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Green is the new Brown: ‘The War Below’ Review: Digging for Minerals

re: electric vehicles and cognitive dissonance
re: WSJ: The Electric-Vehicle Cheating Scandal
re: WSJ: The Six Months That Short-Circuited the Electric-Vehicle Revolution
re: ChatGPT: Calculating EV Charging Power Requirements
re: Electric Vehicles: a Multi-Pronged Menace with Few if any Benefits? <=====

ICE = Internal Combustion Engine
EV = electric vehicle

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Climate change grifters are not interested in any objective risk assessment or even costs vs benefits. All social policies we see today fail on that count, so they can hardly be blamed as suffering from a unique form of insanity.

WSJ: ‘The War Below’ Review: Digging for Minerals

2024-03-03. Emphasis added.

Governments seek an expansion of global mining as part of the transition away from oil and coal. It’s a disruptive undertaking.

Civilization would not exist were it not for miners...

...governments of Europe and the U.S. implement policies requiring that global mining expand, and soon, by 400% to 7,000%.

Those policies are meant to force a transition away from the oil, natural gas and coal that supply 80% of global energy. But it’s an unavoidable fact that building the favored transition machines—wind turbines, solar panels, electric cars—will require astonishing quantities of minerals to produce the same amount of energy. That reality is the “bug not a feature” of so-called green energy.

...Global mining today involves excavating and moving a quantity of rock each year equivalent to the tonnage of 7,000 Great Pyramids. Transition aspirations would require a tonnage north of 50,000 pyramids annually...

..China has become the dominant global supplier of energy minerals and controls roughly 80% of the world’s electric-vehicle battery market....


WIND: the “save the planet” hysteria is mass psychosis that is also driving a national security threat. One in which your pollution and environmental impact is dumped elsewhere so you can moralize and virtue signal by buying that new EV.

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