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The Clot Thickens, excerpt #2: Nitric Oxide “single most important molecule for cardiovascular health”

re: Dr Malcom Kendrick
re: heavy metals
re: nitric oxide
re: sun exposure

re: Avoiding the Sun May be as Bad for You as Smoking

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Get The Clot Thickens, by Dr Malcom Kendrick @AMAZON.

More useful excerpts from Dr Kendrick’s The Clot Thickens.

The Clot Thickens, Chapter 3: Nitric Oxide

Emphasis added.

Nitric Oxide

...It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of nitric oxide (NO) on cardiovascular health. It was discovered about the same time as endothelial progenitor cells during the mid-1990s.

...f you have angina, and you stick nitro-glycerine under your tongue your angina will disappear.

...nitric oxide does far, far, more than to simply dilate narrowed coronary arteries, which is the underlying cause of angina. It also lowers blood pressure by opening up arteries elsewhere in the body. In addition, it stimulates the production of new endothelial progenitor cells in the bone marrow.

If that were not enough, nitric oxide prevents anything sticking to the glycocalyx/endothelium. In fact, it is the most powerful anticoagulant agent known.

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that nitric oxide is the single most important molecule for cardiovascular health there is. Which means anything that reduces its production will increase the risk of CVD, and vice-versa.

...Viagra was being developed as a drug to treat angina – opening up the arteries in the heart. The volunteers in the early clinical trials did not hand their tablets back, which was unusual. The rest, as they say, is history.

...the action of sunlight on the skin creates nitric oxide. This lowers the blood pressure and has major benefits on CVD, outlined in the paper “Sunlight Has Cardiovascular Benefits Independently of Vitamin D.”


...Other studies have confirmed that lead toxicity can increase the risk of CVD death by more than 700%. Once you reach this level of increased risk, even in an observational study, you are looking directly at a cause. How does lead cause CVD? Yes, it’s the same old culprits as before. Reduced nitric oxide production, and increased blood clotting:

Lead causes endothelial dysfunction by binding and inhibiting endothelial nitric oxide synthase and decreasing nitric oxide production.”  “These results suggest that lead exposure can provoke procoagulant activity in erythrocytes…contributing to enhanced clot formation.” 

So, although they may seem completely unrelated, cigarettes and lead can both lead to CVD through precisely the same basic mechanism. As can inhaling diesel/exhaust fumes, or woodsmoke.


2. Increased nitric oxide synthesis

There are many, many, things that can improve nitric oxide synthesis.... a couple of these are highly controversial. I will leave you to guess which ones.

1 Increased sun exposure
2 L-arginine
3 L-citrulline
4 Co-enzyme Q10
5 Sildenafil
6 Breathe through your nose
7 Certain vegetables
8 Dark chocolate
9 Red wine
10 Meat/animal organs e.g. liver

WIND: all the more reason to:

With the prevalance of CVD today and a 7X risk factor from blood lead (as bad as cigarettes!), that the medical profession does not test for blood lead seems criminally incompetent.Take your (useless) statin, you science denier!

Get a heavy metals test at reasonable cost at

How did I end up at 15X the normal level of lead in my blood? No doctor of mine ever suggested testing for it; I had to insist. Incompetent charlatans happy to prescribe a damaging and useless statin but refusing to assess what might he the greatest risk factor of all!

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