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America The Obese: How Taxpayers Are Forced To Ruin Their Health

re: ethics in medicine

Are you starting to see how the gears of the machine work?

America The Obese: How Taxpayers Are Forced To Ruin Their Health


The first piece of legislation passed by the new Congress of the United States of America after the ratification of the Constitution included a tariff on the import of foreign sugar. Although this tariff was passed as a means to raise the funds needed to pay the debts accrued during the Revolutionary War, coincidentally it also provided elaborate protections to the nation’s wealthiest farmers of sugarcane and sugar beets.

... To fully understand how governmental policies lead to adverse health effects, it is important to understand how the human body metabolizes different types of sugar.... fructose happens to bypass a key early enzyme in the biochemical pathway that can serve as a check on energy production. Therefore, a fructose molecule entering glycolysis becomes metabolized and stored faster and easier than glucose. Overall, excess fructose ingestion leads to excess fat in the body.

...Today, Americans consume an average of 130 pounds of added sugar per year, much of that coming by way of fructose...  obesity has skyrocketed since the 1970s. The obesity epidemic continues to worsen, quickly approaching a 50 percent prevalence in the country.

Obesity can increase one’s chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, renal failure, serious infections (e.g., worse covid outcomes), osteoarthritis, stroke, blindness, different forms of cancer, and depression, and the list continues on. Obesity not only shortens life expectancy but also decreases quality of life, especially by putting financial strain on the individual...

...It is both sad and almost comical to have the American taxpayer subsidizing the sugarcane and sugar beet industries—which puts upward pressure on the price of sugar—to then subsidizing the corn industry in order to undercut these high sugar prices, only later for the taxpayer to be taxed again to fund Medicare and Medicaid in the government’s attempt to curb the health fallout from obesity.


WIND: these sorts of government policy malignancies (are there any other kind?) are hidden from just about everyone.

Eat whole unprocessed foods, preferably organic. Eliminate or minimize all other “foods” If it has any significant ingredient list, put it back onto the shelf. And strictly avoid all products with wheat as well as most grains. Try it for one month—your health will improve.

Yeah, I know that the “no free will” crowd will chime in here. But no one forces people to drive to Burger King every day.

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