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Spasmodic Dysphonia: Big Tech + Big Medicine Suppress the Truth, Likely Leading to Suicides

re: ethics in medicine

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

The truth of how Big Medicine and Big Pharma operate is ugly beyond belief, permeating all aspects of medicine.

The statin and cholesterol hoax is among the worst examples, pervasive while having no credible evidence, yet most doctors are still signed up for it as Truth from God.

Scott Adams’ story on how the cure for spasmodic dysphonia is suppressed by Big Tech +Big Pharma, so that not curable is the vast majority of what you will find—disinformation not just cruel but lethal given that suicide is a high risk for sufferers.

Indeed, the cure is what greatly improved things for Robert F Kennedy Jr just this past year.

Happily, some truth is breaking through if the right type of web search is done.

But search for cure for spasmodic dysphonia with any major search engine, and nearly all of what you will find on major medical websites is criminally negligent claims.


Scott Adams spasmodic dysphonia vs cure for spasmodic dysphonia

Someone who might be contemplating suicide will have new hope, but only if they can find the truth. Scott himself has stated in his podcasts more than once that he would have ended his life because it was not worth living—connections to a few people kept him from it.

"Dilbert" Creator Scott Adams Speaks Up about Spasmodic Dysphonia

Imagine the doctor who tells a patient that it incurable. How would any regular doctor know the truth? That’s the idea.

Fronts for Big Pharma

The worst of it is 'front' organizations secretly funded by Big Pharma / Big Medicine eg selling you Botox once a month for $1000 in an extremely painful and horrific treatment. Consider for example Who funds them? I don’t know, but clearly an organization ostensibly for helping patients but claims no cure is possible is not working for sufferers, but against them.

Wikipedia, corrupted for the past 10 years ago by the infiltration of partisan ideologues, is in on the game. OMG.

Search that misleads

You can always count on Google to “be evil”, promoting misinformation as has been the case for years now.

Top hit is PennMedicine, offering extremely painful and expensive treatment for sufferers. Thus we have human garbage, profiting from misery. Dante anyone? And yes of course the bought-and-paid-for government NIH is in on the game, see below.

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