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Micheal Eades MD: the Arrow #102 — How Big Pharma Crushes Medical Truth

re: ethics in medicine
re: statins and cholesterol

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Did you know that the #1 revenue source for the “news” is Big Pharma? This is why it is rate to non-existent to see any criticism of Big Pharma on any major network.

But Dr Eades tells it with such specifics that it takes it from abstract to disgusting.

Micheal Eades MD: the Arrow #102 — “Heart of the Matter”

2023-11-30. Emphasis added.

Back in 2013 I got a call from Dr. Maryanne Demasi asking if I would be willing to be interviewed about my thoughts on cholesterol and saturated fat for an Australian television show. I said I would be happy to, so we set a date... My interview was to be in the first part of a two-part series on the myth that saturated fats and dietary cholesterol are a health risk. The second part of the series was to address statins and their uselessness.

The two shows appeared in due course on the Australian Broadcast Network’s (ABC) Catalyst show... The audience loved the shows. But Big Pharma hated them. As did their statinator doctor lackeys.

Big Pharma and the statinators came down hard on the ABC. And then ABC came down hard on Maryanne. She ended up getting canned for producing the shows despite their being no evidence that anyone interviewed said anything that was proven wrong.

And the shows were pulled from the air. They continue to be pulled from YouTube every time someone sticks it up there. I had it posted on my own website, but when I went to look for it for this segment, I found the following “video unavailable”.

...Then Big Pharma and Big Med materialized wailing that they had been wronged and that people were going to die because of these shows. When MD and I opened our first of what eventually grew into a four-location chain of what are now called urgent care clinics in Little Rock, we got the same treatment. At that time, there were no urgent care clinics anywhere, so we were pioneers. We called ours Medi-Stat Emergency Clinic. And all the primary care docs in town thought we would be stealing patients from them. Whenever docs experience angst about losing patients, they never couch it in terms of stress about losing income. Instead they always cloak it in concern about patient care: “I’m just really worried about what kind of care my patients are going to get in one of those clinics.”

ABC mounted an investigation concluding that Dr. Demasi had upheld journalistic standards and none of the interviewees had said anything that wasn’t factual.

You really should read the entire piece by Dr. Demasi and the comments that follow.


WIND: yes, this really is how Big Pharma plays the game. No, it’s not an exception, it’s the rule, and it gets a lot uglier to the point of causing death eg by suicide by telling people there is no cure for intolerable conditions.

Statins are based on the crackpot cholesterol hypothesis that lacks any credible causal evidence whatsoever. On a population basis, statins do vastly more damage than good with side effects subtle and not so subtle—for no benefit for 99.9% of the people who take them.

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