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The Tucker Carlson Encounter: The Case Against Ozempic

re: diabetes
re: cognitive dissonance
re: follow the money

re: Today’s Health “Care” and “Science” — a Parasitical Feedlot and Slaughterhouse Symbiosis

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Out of control obesity and pre-diabetes and diabetes? Fix it with a drug that costs $20K a year!

Semaglutides are the worst idea to come along in my lifetime, far worse than statins.

Messing with the gut is messing with the brain, depression and suicide, etc. Stomach paralysis so you don’t eat... and with a little luck (most people) you’ll not die a miserable death.

BTW, the American Academy of Pediatrics (IMO, a group of psychopaths) is recommending semaglutides as a 1st-line treatment for teens. The NAACP (lobbyist for pharma now!) says you’re a racist for not supporting government funding for these drugs.

Oh, and $30M bribes in direct cash payments to doctors to recommend this stuff. Trust your doctor? Is that legal? Yep.

“You would be hard pressed to find a doctor who treats obesity in this country who has not received some kind of direct consulting grant...”

BTW, did you know that about 50% of revenue of the “news” is from Big Pharma?

The whole thing should make you vomit.

See it at TCN or at

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: The Case Against Ozempic

Despite the COVID vaccines' very public failure, big pharma is continuing to pump out heaps of suspicious new drugs.

Ozempic, a diabetes pill that's now being prescribed for weight loss, is a perfect example. Americans don't know nearly enough about this drug and others like it, and that ought to change.

TrueMed founder Calley Means knows a great deal about this pill's problematic nature, and he joined The Tucker Carlson Encounter to lay out a detailed case against it. Click the image below to watch.

Calley Means tells Tucker:

"If a fish tank is dirty, you clean the tank, you don't drug the fish. And in America right now, we've got a very dirty tank... Something has happened. And the core mistake of Ozempic is that obesity is not an Ozempic deficiency. Obesity is not the root cause of the problem. Obesity is one branch of the tree of underlying metabolic dysfunction that's ravaging our country."

WIND: there are numerous weak points in the claims. But directionally.. spot-on.

feckless and reckless: here in America we feed and drug people like cattle, so they can be fed into the assembly line medicine slaughterhouse.

The medical industry and doctors are a cesspool of financial corruption.

After all, if the sicker people are the more money you make (medical industry, medical groups, TV news, NIH research, etc, etc)—what do you think follow the money would predict? A sub-normal IQ can make that connection.

Trust your doctor? That’s for children and idiots. Doctors all over the place are the enemies of health. That’s not an exaggeration. To add a little balance to that, it is especially research and educational type doctors who get the lion’s share of the payoffs.

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