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Vitamin C: Best Most Bioavailable Form?

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Maybe high-dose Vitamin C can beat COVID-19 and other viruses as suggested by the work of F.R Klenner, and maybe not. That is pure speculation on my part. Most doctors will scoff, so take that at face value—but you can bet that very few have even thought about it, or have any clue as to the research.

What I use: LivOn Laboratories Lypo Spheric Vitamin C @AMAZON and Nutricost Ascorbic Acid Powder (Vitamin C) @AMAZON.

If intravenous Vitamin C is not available (outpatient setting at health care facility), I’d bet on true lipospheric Vitamin C @AMAZON in properly administered dosing over any official treatment for COVID-19, none of which work in a meaningful way.

NOTE: lipospheric is NOT “liposomal”, see below.

At the least, Vitamin C detoxifies numerous substances, so in that regard, it is a no-brainer when infected, because viruses and bacteries release various toxins into the body, and other toxins can accumulate when the body is weakened.

Best and highest bioavailable Vitamin C

My research is not yet done, and there may be more than one top-flight brand, but apparently not very many. Two brands that look like the real deal for true Lypo–Spheric Vitamin C @AMAZON, are:

Don’t be confused by “liposomal Vitamin C”, which can be little more than a mix of Vitamin C and lipids—not encapsulated spheres. It will be cheaper, but it is not the same thing! Which is not to say it is bad or ineffective, just that its bioavailability may be notably less and it might behave inconsistently across individuals. It’s not clear that any price premium for liposomal vs regualar Vitamin C is worth it.

Bottom line is that if you want to the best and most predictable bioavailability, true Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C is the way to go. By virtue of very high bioavailability, something far more meaningful can be said as to whether Vitamin C treatment worked or not versus the variable bioavailability of other products in different bodies.

Alpha lipoic acid is also an anti-oxidant: see alpha lipoic acid @AMAZON in LypriCel Liposomal R-Alpha @AMAZON and Aurora Nutrascience, Mega-Liposomal R-Alpha Lipoic Acid @AMAZON.

Best regular Vitamin C

There are many good brands out there.

  • Keep in mind that conventional Vitamin C is only about 20% bioavailable.
  • With conventional Vitamin C, your body will excrete (pee out) most of it.
  • At higher doses, some brands may give you a massive upset stomach and/or diarrhea (I took 9000mg once of one brand for an impending viral infection, and it bloated me up like 3-day-old roadkill—one of the most unpleasant days of my life and quite painful.

Result can vary! I’ve had good luck with:

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