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Today’s Health “Care” and “Science” —  a Parasitical Feedlot and Slaughterhouse Symbiosis

re: ethics in medicine
re: follow the money

This is an opinion piece*, based on years of study and personal experience. I’m not going to offer proof; that would require an entire book and others have done that work very well already. Besides, read that first sentence.

It is more comfortable and reassuring to maintain beliefs than to challenge them.

You the reader probably will not like this essay, so stop reading here*.

* Once you get a truth into your head, it cannot be removed, so I hope to improve your life by rupturing your bubble a little and maybe a lot.

The ugly reality of today’s health “care” and ”science”*

The only area of medicine that retains my respect is classical—physical care eg trauma, surgeries, etc. But not leeches generally, though they too have their uses, believe it or not.

Most scientific studies are false. Whether it’s medicine or climate “science”. Follow the money and it will rarely if ever let you down.

Public-facing experts not only are incorrigible liars and manipulators, but that they got everything wrong on COVID is now in evidence. In fact, if you reverse their edicts, they would have gotten most everything right. Prima facie evidence that something wicked happened. The idea that these sociopaths can be trusted in other areas is ludicrous. Follow the money.

Destruction of a noble profession’s intellect

Doctors (and I feel for them) are no longer allowed to think for themselves. Worse, too many go along with this—they are memorizers lacking critical thinking skills, and spineless supplicants to false premises rigidly embedded as cognitive commitments, which is painfully obvious in interactions. That’s on them (that class of doctors).

Of the remainder, being employees (thanks Obamacare!), they now do what they’re told to do by their employers according to the SOC (standard of care). I can only imagine how incredibly stressful and demoralizing that is for a thinking doctor—years of life spent at entering the field but now you have to turn off your most critical skill—independent thought. Assembly line medicine.

And now just to become a doctor, the grotesque destructive powers of CRT, ESG, woke everything is an inescapable requirement of training. Training indeed. Leading to intellectual collapse—a brain cannot be patterned to be both rigorous/scientific while simultaneously holding such “theories” as true. Not without severe side effects.

Today’s doctors must** follow the guidelines written by highly compensated physicians paid off one way or another by Big Pharma and/or Big Food — or else. Your treatment today for almost everything rests on corrupt/unethical “science” and financially and ethically corrupt  “experts” that sit on high-profile advisory organizations, themselves funded by Big Pharma, Big Food, etc. A zero integrity process stemming from financial enrichment. Follow the money.

Is it any wonder that America (USA) keeps getting sicker and sicker, that this superating anti-health system is now infecting early childhood, and that hardly anyone is ever cured of a totally curable disease (eg Type II diabetes)? Is it any wonder that the great killing diseases are more widespread than ever before? At the least, we can say that the medical profession has failed utterly to improve public health on such fronts. Yes, these problems are more “treatable” with hundreds of expensive drugs that do nothing to cure, and come with side effects (more drugs to combat those!) and what drive’s it all: profits. That’s the idea. Follow the money.

* With a modest use of hyperbole. This is an essay, not a proof.
** Doctors are pressured by their state medical boards, insurance companies, employer, patients suing them for not following SOC, etc. It is a horribly oppressive system for any doctor that wants to do his/her best for patients.

Parasitical symbiosis of Big Food and Big Medicine

You are the host.

The Feedlot — Big Food — you are the milche cow

The feedlot (Big Food) makes most of us extremely unhealthy, creating disease, suffering and misery, if not outright criminal behavior. Poor nutrition leads to population-scale subclinical (and clinical) disease states that were surely a major factor in COVID deaths, including magnesium deficiency, massive seed oil consumption, etc. Epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc all stem in large part from such factors. A nutritionally-undermined body cannot fight off any disease well—infectious or idiopathic.

Big Medicine has supported Big Food for 80 years or so now, delivering reams of harmful nutritional advice (very profitable for Big Food), starting many decades ago with the advice to replace butter with trans fats, And altering that recklessly damaging message minimally to this day (eg consume seed oils instead of trans fats (oops!) and/or cut fat way down).

Incredibly bad nutritional advice has been given by Big Medicine for 70 years, and still is. That’s not an honest mistake. It is unavoidable from follow the money. What we have is a vicious and heartless de facto mass abuse damage-and-degrade => assembly line medicine system, with with its pill pushers and procedures. The medical system not only has nothing to offer for real health, but actively degrades health by evading and outright ignoring root causes and a system that could address them. Follow the money.

The Slaughterhouse —  Big Medicine

The “slaughter” is mostly financial, with the world’s most expensive health “care” rarely addressing the underlying disease state, created as noted above.

Except that the slaughter is also real: disease, suffering and misery, and ultimately deaths, the end result of the Feedlot and the Treatment circular assembly line. The slow-acting Dr HODAD* system.

* Dr HODAD = Hands of Death and Destruction

Good news on the way — woke doctors

Doctors today are being admitted/selected based on crude physical characteristics and behaviors (race, sexual preference, etc). This ensures a highly qualified pool of future doctors is in the pipeline.

Future doctors now cannot even be trained without indoctrination into ESG, CRT, etc. Future doctor-patient interactions will be so improved by getting all the details right on your pronouns and all that good stuff.

Worst of all: the selection and training process weeds out the critical thinkers, the independent mind, the outspoken voice. Only the most robust mind could possibly withstand the onslaught, and there are very few such minds anywhere in society.

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