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2023-05-21 Metformin Inhibits Mitochondrial Adaptations To Aerobic Exercise Training In Older Adults

2023-04-04 The Essential Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, and Natural Remedies

2023-03-18 Exercise More Effective for Depression and Anxiety Than Medication?

2023-01-24 Can extreme exercise damage the heart? With Dr Benjamin Levine


2022-10-22 This Is More Important Than Walking 10,000 Steps

2022-05-14 Origins of the Alta Alpine 8-Pass Challenge Double Century: The Mad Dog Death March Documentary

2022-02-15 'Extreme' Exercise, Atherosclerosis, Coronary Artery Calcium Score —  “Exercised, The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health”

2022-01-30 Science Daily: Researchers discover how lactic acid weakens anti-tumor defenses

2022-01-30 RealClearScience: The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Drug

2022-01-30 RealClearScience: How Regular Exercise Restructures the Brain

2022-01-01 Cardiac Stress Test Echocardiogram up to Max Heart Rate, with a Surgical Mask


2021-10-27 Sebastian Rushworth MD: “Is intense exercise bad for your heart?” (a critique)

2021-08-21 Sebastian Rushworth MD: Does exercise improve cognitive function?

2021-07-27 Trying to Break Through Long-Haul COVID

2021-07-10 Dr. Satchin Panda on Circadian Insights into Exercise Timing, Melatonin Biology, and Peak Cognition


2020-12-04 Long Haul COVID-19: “New York Times: Exercise After COVID-19? Take It Slow”

2020-12-02 Long Haul COVID-19: “JAMA: Coronavirus Disease 2019 and the Athletic Heart Emerging Perspectives on Pathology, Risks, and Return to Play”

2020-07-29 How Long-Term Endurance Exercise Impacts Your Genes: “Cell: Skeletal Muscle Transcriptomic Comparison between Long-Term Trained and Untrained Men and Women”

2020-06-07 Pseudo-KETO: Three Months on a Low Carbohydrate and Low Sugar Diet

2020-05-28 Ultra Endurance Exercise: Nutrient Deficiency in Magnesium, Iodine, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Chromium? (Tailwind Endurance Fuel Boosts Me)

2020-04-28 The Ongoing Disinformation Campaign by the Medical Establishment: Context-Dropping and Lying by Omission about Masks

2020-04-10 Evicted from Alabama Hills: Security Theater Brought to Bear on Health

2020-03-04 Southern Inyo Double Double Century

2020-03-02 Mayo Clinic: Extreme Physical Activity May Increase Coronary Calcification, But Fitness Still Prevails (“Hearts of Stone”)

2020-03-02 Reader Comment: Heart Health and Diet

2020-02-19 Relationship Between Lifelong Exercise Volume and Coronary Atherosclerosis in Athletes

2020-02-15 Can an Extreme Endurance Athlete Have an Early Heart Attack? CT Coronary Calcium Scan, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Statins, Atherosclerosis, etc (UPDATE with a cardiologist viewpoint)


2019-06-30 Science News: Gut microbes might help elite athletes boost their physical performance

2019-03-18 Commentary on Sodium Supplementation during Prolonged Exercise

2019-03-14 Sodium and Electrolyte Losses During Prolonged Exertion

2019-03-12 Experience Report: 2019 Joshua Tree Double Century

2019-03-12 Experience Report: 2019 Southern Inyo Double Century

2019-02-28 Southern Inyo Double Double Century

2019-02-02 Various Interesting Health Findings in Science Daily: Exercise and Hidden Fat, Extreme Exercise and Heart Disease, Fasting, Brain and Fasting, Peripheral Neuropathy


2018-07-25 The Best Performance Enhancer for Cycling: Drafting

2018-07-06 Counting Up My Double Centuries and Double Centuries in 2018

2018-07-05 Exercise may be best medicine to treat Post-Concussion Syndrome

2018-06-30 Finished: Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge

2018-06-29 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge

2018-06-20 2018 Terrible Two Double Century: Good and Terrible

2018-05-21 2018 Davis Double: Strong Headwinds, Moderate Heat, Force of Will Gets it Done with a Little Help from a Pool and Ice

