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The COVID Caper Gradually Unravels and other disgusting revelations about slimy-snake actors

re: ethics in medicine
re: cognitive dissonance and rationalization and cognitive blindness

I suppose cognitive dissonance will not set in for the bulk of the population and most doctors, with plenty of rationalizations about COVID hysteria and rewriting of memories.

The Censorship “Switchboard”: A New Layer to the Biden Administration’s “Orwellian Ministry of Truth”

The COVID Caper Gradually Unravels


Think back to those grim days of mid-March 2020. Many things didn't make sense. There were screams about a new virus but no tests available for anyone to find out if we had the dreaded disease or not. The main question in everyone’s mind was, “How can I find out if I have this strange new bug?”

Hold on just a moment there. If there were no tests, how do we know that there was a reason to panic? If there were only a handful of positive tests, how do we know for sure that the virus wasn’t here and spreading months earlier? Maybe what they were calling COVID-19 was here for a year or more.

Was there really any way to know? Sure, we could have done seroprevalence tests on the population, but there were none underway. The one that came out earliest, in May 2020, showed that exposure had already happened by March, a fact which completely undermines the entire cockamamie policy response. The study was brutally attacked.

...Another strange fact of those days was that they kept screaming that there was no treatment. Well, are we sure of that? No one in official channels was looking for treatments. How do we find treatments? By talking to experienced doctors who treat patients. But every time one of them spoke out, they were quickly and brutally shouted down and denounced.

...There was a ton of prattle about a vaccine, but this never made sense of any history of such products...vaccine producers were given billions in tax dollars for development, all the privileges that come with “emergency use,” and wide indemnification against injury. Why is this not, and very obviously, an extremely bad idea?

...extreme relaxation of ballot rules over voting...would decide the election against President Donald Trump.

...intense censorship from all main social media accounts...

...Media was being nationalized, bit by bit; all important sectors of it, in any case—that which reaches the 99 percent....

...we’ve been presented with incredible evidence of how the government worked very closely with social media companies through third-party institutions that were themselves funded by the government. They flagged accounts for takedowns. This so-called switchboarding was deployed to hide censorship.

...In other words, it all happened at once. From what we can see, the turning point was March 13, 2020. That was the date of the coup. It was never announced. It just happened. The lockdowns and public panic were the dry ice deployed by magicians to hide their tricks...

WIND: most of what the public believed and still believes was and is complete bullshit. If it all looked completely insane, it was. Because it all had a purpose.

Plasmid DNA Contamination In COVID-19 Vaccines Is 'Clear Breach Of Informed Consent' By FDA: Dr. Malone


The public was not made aware that COVID-19 vaccines contained enhancer DNA sequences from the SV40 virus known to cause cancer in lab animals.

...billions of copies of spike, ori, and SV40 enhancer DNA were discovered in the Pfizer vaccine vials, Moderna vials were found to contain copies of ori and spike DNA. The SV40 virus is a DNA virus known to cause cancer in lab animals.

Talking about the study in a Nov. 11 Substack post, Dr. Malone said that plasmid DNA contamination in the vaccines is a “proven fact” that has been “acknowledged by the US FDA, Health Canada, and the European Medicines Agency.”

“In yet another clear breach of informed consent and labeling requirements, this was not previously disclosed to physicians, public health officials, or patients,” he wrote.


 FDA’s 2009 “Guidance on Prophylactic DNA Vaccines: Analysis and Recommendations” states that concerns about plasmid DNA potentially integrating into the genome of the vaccine recipient and increasing the likelihood of issues like “malignant transformation, genomic instability, or cell growth dysregulation” were raised when DNA vaccines were initially introduced for clinical use.

It stated that a “tiny fraction” of the plasmids are expected to “integrate into the host genome, regardless of the method of delivery.”


In his Substack post, Dr. Malone called the FDA’s assertion of “no safety concerns” about the inclusion of residual DNA in mRNA vaccines “willful blindness.” He then highlighted the risks posed by residual DNA in vaccines.

“The most well-documented risks associated with such potential insertional mutagenesis are cancer (in the case of stem and somatic cells, particularly hematopoietic lineage cells) and birth defects,” he wrote.

WIND: the “‘host’ is you. And the child abusers who vaccinated their rapidly growing children.

Turbo cancers anyone? Trust your doctor? Safe and effective?

Rich-as-Croesus profits long having paid golden dividents to your abusers, we will not know for a decade or two just how badly or how many people were damaged.

European Regulator Confirms Pfizer Did Not Highlight DNA Sequence In COVID-19 Vaccine

Elon Musk Says People Were Killed By Ventilators Not COVID-19 Virus

But what do you expect? Numerous court cases (lost by Big Pharma) show that ethical dregs of humanity run Big Pharma. Children are targets too: Pfizer 'Knowingly Distributed' Adulterated Drugs to Children: Lawsuit. If a company can litigate for years and then pay out a relative pittance in penalties, it’s just a cost of doing business—follow the money.

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