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State of Stanford Medicine affirms health equity, diversity and inclusion as core to strategic planning

Medicine is doomed.

State of Stanford Medicine affirms health equity, diversity and inclusion as core to strategic planning


Stanford Medicine leaders reaffirmed their focus on health equity, diversity and inclusion at the March 7 State of Stanford Medicine address, unveiling an ambitious plan to refresh the integrated strategic plan through 2030 with an emphasis on continuing to implement the Commission on Justice and Equity’s recommendations.


WIND: do I get fewer “points” over at Stanford by being white and male as has already been put into place in some institutions?

Stanford is not a one-off—it’s a mass idiocy-hysteria. Now the only doctors that can be trained in most all medical schools have to be woke broken-brain civilization-destroying losers intent on dragging humanity into a cesspool or self-hate. Or if they enter without those “qualifications”, they will have to imbibe them.

Race relations are poisoned by DEI (a hunting license for Republicans), CRT, ESG, with injustice-collecting a civilization-destroying recipe for failure in every aspect of life. These racist assholes at Stanford and their ilk are trying to doom us all to a dismal future. There ought to be a list of everyone signed up for this shit, so patients can avoid their psychosis.

One system works for everyone with its rules that create value in life, and the other (the shit being pushed above) is all about injustice collecting/destroying/tribalism and generally doing nothing useful in life.

To dismantle systemic racism, start by staunching the bloody gaping wound in plain sight: the government school teacher’s unions (and now universities too), which doom millions of children to a dismal future via direct intellectual destruction, and tell you that you should have no choice in the matter. Such as colossal waste of human potential. Crimes against humanity, by government taxes and school-prison requirements.

Victor Davis Hanson: What Happened To Stanford?


Stanford was once one of the world’s great universities. It birthed Silicon Valley in its prime. And along with its nearby twin and rival, UC Berkeley, its brilliant researchers, and teachers helped fuel the mid-20th-century California miracle. That was then. But like the descent of California, now something has gone terribly wrong with the university.


WIND: as a Stanford graduate, I now loathe my ontemptible alma mater. A steady drumbeat anti-intellectual destruction is now the hallmark of Stanford. The downhill trend started way back in the mid-1990's and the place is now a sewer of the worst of humanity.

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