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COVID-19: if Masks and Lockdowns Work, then Why Are Infection Rates Soaring?

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it — Lloyd Chambers. That applies to climate science, COVID-19, and Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Government and medical establishment handling of COVID-19 is one huge train wreck in which all the wrong things have been done, are still being done, and most of the right things are not being done, in particular, attention to nutritional deficiencies and focusing protection efforts on the most vulnerable, including providing self protection (N95 and N100 masks) to those most vulnerable.

What I want to know: where are the rigorously validated benefits of all this COVID-theatre that is destroying so many lives and businesses?

The real world refutes medical and government policies

With everyone masking-up and the country locked-down, WTF are COVID-19 infection rates soaring? Or... are they really soaring?

  • Where is the scientific evidence that masks work in the real world as used by ordinary people in ordinary situations*. Indoors vs outdoors? The often filthy masks frequently handled repeatedly by hands, and often worn with visible leaky gaps and/or below the nose, etc. Mask wearing is a total joke as actually practiced**.
  • Where is the scientific evidence that lockdowns do more than destroy lives? All evidence suggests 10X to 100X more death and destruction by COVID policies than COVID itself.
  • Where is the scientific evidence that asymptomatic transmission is a 'thing'? China claims ZERO asymptomatic transmission in 10 million people. While that is surely false what is the real figure? Probably extremely low.

* I am NOT suggesting that N95 and N100 masks properly fitted in appropriate cases (e.g., medical facilities) are not good—they surely are for any health situation, not just COVID. Ditto for anyone sick with any COVID-like symptoms. Why did it take COVID and until 2020 to be smart about this when influenza and pneumonia and many other things are also serious hazards. Hell, doctors I’ve seen don’t even wash their hands all too often.

** I never eat at McDonald’s but recently my daughter did. I took her there... a food service employe walks in to take up her station with her mask below her nose, nostrils fully exposed. My daughter felt embarrassed when I chastisted the worker, but the worker did not correct the problem. Masks are a f*cking joke because this is the sh*t that actually happens in the real world.

The overwhelming evidence is that masks and lockdowns do not work.

The massive worldwide destruction of lives looks to be a totally counter-productive form of tyranny and mass torture, all instigated by government, justified by the incompetent medical profession, and broadcast by the news-media propaganda outlets (probably driven by Chinese interests to boot).

And... the WHO is now saying that this threshold was set too high, thus generating huge numbers of false positives.

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