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COVID-19: “How Government Subsidizes Obesity” ... and More COVID Deaths

COVID is mostly a disease of the obese. Maybe it’t time to fix corporate-welfare government policies that kill millions of people prematurely?

But why we weren’t we warned early and often and loudly that COVID is a huge risk factor for obese people, rathern than destroying everyone’s lives with lockdowns?

AEIR: How Government Subsidizes Obesity

by Barry Brownsteinm April 20, 2021

... Our comforting conviction that the world makes sense rests on a secure foundation: our almost unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance.” In short, we don’t spend a lot of time wondering about what we don’t know. Kahneman warns that to “focus on what we know and neglect what we do not know… makes us overly confident in our beliefs.” Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the media and politicians have insisted we rely on the “judgment calls” of their proclaimed experts to guide policy. Facile but incorrect stories about lockdowns dominated.

Who Didn’t Come Back from Covid

Policy makers, politicians, and the media have largely ignored the cockpit of good health: the human immunological system.

...the vast majority (78%) of those hospitalized or dead from Covid have been overweight or obese. [WIND: according to the CDC]

...Many studies explain how obesity decreases resistance to infection. Obesity is linked to type 2 diabeteshypertension, and heart disease, which increase the odds of hospitalization from Covid

The Covid survival narrative has focused attention on lockdowns, masks and vaccinations. Maher pointed out the role that obesity played: “People died because talking about obesity had become a third rail in America.” Maher continued, “the last thing you want to do is say something insensitive. We would literally rather die. Instead, we were told to lock down.

... A significant factor in the startling numbers of overweight Americans is the consumption of high-fructose corn syrup in heavily processed foods.... Sugar is heavily subsidized by the US government through loans, purchases of sugar, and tariffs on imported sugar. Government incentives have created a high-fructose corn syrup industry which didn’t exist prior to the 1970s. US sugar prices can be up to twice the world price.



IMO, anything but 100% grass-fed beef is a health and environmental disaster (cows are not meant to eat grain, and the resulting nutritional profile of the meat is a health negative), ditto for high fructuose corn syrup and added sugars (though aspartame is far worse).

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Obesity, Race/Ethnicity, and COVID-19

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