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The Race to Kill Off Possibly the Best COVID Vaccine for the World?


Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

I 'get' that for some high-risk people, any COVID Omicron variant could be a problem. Or that Omicron might even be just as problematic at the Delta variant—no one knows yet; it might be very mild or it might be as Cornholio says, “a winter of severe illness and death” that you should fear and panic over, because fear and panic spring eternal here in winter with COVID hysteria.

Planning has to go on assuming that Omicron might be a problem. Duh. I have to say such things for the idiots and children in the audience, sorry for wasting your time.

But setting aside the fear-mongering, what if the Omicron variant is actually a holiday gift in disguise? And if so, what would profit-maximizing corporations not do to ensure that the gravy train of COVID vaccination profits continue?

“Follow the money” will rarely if every fail you in life; it’s predictive powers are wildly accurate and it works even if someone believes they are not doing it, and even if they try to be ethical.

So follow the money: Big Pharma will try to stamp out this Omicron upstart as quickly as possible, lest it provide the world with robust natural immunity within a few months, ending the profit gravy train which otherwise will last for years to come. And taking all the wind out of the sails of every parasite and thug exploiting this pandemic. And letting us all get back to something closer to normal, though it will never be the same again.

Moderna Claims Third "Booster" Dose 37 Times More Effective Against Omicron:

A 50 microgram booster dose, which is half the dose used for primary immunization, created a 37x increase in neutralizing antibodies, the company said in a statement Monday. Moderna also tested a 100 microgram dose, which increased antibody levels 83x compared with the primary two-dose course.

"To respond to this highly transmissible variant, Moderna will continue to rapidly advance an omicron-specific booster candidate into clinical testing in case it becomes necessary in the future.”

“The actual fold increase is only valuable if it’s compared with other vaccines,” said Sam Fazeli, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst. ”These levels should increase protection against infection but the key question is how long do they last.”

A reminder for everyone that antibodies are a proxy for immune robustness. But natural immunity from COVID infection involves the far more complex immune system response (antibodies, T-cells, B-Cells and more).

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