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Vitamin C: Detoxifies Acetaldehyde (breakdown product of alcohol)

Best Vitamin C?

Toxins are best avoided.

And... alcohol is a toxin, well acetaldehyde is, and Vitamin C detoxifies that acetaldehyde.

So in the interest of science, I guess I have no choice in the matter: testing how pre-dosing with Vitamin C works vs a suitable acoholic agent.

It might take a lot of testing to do it right (e.g., number of shots vs how much C).

But science can be hard and someone has to do the dirty work. I ran one preliminary test with champagne, and as far as I could tell when I woke up, it went really well with 2000mg Vitamin C pre-dosing. I think.

Of course, the counfounding influences of how many limes and whether sea salt amount matters all mean that this might have to be a long-term trial to establish correlations (causation is such a bother with serious medical studies).

Sorry, so far this is a very small study and no additional participants can be accommodated at this time, not unless a fully independent sponsor like Don Julio gets on board*, which would allow a much larger cohort.

* Were it to be a fully medically defensible half-blnd study, then an uninterested party like the Mexican Tequila Consortium would provide the test agent (including morning doses), as well as collecting, analyzing data and drawing scientifically robust conlusions—just like statin trials. All data would of course remain confidential (just like many statin trials), just in case study participants were to become belligerant. Due to the nature if the study, it would not be ethical to discontinue the trial until scientific certainty had been reached (the reverse of statin trials, which should be stopped quickly if trend lines show any sign of disagreeing with the obvious outcome).

Test agent for detoxifying effects of Vitamin C


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