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The Stupidity of Ecosystem Destruction by Solar Arrays is Exceeded by Building where Hailstorms Occur

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re: climate science

The gross stupidity of solar arrays in areas that have any chance of a hailstorm should be self evident. But someone makes big bucks installing this crap, while destroying and polluting the land essentially forever (eg toxic metals leaching off the panels, broken glass, razing of field of flowers, etc).

Video Shows Massive Hail Damage To Texas Solar Farm


A spokeswoman for GOP Rep. Troy Nehls, whose district encompasses the solar farm, told Fox News Digital that the incident raises serious questions about where solar farms are built, and undermines green zealots' belief that fossil fuels can be retired anytime soon: 

"As far as solar farms being damaged where hail and tornadoes are common, those companies knowingly run the risk of building solar panel farms in these areas. Events like this underscore the importance of having an all-of-the-above energy approach to meet our energy needs and showcase how our country cannot solely rely on or fully transition to renewable energy sources like this."

Some residents worried that cadmium telluride, a toxic ingredient of some solar panels, would find its way into the local soil and well water. However, Copenhagen Investment Partners reassured Fox that "the silicon-based panels contain no cadmium telluride and we have identified no risk to the local community or the environment." 


WIND: look at the weasel language following the Cd telluride question. It is hardly the only concern and “we have identified no risk” is classic weaseling.

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