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Capacities up to 56TB and speeds up to 1527MB/s
Capacities up to 56TB and speeds up to 1527MB/s

Poor Customer Service Not Good for Any Business — Double Centuries Included

I cannot see well at close range, particularly at dusk/night. So I like to print the cue sheets (turn by turn instructions) prior to every double century. Problem is, paper ones disintegrate within an hour or two from perspiration, and plastic makes it even harder to see, particularly at the times I most need to see it (dusk/dark and even reflections in sun).

So my approach is to print the cue sheets on map paper @AMAZON, which is waterproof and does not smear or tear, plus I enlarge the type so I can see it more easily; typically I use both sides for a nice enlarged view, half the rout on each side.

The following exchange shows how people reduce their chances of succeeding in any venture by failing to understand (or even try to understand) customer needs, and to at least try to apply Miller’s Law: “to understand what someone is saying, you must try to understand what it might be true of”. In other words, look at things from the other person’s perspective, put yourself in the other person’s shoes, etc.

I won’t name names here as this is intended as constructive criticism. I am hoping the person involved will take the time to understand what went wrong.

Lloyd: can I get the Cue sheet in Excel format? I like to print it larger, and the PDF doesn't let me do that. Leaving shortly, no way to print the next 10 days Do you have the cue sheet in Excel format?

Response: 10 days out we cannot guarantee changes may be needed. Still waiting on final permissions.

Lloyd: thx. I like to print on map paper, which sweat won’t dissolve to pulp… paper you supply disintegrates, and plastic over it hard to read.

Response: Have you ever noticed you find something to complain about in response to nearly every email?

Lloyd: Do you really have time to show me such gross disrespect? You owe me an apology. If you had wisdom, you’d see it as a chance to improve your game. I’m doing you a favor if you’d pause and think about it. I rely on a MAP. Paper disintegrates. I can’t see at close range and plastic makes it much harder.

The conversation started out factually, stating my needs, but ended up being an ad hominem attack. Worse, it shuts down solutions—a route that might change a little is not a big deal (a pen can deal with that), but when someone starts down a dead end into personal attack mode, the solution of sending the cue sheet as is vaporizes as something reasonable that both parties can accept.

I’m used to dealing with this particular outfit—they have rejected every one of my suggestions over 5 years and disrespected me several times for good measured (threatened to cancel my registation once also!). Sadly, I don’t think they have ever paused to consider any of any suggestions in all those years. They are stuck in a mental rut. I hope they can see the light someday, which is all I wish for.

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