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Statins: Most Prescribed Drug With Hyped Benefits and Downplayed Side Effects

re: statin and cholesterol

After spending hundreds of hours studying the matter, I take a very dim view of statins and the ridiculous (and debunked) cholesterol hypothesis. The whole thing is a scientific scam lacking any credible causal evidence.

Statins: Most Prescribed Drug With Hyped Benefits and Downplayed Side Effects

2023-11-10. Emphasis added.

Statins, one of the most commonly prescribed and bestselling drugs in history, have shaped Western society's approach to treating heart disease.

...The side effects of statins, coupled with the drugs’ “failure to address the cause of cardiovascular disease,” have steered cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson to avoid prescribing them.

“Statins lower LDL, but they do not change outcomes in any significant fashion,” he told The Epoch Times.


WIND: actually, statins do change outcomes: they damage people’s quality of life, cognitive function, etc and might even cause ischemic events in the brain (strokes). Any benefits in the tiny cohort that might benefit are outweighed by the negatives. A total clusterfuck.

But... I am not a doctor, so do trust your doctor, most of whom naively trust the FDA and CDC (or at least want smooth sailing in their institution) along with the wholly corrupt medical establishment.

IMO 99% of doctors are beyond clueless about the quality of the evidence... actually they are not qualified to assess it, either on the basis of statistical training and/or critical thinking skills and/or a child-grade bullshit meter. It’s obvious in a conversation; blank stares and cognitive commitments based on non-thinking, non-analysis, non-everything, denial, self-protective reactions and rationalizations, etc. Honest cardiologists who have studied the matter will at the very least agree that there is no good evidence. The dishonest/ignorant/corrupt ones have ironclad cognitive commitments to their perverted “truth”, and are willing to harm you and yours for their own benefit.

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