2018-05-12 Central Coast Double Century: Won Highland Route, Exactly 8 Weeks After My Crash/Concussion

2018-05-07 Extreme Exercise May Induce Low-Level Atherosclerosis

2018-04-20 Emerging Research Shows that Health and Wellness Starts with Diet and Exercise and Sleep

2018-03-12 Counting Up My Double Centuries

2018-03-12 2018 Double Century #2: Joshua Tree Double Century in Twenty Nine Palms, CA

2018-03-12 Benefit of Cycling as Aging Progresses: Stronger Immune System, Muscle Tissue 30 Years Young

2018-03-09 Poor Customer Service Not Good for Any Business — Double Centuries Included

2018-02-28 Thoughts on Recent Training, What I’ve Learned and What Remains to Learn

2018-02-24 2018 Double Century #1: Camino Real Double Century in Irvine, CA

2018-02-04 Double Century Schedule for 2018

2018-01-25 How is Drafting in a Paceline Different from an Electric Motor?

2018-01-01 Double Century Schedule for 2018


2017-06-03 Completed: 2017 Eastern Sierra Double Century

2017-04-01 Completed: Southern Inyo Double Century, and Using a Face Mask for Dust

2017-02-24 Completed: Camino Real Double Century


2016-09-24 Heart Damage from Excessive Endurance Training?

2016-07-19 Exercise Helps You Get in Shape for Old Age

2016-06-18 Next Up, the Toughest Double Century of all: Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge

2016-06-17 Iodine Deficiency from Exercise

2016-06-17 2016 Eastern Sierra Double Century: a Win in Spite of Extreme Conditions and No Aid at the Worst Section

2016-06-17 Properly timed exercise aids memory

2016-05-28 How is Drafting in a Paceline Different from an Electric Motor?

2016-04-16 Are Grains the Culprit in Health and Weight? Is 'Wheat Belly' a Crackpot Diet? (UPDATED through 29 April)

2016-04-06 2016 Solvang Spring Double Century

2016-03-14 2016 Southern Inyo Double Century and Joshua Tree Double Century


2015-07-17 Veloflex Vlaanderen Tubular 700 X 27C: Putting to the test for Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge

2015-04-03 External Iliac Artery Endofibrosis and Leg Pain in Cyclists

2015-03-22 Three Double Centuries, a Week Apart

2015-02-22 Aggressive Start to 2015: Two March Double Centuries Planned, Maybe 3

2015-02-21 Fitness Pre-test for a Double Century


2014-11-13 Exercise Has More Than Physical Benefits

2014-04-17 Younger Skin Through Exercise?

2014-04-01 Panda Licorice Powers Me Through the Solvang Double Century

2014-03-24 Solvang Spring Double Century — Results

2014-03-18 Solvang Spring Double Century

2014-03-16 To Draft or Not to Draft: What Does it Accomplish?

2014-03-09 First Long/Hard Ride in Preparation for Double Century


2013-02-07 Are Your Risking Intestinal Damage by Using Ibuprofen During Exercise?


2012-07-02 Recovery from a Double Century (normally not bad, a virus is no fun)

2012-07-01 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 1st Finisher, 2nd Place

2012-06-23 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 20,300' Ascent on June 30

2012-06-15 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 20,300' Ascent on June 30

2012-06-05 Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge Double Century, 20,300' Ascent

2012-05-07 HDL Cholesterol and Body Fat

2012-04-29 Devil Mountain Double Century: 206 miles and 18,870+ Vertical Feet

2012-04-24 Devil Mountain Double Century: 206 miles and 18,000+ Vertical Feet

2012-03-28 Solvang Spring Double Century Performance Analysis

2012-03-28 Solvang Spring Double Century Experience Report

2012-03-22 Solvang Spring Double Century

2012-03-14 Power Output During the Death Valley Double Century — Possible Explanations

2012-03-09 Analyzing Power Output During the Death Valley Double Century

2012-03-06 Death Valley Double Century As a Self-Supported Ride — DONE!

2012-02-23 Nutrition for a Double Century

2012-02-23 Death Valley Double Century As a Self-Supported Ride

2012-02-22 Comfy Tires for a Double Century

2012-02-17 Endurance Energy Source with Protein


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