gun to parents heads—I personally have recieved more than one letter advsising me that I could be fined and jailed (I am not fucking joking!) because of a few days of absence of my hostage (child) from school.

Yet the medical industry as structured today is repeatedly proving itself unworthy of trust, especially with COVID. The operating principle that individuals should be presumed innocent until proven guilty but the government assumed guilty until proven innocent should be apparent to any non-NPC. Does guilty-until-proven-innocent now apply to the medical industrial complex? IMO, the industry has earned that status.

The damage from COVID shenanigans is incalculable at this point; for an educated nerd like myself to have lost trust in the medical profession is saying something (and I am far from alone, and many doctors are similarly dismayed). I don’t see a path forward in which I would regain trust in it in my lifetime. And I expect woke doctors to become the norm, since most medical schools are now admitting and training not on competence, but on DEI and CRT and similar society-destroying victimization mindsets. Choosing the 2nd rate, and then degrading their competence with that evil crap.

Assembly line medicine

As for prevented deaths worldwide cited by the CDC, that figure is surely vastly lower in the USA, and it is propaganda, by failing to provide proper context for the USA and substituting irrelevant exaggerative context (worldwide).

Why would a vaccine against hepatitis B (sexually transmitted!!) be given at birth? When I asked for the Hep B jab in my vaccine-favoring days about 20 years ago, my doctor rightly questioned my justification for it, even asking if I was homosexual. Yet now we jab newborns?

I still vividly remember my bubbly/happy newborn daughter crying and in pain from being jabbed right after birth with 3 or 4 shots, a callously inappropriate disruption of a joyous moment. But hey, the nurse has a schedule. That I remember it so vividly should be evidence enough of its situational inappropriateness. And I now consider it medical battery because there was no informed consent, meaning a form to sign passed off as a formality is not informing, let alone based on any science; an impossibility to inform. A routine for the convenience of arrogant cocksure doctors with no skin in the game. Making a beautiful new body a repository for whatever toxins the vaccine contains, all dumped in one fell swoop. Maybe that’s why she developed auto-immune at 14, and maybe not... no one can say. But in hindsight, the cocksure presumptuousness of it all is unsettling.

Consdier that (a) vaccines are not tested in combination or frequency, (b) some vaccines are notably higher risk and with much less general applicability. The risks can fairly be assumed to rise dramatically by combinatorial and frequency effects.

It does make you wonder if some vaccines are more of a scam and harm than a benefit...

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