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Is Your MRI Safe? The Truth About Gadolinium

re: The Epoch Times

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

I made a decision about 20 years ago to never again have constrast, after the first experience and then looking into risks. It was an early pre-epiphany for me in having a nagging suspicion that the medical community was full of shit on so many safety issues, and willing to damage people for no good reason—way too many contrast MRIs are done for no compelling reason*.

* As distinguished from a compelling reason, for the children and idiots in the audience who write me with NPC comments.

Is Your MRI Safe? The Truth About Gadolinium

2023-08-20. Emphasis added.

Unveiling the hidden risks of gadolinium, a common but controversial ingredient in MRI contrast dyes

... in the weeks following the procedure, Ms. Torno’s energy levels plummeted, a mysterious weakness crept into her muscles, and a cognitive fog settled over her. Within months, normalcy became a distant memory.

Initially dismissed, her symptoms eventually were traced back to an unexpected source: the very contrast dye used in her scan.


MRI has undeniably established itself as a crucial diagnostic tool in the medical landscape. However, the management of gadolinium toxicity, affecting a fraction of those exposed to GBCAs, remains a complex issue.

Addressing gadolinium toxicity presents a significant challenge. Central to any treatment approach is preventing further exposure to the harmful substance.

“The disease always becomes worse with each additional MRI with gadolinium, and ironically, these are often performed to investigate what turns out to be GDD itself,” warns Dr. Semelka, emphasizing the crucial role of early detection in managing the condition. He underscores the deteriorating health trajectory of patients with each subsequent exposure to GBCA, underscoring the dire consequences of repeated exposures.

Chelation therapy, specifically with the FDA-approved chelator DTPA, is currently the most effective method to remove gadolinium from the body. Additional treatments may include sauna use (with caution), an anti-inflammatory diet, and supplements.


WIND: note the “initially dismissed” part. What asshole doctor does that? Too many, in my experience.

How could I or would I know that downstream health issues resulted from gadolinium, such as “rare” neuropathy, which to do this day has lingering symptoms. Insults to the body do not just disappear; they manifest sometimes years later.

I’ve been scoffed at for data I’ve presented to doctors that is more compelling that the best clinical trial. The arrogance in the profession knows few bounds. If it ain’t in the (false, wrong, out of date) medical textbook, it does not exist.

Skip the contrast, unless your condition is severe—a compelling reason.

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